Friday, October 28, 2016

On This Election

Guest Written by Ashlee Springer 

For a few decades, I think we, as a citizenry, have sensed that our government and its surrogates have become more and more corrupt with each election cycle. As we watch campaign funding totals skyrocket and listen to the media, we have felt that something is off. Politicians are in bed with special interests and crony capitalists. They've had access to the minds and pocket books of the wealthiest people in our nation and abroad.  But I don't think we grasped just how corrupt our government is and how entwined they are and invested in the politicians they control. I don’t think we have grasped just how deep the tentacles of corruption go. We are absolutely sickened by what we see and we should be.

Here is just a small sample of what we now know through the leaked emails from the Hillary Clinton Machine:

- We now know that the corporate media is an extension of the Clinton campaign. They are devoted, on every level, to getting Hillary Clinton elected President and therefore cannot be trusted to any degree. The “news” reporting is completely crafted and dispersed by the Clinton campaign. This might include the polls too, by the way. Polls are designed to shape public opinion, not reflect it.

- We now know that the fix was in at the FBI regarding the investigation into Clinton’s emails. In a stunning revelation, we have discovered that the fix was Director James Comey himself, Assistant Director McCabe, and several FBI agents working on the investigation. There was never going to be a recommendation for indictment. There WAS, however, unprecedented granting of immunity to those who knew all the details about the server and the subsequent cover-up at the FBI. There WERE certain people put into positions of power over the investigation by Clinton surrogates that would see to it that the case never went anywhere. And in an interesting turn of events, the FBI  has reopened the investigation into her emails based on their investigation of estranged husband of one of Clinton's top aides . It keeps getting better sand better. Stay tuned.

- We now know that President Obama lied to the nation when he said he learned about Clinton’s email server when he “heard it on the news with the rest of us.” The reality is he sent hundreds of emails to a non email address. Think of that… The President of the United States using an alias to discuss matters of State with the Secretary of State on an unsecured, private email server and then lying about it.

- We now know that there was collusion between Hillary Clinton and the DOJ who would tip her off on the FBI’s next moves in the email investigation. And on and on and on it goes.

The President, the Department of Justice, the FBI, presidential campaign advisors, a candidate for President, Wall Street, and our free press all spun up in a web of deep, deep corruption. Think of that!

That level of corruption does not develop overnight. It is favor and connections and power and influence amassed over several decades. It is the result of palm greasing, people planting, bribing, and selling access to the highest levels of our government (read: pay for play which has also been confirmed by leaked emails).

When you have a media that is in collusion with Hillary Clinton's campaign, you can no longer trust a single solitary piece of information that comes out of these outlets. If Hillary Clinton is elected President, we will essentially have state-run media. They will print whatever she tells them to print and they will withhold anything she tells them to withhold. They will use polls and other "data" to SHAPE public opinion and knowledge instead of inform it. Goodbye, First Amendment!

I know many Christians, women, colleges, stay-at-home-moms, friends, and patriots have had a hard time putting their support behind both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And I can understand why. So here is my message to all of those who are still on the fence, are tempted to vote third party, or who are reluctantly voting for Hillary Clinton.

Give Donald Trump a chance. He is the only person capable of putting a stop to corrupt Hillary Clinton in this election.

As a complete outsider to politics, Donald Trump entered a system whose governing rules, albeit unofficial, were created by rich and powerful politicians that have access to rich and powerful players in the corporate world, political world, corporate media, and Hollywood.

The rules are as follows:

1. If you are a Democrat running for office, the media will do much of the heavy lifting for you.

2. You can count on an October surprise. If one isn't immediately obvious, one will be fabricated and then run on a 24-hour news cycle for as long as necessary with "experts" from all corners weighing in on how awful and "unprecedented" the actions of the opponent are. The (Republican) opponent will be ceremoniously stamped with a proverbial scarlet letter and declared unfit to serve and voila, the democrat can expect to win.

3. If you are a Republican, you are expected to campaign on your ability to "reach across the aisle" and "work with the other side to create solutions that work for all Americans" because isn't that what all Americans want? But may I ask, when was the last time you heard a Democrat insist that they want to "work with Republicans" to get anything done? You generally don't hear that because the truth is, it is Republicans that are expected, not to WORK WITH the other side, but to YIELD to them. And why is this? Because that is what Democrats have told Republicans they must do to win elections. I'll let you chew on the sheer stupidity of that for a moment...

4. The campaign with the most money and the most scathing ads wins.

5. Negative ads against the opponent will win, despite what voters will tell you. And they do, believe me. If we didn't believe all of the attacks we saw, campaigns would stop running them. Alas, we are seeing what seems to be record-setting numbers of negative attack ads on the airwaves.

Donald Trump has come along and broken this campaigning mold completely. In the face of what would normally be career-ending attacks by the opposing campaign, the entire media apparatus in this country working 24/7 (literally) to smear him beyond repair, and having even leaders of his own party come against him for political expediency, he has risen above and is still a major threat. He has done it with less money and fewer ads. He has thrown political correctness out the window and has gone straight to the American people with his message. His delivery has been unpolished. His statements have been controversial. His campaign war chest has been (a lot) smaller. And yet, he managed to beat out 16 opponents in the primary and now he is coming very close to beating the most powerful, most corrupt and most well-funded political machine in American history: The Clinton Machine.

