Saturday, July 28, 2018

Save the Straws


  1. i for sure am saving straws, must have nearly 4 yrs worth now, of course wash em after each use for multiple usage of each, by the way i really find the bike lanes on cascade ave very aggravating.. it is much harder now to be able to get to the right turn or left turn lanes at stop lights as the single file of traffic is backed up too far to allow one to reach the start of those lanes making for much more lost drive time..
    i am new to your site but been listening for a long while now.. am very ' old school values, & vote every time there are elections , including local ones and always i vote for the ones that has the R next to their names, even the ones i am not as familiar with.. i figure by being partisan in this case , the canidate's must tow to the policies that their party stands for.. republican.. as you say this is a republic not some mob rule outfit.. & by the way i am still waiting for ' hanoi jane ' to be publicly hung for committing high treason during the viet nam war... jon

  2. This was wonderful, really enjoyed reading it over!