Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"You Decide"

“You Decide” by John Alexander Madison June 30, 2013 If an election was held today, and you could appoint candidates to the offices listed, which slate would you select? You must accept all the candidates on one slate. (Hint: one slate is very liberal; the other moderate/conservative.)

Slate #1

President: Barry Soetoro (Barack); Vice President: Robinette Biden, Jr (Joseph); Secretary of State: Korbelová Albright (Madeleine); Alt. Secretary of State: Diane Rodham (Hillary); Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court: Charles Hughes; U.S. Attorney General: Eric Holder; U.S. Senator: Alan Stuart Frankin (Stuart Smalley); U.S. Senator: Ann Mikulski (Barbara); U.S. Senator: Emery Udall (Mark); U.S. Senator: Michael Bennet; Congressman: Mason Reid (Harry); Congressman: Bernard Rangel (Charles); Congressman: David Weiner (Anthony); Congressman: Patrick Murtha (John); Congresswoman: Pat D'Alesandro Pelosi (Nancy); Congresswoman: Maxine Moore Carr (Waters); Governor: Jerry Brown (Moonbeam); Alt. Governor: Huey Long (Kingfish); Lt. Governor: Christopher Newsom (Gavin); Colorado Attorney General: Elliot Spitzer (N.Y.); Alt .Colorado Attorney General: Joseph Maupin; State Treasurer: Cary Kennedy; Colorado Secretary of State: Joe Neguse; Alt. Colorado Secretary of State: Ken Gordon; State Senator: John Morse (anti 2nd Amendment; and dishonest?); State House of Representatives: Mark Ferrandino

Slate #2

President: Ronald Reagan (Dutch); Vice President: G.H.W. Bush; Secretary of State: Condoleezza Rice; Alt. Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson; Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court: John Roberts; U.S. Attorney General: Alberto Gonzales; U.S. Senator: Marco Rubio; U.S. Senator: Rand Paul; U.S. Senator: Ted Cruz; U.S. Senator: Bob Beauprez/Amy Stephens; Congressman: Abraham Lincoln (Honest Abe); Congressman: Jason Chaffetz; Congressman: Eric Cantor; Congressman: Paul Ryan; Congressman: Mike Coffman; Congresswoman: Michelle Bachmann; Congresswomen: Heather Wilson; Governor: Bobby Jindal; Alt. Governor: Chris Christie; Lt. Governor: Jane Norton; Colorado Attorney General: William Suthers (John); Alt. Colorado Attorney General: Cynthia Coffman; State Treasurer: Walker Stapleton; Colorado Secretary of State: Gigi Dennis; Alt. Colorado Secretary of State: John Madison; State Senator: Bernie Herpin; State House of Representatives: Bob Gardner EPILOGUE: These hypothetical candidates are presented without expressing the opinion of this writer. Before you decide, ask yourself: Is America heading in the right direction. Which slate would you choose? I thought so. It isn’t difficult. Wake up America!

The 2014 Election season is just around the corner for federal, state and local offices. It’s time to select qualified candidates each office. Qualified is defined as those who support the U.S. Constitution and who believe in less government, a strong national defense, personal freedoms and individual responsibility.

“Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.” (Winston Churchill)

“...The future must not belong to those who slander the profit of Islam. But, to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated." (The President, Sept. 25, 2012) Yes, it all about being fair.

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