How???? By being the opposite of everything we Americans HATE about the kings and king-makers that have been pulling the strings of American politics for decades. Those in the Republican establishment have always feared his triumph because they know it means the end of their good-ole-boys club. It means the end of their unbridled power. For the media, it means that they lose their grip on the American psyche because he found a way to speak straight to the American people.

In other words, to "repeal and replace" the Republican establishment who gave us monsters and spineless cowards alike; to remove the choke-hold that the media has on the dispensary of propaganda, you need to take a wrecking ball to the Washington Cartel.  No more politics as usual. No more big money driving every aspect of political success and defeat. We must have someone from outside the fray to accomplish this.

In case everything I’ve laid out isn’t enough to convince you to use your vote to at least stop rampant corruption in its tracks, here's another aspect to consider. The next President will appoint one, maybe even up to three, justices to the Supreme Court. Given what we know about Hillary and her agenda, this will mean stacking the Supreme Court with justices who will see it as their job to undermine the first, second, third and fourth amendments. Given the explanation above on how Hillary Clinton has operated for decades and how corrupt our media already is, imagine the affect her appointments would have on free speech. Given her position on the second amendment, imagine the affect her appointments will have on your gun rights, should you choose to exercise them.

And a quick word about Roe v Wade and the impact a Trump appointment would have on it. I’ve seen it written that the judicial appointments don’t have a large impact on the pro-life movement and that a Trump appointment can’t be trusted to be better than a Clinton appointment. Well if that is true, what the hell are we all working so hard for anyway?! Let’s all just pack up and go home since the Supreme Court suddenly doesn’t matter all that much anyway. This is one of the most irresponsible, reckless, short-sighted, nonsensical, dumbest things I’ve ever heard on this issue. Hillary Clinton is a known quantity! She is proudly pro-abortion and even supports partial birth abortion and calls it “women’s healthcare”. Trump has put forth 20 justices that he would pick from to appoint to the Court. They are all pro-life Constitutionalists. He must be held accountable for appointing some of those people, obviously. But are Christians really willing to “wait four more years” while multiple SCOTUS appointments slip by and change the courts for an entire generation just because they don’t like Donald Trump’s personality?! This is insanity!

Here is the bottom line: Hillary Clinton does not care about you. No, she really really really doesn’t. She does not relate to you on any level. She does not have your best interest at heart. She doesn't even have the best interest of the country at heart. She cares only for herself and amassing as much money and power as she possibly can. She will sell access to the State Department to get money. She will run money through a phony foundation to take more of it for herself. She will take money from third world countries that stone women for nothing more than leaving their home without their husband. She will besmirch and smear any person who comes between her and power, even women who are raped by her husband. Her policies are crafted to control as much of your life as possible and be beholden to the government so that you will continue to elect Democrats to office. And in her own words, she wants "open boarders" in America.

Wake up, my friends. We have been lulled to sleep by the string pullers and the king-makers in this country. We have fallen asleep at the switch and are on the brink of re-organizing into an America that none who have gone before us will recognize. I heard a great analogy from my dear friend, Jeff Crank, a couple weeks ago. He said sometimes in life we are playing the game on offense of defense will plenty of time left on the clock to score or prevent the other team from scoring. But sometimes we are in the position of making a goal line stance where there is no more time on the clock and the other team is on the goal line about to score and we just have to stop them. That is where we are as a nation- we are at a goal line stance. At the very least, we need to keep the other team (corruption) from scoring to save the country.

When given the unsavory choice between two flawed humans (and by the way, we are all flawed humans), I will take the free-market-loving outsider who loves this country any day of the week over the totally corrupt, self-seeking woman that is Hillary Clinton. There are many more reasons to vote FOR Donald Trump and/or AGAINST Hillary Clinton. I could go on for days. Is Donald Trump the right man for the job in any and all elections? No. But is he right for such a time as this? No question about it. If you want to throw the corrupt, out-of-control trash that is our politically-correct culture and government on the ash heap of history, fill in the bubble for Donald Trump because up until now, it is power-hungry politicians like Hillary Clinton and the main stream media that have been writing the books on corruption for decades. It is time to end it. This country cannot afford for this woman and her entourage to be anywhere near the Oval Office. A vote for a third party, a vote uncast, or a vote for Hillary Clinton will ensure the end of America as we know it. Can you let that sit on your conscience?



  1. I agree 100%. Time to stop the craziness before it is too late. Great article.

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  3. You have every right to voice your political opinion but I would say I disagree to what you have said. It’s sad that the people of America were made to choose between the lesser of two evils but even in that case, Hillary would have been a more suitable choice.

  4. The last general election was described quite well by Peggy Noonan. It was the unprotected class against the protected class. There is a global trend against the elites who say one thing and do another. This essay says it quite well. I was for Cruz until it was obvious he wasn't going to make it. After that it was anyone but the witch. I've made it my business to watch their every move. I doubt she will go to jail for anything,but she's damaged goods now. For her that is a private hell and well deserved. As for the global warming discussion above...A friend of mine was watching a talk show once with an actual climate scientist. There were three environmental change experts arrayed against him. They stated that 20% of the ice had melted and the real expert wrote that number down and let them finish. He politely asked them if they were through and they nodded. He leaned back and asked him based on their numbers where the hell we or anyone else had lost any shore line. He noted islands that should be sandy shoals at that point. A bit of listening to any liberal activist will always give you the silver bullet you need to end their game.