Friday, October 2, 2020

Jeff Crank's 2020 Ballot Recommendations

“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.  We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.  If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our moment here.  We did all that could be done.” – Ronald Reagan

Never have Ronald Reagan’s words been more true.  The 2020 election is, without a doubt, the most important election of our lifetime.  I would never try to tell you how to vote, but I am often asked how I am going to vote.  I’ve put quite a bit of research and thought into several of the candidates and ballot issues in 2020.

It is imperative that we re-elect President Trump but there are also many other very consequential candidates and issues on this year’s ballot.  Cory Gardner’s re-election is so important to have a Senate firewall against the insanity of the left’s war on the rule of law.

I don’t choose my elected officials based on my feelings but rather their views on the issues and how they will either advance or inhibit my freedoms and liberties.  I hope you use that same criteria – and not personality – to make your determinations.  These recommendations are my personal recommendations and do not reflect the position of my employer.  Please make sure you vote.  If you have any questions about your ballot, please call the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s office at (719)575-VOTE (8683) if you live in El Paso county or your local clerk and recorder.

Here are my recommendations:

President of the United States: Donald J. Trump

U.S. Senator: Cory Gardner

U.S. Representative (5th District): Doug Lamborn

U.S. Representative (3rd District): Lauren Boebert

State Senate District 10: Larry Liston

State Senate District 12: Bob Gardner

State Representative District 14: Shane Sandridge

State Representative District 15: Dave Williams

State Representative District 16: Andres G. Pico

State Representative District 17: Rob Blancken

State Representative District 18: George M. Rapko

State Representative District 19: Tim Geitner

State Representative District 20: Teri Carver

State Representative District 21: Mary Bradfield

District Attorney – Fourth Judicial District: Michael Allen

County Commissioner District 2: Carrie Geitner

County Commissioner District 3: Stan Lee VanderWerf

County Commissioner District 4: Longinos Gonzalez, Jr.

Judicial Retentions:

            Colorado Supreme Court:  

                        Melissa Hart: No

                        Carlos A. Samour: Yes

            Colorado Court of Appeals:

                        Judge Ted C. Tow III: Yes

                        Judge Craig R. Welling: No

            District Court Judge – 4th Judicial

                        Judge Will Bain: Yes

                        Judge Jann P. DuBois: Yes

                        Judge Thomas Kelly Kane: Yes

                        Judge Michael Paul McHenry: Yes

                        Judge David Prince: Yes

                        Judge Erin L. Sokol: Yes

                        Judge Gregory R. Werner: Yes

            El Paso County Court Judge:

                        Judge Laura Norris Findorff: Yes

                        Judge Shannon Gerhart: Yes

Statewide Ballot Issues:

·       Amendment B – Repeal Gallagher Amendment -

·       Amendment C – Bingo License Changes – Yes

·       Amendment 76 – Citizen qualification of electors – Yes

·       Amendment 77 – Eliminate gaming limits in casinos – No

·       Proposition EE – Tax on tobacco products – No

·       Proposition 113 – Eliminate Electoral College – No

·       Proposition 114 – Introduction of wolves in Colorado – No

·       Proposition 115 – Prohibition on abortion after 22 weeks – Yes

·       Proposition 116 – Reduce state income tax from 4.63% to 4.55% - Yes

·       Proposition 117 – Voter approval for fee increases – Yes

·       Proposition 118 – Force business to provide paid family and medical leave – No


Colorado Springs Ballot Issues:

·       Issue 2A- City to keep $1.9 million instead of returning to taxpayers – No

·       Issue 2B – Parkland conveyance in city – No

·       Issue 2C – Parkland conveyance in city – Yes

Colorado Springs School District 11 Ballot Issue 4A:

·       School district to keep additional tax revenue instead of returning to taxpayers – No


  1. What about Amendment 77? Your recommendation is blank.

    1. Hi. Jeff Crank did say to vote no on Amendment 77. You may have missed it cause it was on the next line. Hope that helps ☺️

  2. Jeff, when you support judges, does this take into account their positions on our Constitutional right of jury nullification (jury veto power)?
    Info can be found here:

  3. Thank you Jeff, to bad colorado will never vote for a Republican president or governor in my life time. This state is lost and has been over run by the leftist. Its like a dry rioting deck, looks good until you step on a week spot.

  4. Thanks Jeff! Now I know which judges the Repubs want. Now I can vote against retention. 'Preciate it!

    1. You're welcome Kat812. Unlike the left, I encourage voices I disagree with to speak. Thanks for taking a look and for your comments.

    2. And yo Kat, we can look at libtard sites, and vote against those your empty idols support.

    3. It seems that lawless liberals like yourself would vote not to retain any judges in any election.

  5. Only things I'm doing that were left blank or different:

    Amend B- No
    Amend 77 - Yes

  6. Where can I find out why the 3 Colorado Springs issues are not on my ballot? I can understand why the School District 11 issue is not on it because I don't live in that school District. But I am a registered voter in Colorado Springs and live within the Colorado Springs city limits, so I should be voting on these 3 issues. TIA

  7. Thanks, Jeff. I listen to your show as much as possible. Very helpful voter's guide. Much appreciated!

  8. Thanks so much, Jeff! Your researched information is VERY helpful and pertinent! Many Blessings!

  9. Thanks Jeff very helpful, for my whole family at least 5 and maybe two more

  10. Im voting yes on the re introduction of wolves. They should never use been eradicated in the first place.

  11. As socialists, my family and I used this voting guide in reverse, and just filled in the exact opposite on all the judges. So...thanks?

  12. Hey Anonymous Socialists,"Stupid is as Stupid does".

    1. Socialists - please find another city and state to destroy!

  13. Thank you! Love your show and forwarded this to several friends who will vote the RIGHT way!

  14. Jeff. You mentioned to be wary of the Polis recall petition. I missed your concern .. yes? No? For signing?