"When they allow a talk show host to play them like a two-dollar banjo, they demonstrate what kind of backbone they'll bring to the job later on, if we elect them. After they get elected will they continue to allow Jeff Crank to put a nickel in them and wind them up every Saturday morning?"

Barry Noreen, former columnist, Colorado Springs Gazette

"There's a lot of talent there" - Shannon Fowler

"For a guy named Crank he's pretty affable" - Russ Latino

Friday, June 17, 2016

Watch Joel's Speech - and Like it On Youtube

Click here to watch Joel's conservative speech - and please "like" it on Youtube:


  1. Joel,

    I'm proud of what you are doing and enjoyed listening to you on your dad's show this AM.

    I'm with you all the way and will do all I can to get Donald Trump elected.

    I'll be watching you from afar.

    Mr. Spano
    Challenger Middle School

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