Thursday, October 10, 2019

Jeff Crank 2019 Ballot Recommendations

I would never try to tell you how to vote, but I am often asked how I am going to vote.  I've put quite a bit of research and thought into several of the candidates and ballot issues in 2019. 

It is imperative that we defeat Proposition CC on the ballot this year.  The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights has been the most important guardian of citizen’s tax dollars in Colorado.  It has kept Colorado from becoming California, quite frankly.  If Proposition CC is passed, politicians will no longer have to ask you, the voters, whether or not they can keep excess revenue.  It puts politicians in the drivers’ seat and not you.  Do you reach into other people’s pockets and take their money out of it?  Of course not.  That would be rude, and it is just as rude when politicians do it.  If you’re going to take money out of someone’s pocket, isn’t it just polite to ask?  Government should be held to the same standard as the rest of us.

When it comes to school board elections, there are many people who are personally very nice and well-intentioned.  However, I only support candidates that I feel will be champions of free-market reforms in K-12 education.  While almost every candidate now says they support school choice, they often only support public school choice – and don’t empower parents to make the decisions that are right for their children.  True school choice is about putting parents in the drivers’ seat and allowing them the full range of options – public, charter or private schools – and removing all barriers to parents making those decisions.

While I do not have recommendations in all school districts, below are the ones on which I feel confident enough to make suggestions.  If I haven’t made a recommendation in your school district, it is because I don’t feel confident enough that there are any real champions of true school choice on the ballot.

I don't choose my elected officials based on my feelings but rather their views on the issues and how they will either advance or inhibit my freedoms and liberties.  I hope you use that same criteria - and not personality - to make your determinations.  These recommendations are my personal recommendations and do not reflect the position of my employer.  Please make sure you vote.  If you have any questions about your ballot, please call the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's office at (719)575-VOTE (8683) or click here to learn more information.

Here are my recommendations:

Statewide Ballot Issues:
·         Proposition CC – NO
·         Proposition DD – No recommendation
Colorado Springs Ballot Issues:
·         Issue 2B – NO
·         Issue 2C – NO
Colorado Springs School District 11:
·         Endorsed Candidates: Jason Jorganson, Conner Sargent
Academy School District 20:
·         Endorsed Candidates: Aaron Salt, Will Temby
Lewis-Palmer School District 38:
·         Issue 4A – NO
·         Endorsed Candidate: Ryan Graham
     Falcon School District 49:
     Endorsed Candidates: John Graham, Rick Van Wieren
Douglas County School District:

·         Endorsed Candidates: Andy Jones, Kory Nelson, Franceen Thompson


  1. Thanks Jeff, I always appreciate your insights.

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  2. Thank you. Knowing your philosophy and views on liberty match match with mine, I have come to depend on your insights for voting.

  3. What to vote for in Denver county? Links?

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