Thursday, November 8, 2012

Promoting Our Shared Values

“Promoting Our Shared Values” by John Alexander Madison
November 11, 2012 It has been evident for quite some time that a large percentage of Americans are in the political middle or somewhat to the right or left of center. The rest have a far left or far right agenda, and they are often referred to as extremists or “wing nuts.” Why should we buy into the divisiveness of either of the later groups when a single issue often dictates their entire agenda? We shouldn’t, because that is unreasonable. In a civilized society, citizens must work together to satisfy most of the people most of the time. By doing so we won't get our way all the time but we have a better chance of living in peace and harmony and prosperity. It’s called working together for the greater good. It does not mean compromising our core values but promoting our shared values. That is a reasonable and achievable which we must all adopt. The greatness of America has always been defined by our individual freedoms, tolerance of others, traditional family values, respect for life, the diverse nature of its citizens, and a limited government with a strong national defense. This country is the great melting pot wherein, at least in earlier times, its citizens believed in ‘America first’ while concurrently cherishing and embracing the traditions of their ancestors. It is time for all Americans to reevaluate our priorities and shared values. We must give serious consideration as to whether we support an ever expanding central government which, inevitably, will infringe on our individual liberties and lead us to bankruptcy. If we continue on our current path America will soon cease to exist as we have known it for over 230 years- the greatest nation on Earth. More and more government control over the lives of its citizens has never been a successful form of government yet America is racing down that dead end road faster than you can say “socialism.” Some say it is too late...we’ve gone too far and cannot turn back. The principles of our nation’s Founding Fathers are crumbling before our eyes and there is nothing we can do about it. The question before us, then, is how do you want to define America’s future? I strongly believe that the founding principles of our nation were carved in granite and they will not easily crumble because a majority of Americans still share those beliefs and will work fight to preserve them. EPILOGUE It’s a sad day for America whenever abuse of power, inexperience, cover-ups, fiscal irresponsibility, incompetence, fraud, hatred toward others, divisive rhetoric, and arrogance assume the reins of government. For those who may be disappointed with the turn of events earlier this week I suggest that anger is not the answer. Rather, it is time to re-engage, not dis-engage. It is time for all Americans to take charge of our destiny. As the son of an immigrant I’m not giving up because I am an American first and I hope you are with me. #112

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