Thursday, December 20, 2012

"There is a Solution...but"

“There is a Solution…but”
By John Alexander Madison
December 20, 2012

Headlines: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Congress needs debate on stopping gun violence.”

“Vice President Biden to lead task force charged with developing new gun policy.” We don’t need one, we have one, the Second Amendment to the United State Constitution. Do you want all guns and rifles to be confiscated and turned over to the President’s recently-reported, elite corps of “brown shirts” (or as he would say “corpse of brown shirts”)?

“Gun law being pushed by DeGette, House Democrats to ban high-capacity clips” Already, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Diana DeGette, and the President, even before all the victims have been buried in Connecticut, want to move forward their political agenda on the heels of the most recent mass-killings by banning guns. Shame on them.

Is now the time to force through legislation to ban firearms of any type? Will that solve the problem or is the problem a societal one? You decide. Perhaps Jon Caldara of The Independence Institute said it best. (Jon lost a child near age 1 and he has a son living with Down syndrome.) On December 18 he wrote, in part: Grieve first, then make decisions -- not the other way around. This advice not to make decisions during such pain is echoing through my body today as strongly as it did when I wanted to take (certain) insane actions myself. If I had gone down even one of those paths, it would have been a massive mistake. I see that now. My counselor was right. I can't thank her enough. I fear that we, collectively, are not wise enough to take this advice today. And we so need to. In the immediate pain and madness of this crime, the desire to do something, something big, something different, is nearly overwhelming, uncontrollable. I know what this feels like all too well. It feels like it makes all the sense in the world to ban certain firearms, throw restrictions on the law-abiding, disarm civilians, turn ourselves against the Bill of Rights, just as my desires made perfect sense to me during my time of pain. But given my experience, I worry where we will find ourselves years from now if we allow grief and the madness of pain to take us down a path from which we can't return. Let us grieve. Let us walk through the pain and hurt and fear. Clear thinking will return, in time. Then let us talk clearly and calmly about the serious decisions that might change us forever. Straight on. Jon Caldara

Was Adam Lanza’s mother irresponsible by allowing access to her guns (which she purchased, perhaps, with her $300,000/year alimony)? She paid for that mistake with her life and the lives of all those innocent victims.

I suggest that no sane person has ever killed anyone with a hand gun or an assault rifle (except in true self-defense). Yet there is a rush to ban various classes of guns/rifles. If that happens, it is likely that killings by hammer will escalate; killings by mass poisoning will escalate (perhaps our water supplies); killings by knife or sword or knitting needles will escalate; killings by homemade bombs will escalate (got any fertilizer?); killings by airborne toxic chemicals will escalate (got any anhydrous ammonia?); killings by weed-wacker and lawnmower will escalate; killings by water (drowning) will escalate; killings by pushing people off cliffs will escalate (including fiscal ones); killings by every municipality in America not limiting sales of soft drinks to 16 ounces will escalate (How can any civilized society allow people to purchase more than 16 ounces of soda at a time? Disgusting, we are killing our own, people!); killings by water pistol (filled with acid) will escalate; killings by strangulation will escalate; killings by florescent light bulbs will escalate (do you miss your incandescent bulbs?); killings by….well, you get the idea.

This brings me to the criminal justice system. If the evidence of murder (gun or otherwise) is irrefutable how can a court determine someone is “not guilty, by reason of insanity?” That is impossible. They are guilty and they are insane. If we allowed “guilty, but nuts” verdicts that just goes to how the perp is treated (prison, or mental facility).
The issue before us is mental illness and the problem is dependency on government and the “victim” mentality that has been artificially created by Washington’s elitist politicians; and the decline of the family unit; and the deterioration of our educational systems (after the federal government takeover); and a serious decline in morality and a retreat from many of the Christian beliefs upon which this great nation was built.

One can only hope better days are ahead of us…and it can happen if we all engage and stop the growth of government at all levels and its taking away the individual freedoms guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution. Personal liberties AND personal responsibility is what this country is all about, not big government which can only exist by taking away from you and me (our treasure and our freedoms).

Here endeth the lesson.


As Jon Caldara wrote so well, it is advisable that we, as a nation, should not overreact with unnecessary and extreme action such as banning the ownership of guns in America. There is one proposed piece of legislation before Congress that every true Patriot should support and I hope you will promote and support its passage. It would immediately address the issue of gun violence and mass murders in the United States.

You may know that it is illegal to kill wildlife with fully automatic weapons or "assault rifles." And because of that wildlife deaths by these weapons are nearly non-existent! Why? Hunters don't want to lose their hunting license or their firearms. Hunters are responsible Americans and they know there are consequences for their actions.

Proposed legislation: Be it enacted that it shall be illegal in the United States and its territories for a person to commit murder upon any person with an assault rifle or any fully automatic rifle or gun…with the exception of self-defense.

That should do it. It makes senses. Or does it? Actually, it makes no sense whatsoever.

There is a solution, but…now is a time to grieve. #113

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