Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Colorado Springs Municipal Election Recommendations - and Vote NO on Issue 1

Many elections in the past I have posted how I am going to vote in the election and have done research on the candidates.  While I plan to continue doing that in the future, I have chosen not to do so in this year's municipal election.  I would recommend that you take a look at the candidate surveys, videos and other resources put out by our friends at SpringsTaxpayers.com by clicking here.  They have done an amazing job of getting information out to citizens about the positions of candidates on the issues.  If you take a look there, you'll see who believes in limited government and who does not.  You can also see who didn't bother to fill out the survey as that speaks volumes about which candidates don't want to answer questions about tax increases or city spending - because they likely want to raise your taxes and grow government.

The one ballot recommendation I have made is to vote against Issue 1 which would unionize the Colorado Springs Fire Department.  While we all love firefighters and know the hazards of their heroic jobs, unionizing will only help union bosses and not rank-and-file firefighters.  Click here to see what a unionized fire department has brought the city of Houston where 400 firefighters may lose their jobs because of a union-supported ballot initiative which may force Houston to fire 400 firefighters so the more senior firefighters can get raises at the expense of more junior firefighters and safety.  By the way, I'm sure the union bosses in Houston won't lose their jobs which will be protected by union seniority.

Colorado Springs firefighters are treated well by the city.  Line firefighters in Colorado Springs have seen their pay increase 16 percent in the last four years from $68,000 to $80,000 plus overtime.  Issue 1 would also create a situation which, if city leadership and the union bargaining agent can't agree on a new contract, it would force a special election to resolve the dispute.  That election would cost taxpayers over $500,000.

Make no mistake, this is a power move by union bosses - who have locked arms with the Democrat party in El Paso County to get this passed.  Click here to see their phone banking efforts.  This is just more evidence that this isn't about helping firefighters - it's about lining the pockets of unions and increasing Democrat power in El Paso County.  To them, union workers help Democrats win elections.

Firefighters, like our law enforcement officials, are heroes.  They shouldn't be treated as political pawns so unions can grab more power in Colorado Springs.  Firefighters should be treated with respect the way they are under the current system in Colorado Springs.  I hope you will consider these points and vote NO on Colorado Springs Issue 1.

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