Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jeff Crank's 2018 Federal, Statewide Ballot Recommendations & Judicial Retentions

I would never try to tell you how to vote, but I am often asked how I am going to vote.  I've put quite a bit of research and thought into several of the candidates and ballot issues in 2018. 

I don't choose my elected officials based on my feelings or their personality but rather their views on the issues and how they will either advance or inhibit our freedoms and liberties.  On judges, I look for judges who are fair and do their best to follow the law and the Constitution – and ones who do not legislate from the bench.  It is so important to vote for Walker Stapleton for Governor as any judge that may not be retained will be replaced by the new governor.  Jared Polis would appoint even more extreme, liberal judges than the ones that would be replaced.  These recommendations are my personal recommendations and do not reflect the position of my employer.  Please make sure you vote.  If you have any questions about your ballot, please call the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's office at (719)575-VOTE (8683) or 
click here to learn more information.

Here are my recommendations:

5th Congressional District – Doug Lamborn
Colorado Governor/Lieutenant Governor – Walker Stapleton/Lang Sias
Secretary of State – Wayne Williams
State Treasurer – Brian Watson
Attorney General – George Brauchler
CU Regent at Large – Ken Montera
CU Regent, 5th Congressional – Chance Hill

Colorado Supreme Court
Justice Richard L. Gabriel – No

Colorado Court of Appeals Judge
Judge John Daniel Dailey – Yes
Judge Rebecca Rankin Freyre – No
Judge Elizabeth L. Harris – No
Judge David J. Richman – Yes

District Court Judge- 4th Judicial District
Judge Eric Bentley – No
Judge Linda Margaret Billings-Vela – Yes
Judge Jill M. Brady – Yes
Judge Robert L. Lowrey – Yes
Judge Timothy Schutz – Yes
Judge Larry Edward Schwartz – Yes
Judge Scott A. Sells – Yes
Judge David L. Shakes – Yes

El Paso County Court Judges
Judge Christopher Edward Acker – Yes
Judge Lawrence D. Martin – Yes
Judge Douglas J. Miles – Yes
Judge Ann M. Rotolo – Yes

State Measures
Amendment V (Lower Age Requirement for State Legislature) – No
·         Experience matters.  Think of all the issues you viewed one way when you were 21, but now hold a different view.  Life’s experiences have a way of teaching us the real truths in life.  No compelling reason to change the age requirement.

Amendment W (Election Ballot Format for Judicial Retention Elections) – No
·         This change only makes it easier for judges to be retained and insulated from voters.  The current system is clear and easy to understand.  No need to change.

Amendment X (Industrial Hemp Definition) – Yes
·         This has nothing to do with legalized marijuana.  I am opposed to legalized marijuana and would do nothing to aid that industry.  This would bring Colorado’s definition of industrial hemp (a legal agricultural product used for rope, oils, etc.) in line with the federal farm bill.  It also takes the definition out of the Colorado Constitution and puts it back in the legislature’s jurisdiction where it belongs.  We shouldn’t define “hemp” in our Constitution.

Amendment Y (Congressional Redistricting) – Yes
·         Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to pick their voters and that is exactly what has been happening in Colorado.  While Y and Z are not perfect, they are a great improvement from the current politically charged process – where Republicans have no chance of a fair process.  Y and Z removes the redistricting and reapportionment processes out of the hands of politicians and judges and makes it less partisan and based more on community interest.  For Republicans in El Paso county, they should support these initiatives.  They will make House District 18 and Senate District 11 less gerrymandered and more representative of the conservative values of our community.

Amendment Z (Legislative Redistricting) – Yes
·         See arguments for Amendment Y.  Y is for Congressional Redistricting and Z is for the state legislature.

Amendment A (Prohibit Slavery and Involuntary Servitude) – Yes
·         This is an archaic provision in our Constitution.  Slavery has no place in Colorado.  Remove it from our Constitution.

Amendment 73 (Tax Increase for Public Schools) – No
·         Another teacher’s union grab for your hard-earned tax dollars with no accountability.

Amendment 74 (Compensation for Reduction in Fair Market Value by Government)– No
·         I have struggled with Amendment 74 more than any other proposal this year.  While I am a strong supporter of property rights, this Amendment goes too far.  It will cause frivolous lawsuits to be filed against government and you – the taxpayer- will pay for them.  Let’s come back next election year with a better crafted proposal that protects private property rights and our wallets as taxpayers.

Amendment 75 (Campaign Contributions) – Yes
·         This amendment gives average candidates a fighting chance against ultra-wealthy candidates like billionaire Jared Polis.  While campaign finance laws are restrictive and limit what a candidate can receive, they don’t limit guys like Polis from putting millions of their own money into their campaign.  This amendment would raise the campaign limits by five times for any candidate whose opponent puts $1 million or more of their own money into their campaign.  Stop billionaire Jared Polis and give the common man or woman a fighting chance against them and their deep pockets.

