Friday, June 21, 2013

Letter to Republican Candidates in the Senate District 11 Recall

Ms. Jaxine Bubis

Mr. Bernie Herpin

The opportunity which now presents itself with the recall election of State Senator John Morse is historic.  More than any event in recent Colorado history, this moment has come about because of the hard, diligent work of so many ordinary citizens who, like our founding fathers, found themselves disenfranchised by a political leader who arrogantly chose not to listen to those he claimed to represent.   These citizens stepped up to protect freedom.  Now they look to you for leadership.

Through the hard work, sweat and selfless sacrifice of these citizens who labored to gather these signatures, we stand at this historic moment where a sitting Colorado State Senator may, for the first time, be recalled from office and the citizens can and will once again self-govern.

Because this moment is bigger than any one of us and because we continue to lose our rights as citizens, we step forward today and ask you to sacrifice in the same way that so many in our community already have to get us to this point.

We can only have one Republican candidate on the ballot to replace Senator John Morse.  In fact, Senator Morse's greatest hope is that he can continue to split our community and that somehow he can preserve his own political hide by the usual divide and conquer strategy.  His plan is to use previous divisions in our party and the egos of our candidates as his greatest weapon.  We are here to say no more.

We implore you to agree to participate in a process which will allow for a single Republican candidate on the ballot.  We ask that the duly elected Republican Central Committee of Senate District 11 decide which candidate shall be the best candidate to face the Democrat (likely anti-freedom liberal Michael Merrifield) in the recall election.  We are not asking that you put your fate in the hands of the Chair of the party - but in the most grassroots organization available.  We further implore you to commit that you will respect that process, abide by the decision of the SD11 Central Committee and wholeheartedly endorse and campaign for the candidate who makes it through that process.

This election is not about you.  It is not about us.  It is about free people governing themselves.  It is about the restoration of our rights as citizens and our ability to govern ourselves as free men and women.  When our political leaders choose to ignore us, we have no choice but to band together, sacrifice and throw off the chains that bind us.

As leaders of the conservative movement in Colorado, we understand the magnitude of the moment and we are stepping forward to be leaders that are taking a stand.  Nothing in this recall is more important than replacing John Morse with a Senator that will respect our rights as citizens.  We implore you to lead and to make that same choice.  We've elected self-serving politicians like John Morse before.  We need you to be different and lead.


Congressman Doug Lamborn
Sheriff Terry Maketa                                                          
Jeff Crank
Laura Carno
Steve Schuck

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  1. Is there a place for CO residents to sign as well? I'll put my name on that.