Saturday, August 7, 2021

Fight Mandatory Vaccines in Colorado Springs!

 Councilman Bill Murray is insisting that there be a city-wide vaccine mandate put in place to control the numbers of Covid in Colorado Springs. Contact your City Council representative and insist that they never put in a vaccine mandate in Colorado Springs. Click HERE and then select your Representative to find their contact information. 


  1. There seems to be a rash of businesses making decisions that make no business sense. If Cumulus and KVOR lose Dan Bongino, it just means that in the future they will not profit in any way when I listen to him. Same goes for you, Jeff. I understand canning radio personalities over low ratings or on "moral grounds," not on whether or not they are vaccinated. Would Cumulus be okay with a conservative radio station firing someone for getting an abortion? I don't think they understand that what they're practicing is in the same ballpark as that. I will follow you on your podcast, Jeff, and neither Cumulus nor KVOR will benefit at all.