Proposition 109 (Authorize Bonds for Highway Projects) – Yes
·         While I don’t like debt, this proposition is a good one.  It fixes specific highway projects WITHOUT raising taxes and it forces the state to use the funds to fix roads instead of spending it on their other pet projects like expanding Medicaid and bankrupting our state.

Proposition 110 (Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Projects) – No
·         Another Hickenlooper inspired tax increase because instead of fixing roads, they expanded Medicaid and spent the money foolishly on expanded government benefits.  Don’t reward bad behavior on their part by giving them more money.  Like children, they’ll just ask for more down the road.

Proposition 111 (Limitations on Payday Loans) – No
·         I love it when well-to-do liberals tell others how to live their lives and that’s exactly what this does.  It sure is easy for people with easy lives and good credit who can go to a bank and get a loan to improve their lives to want to limit others on the bottom of the economic scale from getting loans.  I’m not a fan of payday loans – and I would never use the service – but I don’t have to.  To some people, this is the only opportunity they have to get ahead.  It is a legitimate business that allows some people to get by and pay their bills and it isn’t my place (or government’s place) to regulate them out of existence and onto the streets.

Proposition 112 Increased Setback Requirement for Oil & Natural Gas Development) – No
·         Plain and simple, this will kill economic development in Colorado.  Designed by radical environmentalists, this extreme setback initiative would shut down oil and gas development in Colorado and kill thousands of jobs – taking the food off the table of hard-working Colorado families.


  1. Jeff- On Y and Z, I understand there will be 3 Democrats, 3 Republicans, and 3 Independents on the committee to do the redistricting. My problem with that is that the Independents tend to vote Democrat. This would sway the District lines toward the left. I don't have an answer to that, but I do wonder why we're all of a sudden recognizing the Independents basically as a third political party.

    1. That is exactly right. This is a creation of Common Cause, a far left wing group. It is being introduced in Blue states around the country. California has already passed it, hence the screwed up election system they have that eliminates second parties. This should be a NO vote as our elected representatives will no longer have a say in it. We will lose influence of each of the outlying areas of the state since it will likely be people from the I-25 corridor that get named to the unaccountable commission.

  2. Why the no on Judge Freyre?

  3. Why yes on Judge Christopher Acker? He has bad reviews saying he is biased and rude.

    1. I second this question. Commission voted 4-1 that he does not meet standards. 2018 is not his first year on the naughty list either.

    2. Because he follows the LAW, not ruling by liberal theology

  4. Thank you Jeff. As always, your opinion is appreciated and I love the thought process you include with your responses. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I appreciate you!

  5. On Amendment 73 - $$$ for schools; will the state take the new tax $$$, put it into schools, then drop their current $$$ put into schools by the amount of the new tax $$$, ending up with the same amount into education?

  6. Just having a conversation with others about amendment 73. It seems to be the opinion that this means that inmates in D.O.C. prisons will no longer be able to do any kind of work without paying them minimum wage. So all they will have to do is sit in their cell. Would be interested on your opinion on this one.

  7. Could you please ask Walker Stapleton if he feels abandoned by the Republican party. FOX news network has not mentioned the Colorado governor race once. President Trumo has visited Arizona and Montana 3 times. Vice President Pence made a half hour speech for a half hour and mentioned Stapleton for only one minute. I am in Pueblo and have not seen a single sign here. Thank you, James

  8. Thank you for your research and advice. I had been wondering about the one judge, but you explained it very well on this morning's show. I listen to you every Saturday morning on the way home from work.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your voter preference. I would have had no idea about the judges. Appreciate your insight.

  10. I agree with your reasoning regarding 111 but I believe the gouging by these companies is what this is about. Thank you for your help on some of the other issues. Great show you have.

    1. The market place should determine whether "gouging" is taking place. If it is, others with a mind to increase volume and decrease rates would be in that market. Rates have to include the cost of skips and collections on defaults that are common. 8<)
      Maybe less anonymous as time passes.

  11. Thanks Jeff for all your hard work on the judges, it helped me a whole lot. My daughter and i voted for the good ones votrd the bad one's out.

  12. Thanks Jeff! Got er all filled out. Only variation is that I had already marked a Yes on 74 before I found your site. Woops. PS: I googled around for about 20 minutes before I came across your guide. I think conservatives might need to do a better job of promoting a guide such as yours. Not surprising, I found plenty of "guides" from the Liberal whackjobs. I guess I could have just used theirs and reversed it all. LOL. Thanks man,

  13. Thank you just left the polling booth at s a Wilson I thought they would be a long line but I was only the second one in line let's go Republicans get out and vote

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