Sunday, September 9, 2012

"You're not still undecided, are you?"

by John Alexander Madison

September 9, 2012

The conventions are over and now we’ve learned that the stakes are higher than ever. Prior to the political party conventions in Tampa and Charlotte it seems I had made up my mind about this election just by comparing the lineup of the respective convention speakers. (“Four More Years, You Decide.” August 26, 2012) The Republican speakers were impressive and the Democrats, let’s say, left something to be desired. Quite a bit, actually. The conventions did nothing to change my mind and now the choice is very clear.

The president suggested that “Our problems can be solved, our challenges can be met.” Well, I fully agree. However, I suspect the president was thinking he was the one who could solve our problems and he was the one who could lead us in meeting the challenges we face. Well, there you go again, Barry. That is where we are in total disagreement.

I truly believe this president couldn’t lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America without a teleprompter let alone out of the economic disaster he created on so many fronts.

Being the fair-minded analyst that I am, I sought other statements from Charlotte with which I could agree. And this one came from Mrs. Obama when she stated “Being president doesn't change who you are- it reveals who you are.” Wow, EXACTLY, Michelle! The past four years have revealed exactly who this president is and he is not who he said he was in2008. He is a divider, not a uniter. Instead of hope and change he brought us fear and uncertainty. And we’ve confirmed he is the most inexperienced man ever to occupy the oval office. And, inarguably, he is also the man who makes James Earl Carter look like a genius.

The First Lady also stated that “Success is not defined by how much money you make it's about how you change people's lives.” Right again, Michelle. The same goes for failure though…and failure is defined as how ADVERSELY you changed people’s lives through four years of deficit spending, creating $5 trillion in additional national debt, lost jobs and record unemployment, a poor economy, and deteriorating relationships with our allies. Not to mention you added more than 122,000 federal employees since taking office, not to mention over 98,000 federal employees have delinquent federal income taxes and you’ve done nothing about that (although Congressman Jason Chaffets, R-Utah, has), and you’ve added another 15 million to the food stamp rolls. Well, it seems you’re making some folks happy at the expense of the silent majority, the middle class!

No matter how often this president and his democrat allies say “the Republicans don’t have a plan,” do not believe it. Governor Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have outlined specific plans on many fronts and in great detail. The bottom line is WE NEED LESS GOVERNMENT INTRUSION IN OUR LIVES and MORE INDIVIDUAL FFREEDOMS. But this president thinks government is the solution…yet he has proven that doesn’t work.

Barrack Hussein Obama is not a man who can turn things around…he has proved that over the last four years. Now that we know who Barry Soetero is, prove you are not an idiot by voting for him again. I have concluded that before…I just hope you are listening.


Remember this; the Democrats were against God before they were for Him and that was for one reason only, political expediency. Do you remember this president didn’t want to appear to be taking sides by wearing an American flag lapel pin, that is, until it was politically expedient to do so?

Other truths revealed themselves in Charlotte when former President William Jefferson Clinton exclaimed “I hate to break it ya, but we’re going to keep Barrack Obama on-the-job.” That is definitely true; he HATES to say it because he’d rather see Hillary in there. But thank you Bill, honesty IS the best policy. We’re delighted you did not have s_ _ with that woman.

Clinton continued “Nobody, no president, listen to me, no president, not me not anyone could have repaired the damage he found in just four years.” That too may also be true, Bill, but the truth is just about anyone, no ANYBODY, could have made some progress. Even Jimmy Carter.

(Oh, and Bill, please stop shaking that crooked finger at us.) #108

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