Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jeff Crank's Recommendations for Contested Races/Ballot Questions 2014

El Paso County 2014 General Election Ballot

Every election I get countless emails from listeners asking about my endorsements and recommendations on voting.  Your vote belongs to you – and you alone – and it is certainly not up to me to tell you how you should vote, but here is how I am casting my vote this year.  These are my endorsements and recommendations.

U.S. Senator – Cory Gardner
U.S. Representative – Doug Lamborn
Governor/Lieutenant Governor – Bob Beauprez/Jill Repella
Secretary of State – Wayne Williams
State Treasurer – Walker Stapleton
Attorney General – Cynthia Coffman
State Senate District 2 – Kevin J. Grantham
State Senate District 11 – Bernie Herpin
State Representative District 14 – Dan Nordberg
State Representative District 15 – Gordon Klingenschmitt
State Representative District 16 – Janak Joshi
State Representative District 17 – Kit Roupe
State Representative District 18 – Michael Schlierf
County Commissioner District 1 – Darryl Glenn
County Commissioner District 5 – Peggy Littleton

I make no recommendations about retention of judges as all were recommended to be retained by the Judicial Performance Commission.

Amendment 68, Racetrack GamblingNo
Proposition 104, Open union negotiationsYes
Proposition 105, Food labelingNo
El Paso County Issue 1A, Tax retention for Open SpaceNo
El Paso County Issue 1B, Increase on Property Tax Bill for StormwaterNo

El Paso County Issue 1C, Term Limits for SheriffYes


  1. What is your recommendations on the judges?

    1. After doing my own research for over 6 hours today, here are my votes. I'm not saying you should vote the same as I, but just wanted to share how I arrived at my votes:
      Boatright - yes
      Marquez - no
      Fox - no
      Loeb - yes
      Bain - no
      Colt - yes
      DuBois - yes
      Hughes - no
      Kane - yes
      Kennedy - yes
      McHenry - no
      Prince - no
      Werner - yes
      Acker - no
      Martin - yes
      Miles - no
      Rotolo - yes
      Sletta - yes
      Walker - yes
      Walter - no
      I read all of the recommendations by the Judicial Performance Commission (note the pros and cons by both attorneys and non-attorneys), read their bios on the Colorado Judicial Branch website, and Google searched them all by name and found articles or cases they worked on. I also noted which governor appointed them to the bench. Hope this helps!

  2. ^Anonymous, I spot checked many of your picks and seems like I agree with you. These judges are very important for the fairness of our legal system but due to lack of easy information, many voters don't do their research when voting. I know I haven't researched judges in the past. Would be interesting to have more notes on why you voted against or for many judges.

  3. Replies
    1. Because when money is spent or invested by the people who earned it, they generally do so very carefully, and get far more utility out of it, and cause more positive economic effects, than when government spends it.

  4. What about 67, Jeff?

  5. Thanks so much Jeff for the help on judges. God Bless

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