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Equal Rights for Everyone

“Equal Rights and Equal Opportunity for Everyone”

by John Alexander MadisonMay 13, 2012

What happened late in the evening of May 8, 2012 at the state capitol in Denver was not a hurricane, nor a tornado, nor a down slope whereupon strong surface winds develop when air flows over a high mountain ridge with a steep lee slope. Rather, it was the collective sigh of relief from 100 State Senators and Representatives which generated a Rocky Mountain Chinook of sorts, with lots of hot air, as they concluded their annual labors. Will the 2012 Colorado legislative session be characterized as “controversial”? No, absolutely not, that would be an understatement!

Among the bills ensnared in the tug-of-war in the House of Representatives was a bill that sets a standard for driving while “stoned.” Perhaps they should have considered a bill against legislating while stoned? Were some legislators “stoned” while they filibustered a bill to limit trans-fats in our public schools? You make the call. One pounded the lectern while screaming "Not a one of you has the courage to vote against chocolate!"

Colorado’s Governor was so displeased with the dysfunctional 2012 session, which ended without significant debate on the controversial civil union bill that he called for a special session. In advance of this costly special session it is worth offering some dialogue on the subject. For starters, it would be important to note that a Constitutional amendment passed by the citizens of Colorado in 2006 defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

Regarding marriage, one biblical scholar, Ken Silva, of Apprising Ministries writes: "Jesus has defined marriage as between a male (man) to a female (woman), and that's how the men to whom He was speaking understood it. That's always been the orthodox Jewish position as well as that of the historic orthodox Christian Church. Even John Shelby Spong admitted homosexuality cannot be defended from Scripture. You are welcome to your views, but as gently as I can say it, they really don't stand in the light of Scripture."

We don’t have the time or the space here to fully discuss biblical interpretations of marriage, although such an exercise would be well worth the time. The current debate, therefore, has moved to civil unions because everyone is “entitled to equal rights,” or so goes the argument. I’m for equal rights for all and I hope you are too.

"No matter what happens today or tomorrow, the unspoken truth in this whole debate is we will win," Jace Woodrum, deputy director for One Colorado, the state's largest gay-rights group, argued. "Whether it is today or tomorrow or next year or the next, we will win. Gay and lesbian couples in this state will have full protection under the law. We all know it, and everybody in this building knows it," he said.

Hey, Jace, I’ve got news for you. Everyone…Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, horse thieves and bank robbers, chocolate lovers and mountain climbers, gay and lesbian couples, yes everyone…currently has full protection under the law. Everyone, and that’s a fact. By the way, certain 'classes of citizens' have been afforded more rights than others…and that, too, is worthy of future discussion as to whether that is fair and equal treatment for all.

But the extremists are in full battle mode and they are wining like infants, just to get attention. If they don’t get their way they pitch a fit and turn into unreasonable, irrational beings. Everyone was kicked out of the visitor’s gallery last Tuesday evening after someone yelled, "I hope you (expletive) die!" That’s hardly grown-up behavior, it is radical behavior. In the very least, that guy needs to attend anger management classes. For several weeks and well into the evening on May 8 it was quite clear that proponents of SB12-02 were losing their fight. Not because of House Republican leadership engaged in last minute procedural delays but because the Democrat-controlled Senate leadership delayed moving this bill forward for several months.

Let there be no doubt that marriage is a contract, which we sign, and that affords the man and women certain rights under our laws. Whether it is in regard to property rights, hospital visitation rights, end of life decisions, or in many other critical areas the same rights afforded married couples through their contract of marriage may be granted from any other person to another person (male to male, female to female, male to female, female to male) through a legally enforceable contract. It is no more complicated than that.

Do you want to live together? Go ahead. Do you want to give your home and other worldly possessions, upon death, to your partner, lover, friend, golf buddy, neighbor or any other person or entity? Go ahead, sign a contract with them. Do you want your partner to make life and death decisions when you are unable to do so? Go ahead, sign a contract with them. Do you want to get married? If so, find someone of the opposite sex and get married, but beware, you have to sign a contract in order to do so.

The bottom line is, legislation to create civil unions is, quite simply, unnecessary. No less than the “far left’s” spiritual advisor, the President of the United States Barry Soetero, a.k.a Barrack Obama, was very clear in his 2008 campaign that “Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman.” Finally, here is something on which I can agree with this president.

But, alas, fast forward to the 2012 election cycle and we find that President Obama’s view is 'evolving' yet two days later he declares he favors gay marriage. Therefore, President Obama is not evolving at all. Instead, he can now officially be labeled a flip-flopper. This President is a flip-flopper. God forbid anybody else’s view might evolve as well. Evolving views often come with maturity and even more often with political candidates, who will say anything to get elected..

Are civil unions a question of equal rights for everyone? No. In the 2012 election year it is just another distraction.

Inflamed rhetoric, hatred, vitriol and intolerance toward others are signs of an unhealthy civilization. Even when people disagree on issues there is no reason for incivility. Well, except for one thing….the Obama mantra: Anything to get re-elected is okay. One thing most Americans find unacceptable is our President whispering to the Russians: “Just wait until after the election. I will be able to be much more flexible because I won’t have to worry about running again.”

This President’s campaign tactics include many more distractions because he cannot run on his record. For example, he claims his opponent, along with his high schools buddies almost 50 years ago, was teasing a classmate. In contract, the Obama/Chicago-style political campaign machine is viciously attacking those who 'dare' to donate to his Republican opponent. So much for civility, Mr. President. One can only hope that every thinking American will open up their wallets and contribute toward your further “evolvement,” from President to former President. It cannot happen soon enough.

When we hear President Obama call for more civility after the atrocious attach on U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords we knew it is just more words, words, words from the best Presidential orator since George W. Bush! But listen no more, America, to this man’s rhetoric. It rings hollow. His actions speak louder than his words. No wonder so many consider his tactics and the tactics of his cronies nothing less than sleazy.

The Rev. Franklyn Graham recently said: “President Obama has, in my view, shaken his fist at the same God who created and defined marriage. It grieves me that our president would not affirm same-sex marriage , though I believe it grieves God even more," Graham said. "This is a sad day for America. May God help us.” (May 9, 2012)


Mr. President, we won’t allow you to “win the future,” you have already cripple it. Mr. President, you say “we can’t wait.” But we say we can wait until January 2013 when we will win the future and you will win your pension. Mr. President, hard-working Americans have done their “fair share.” Now it’s time to put all the others back to work and do they can contribute their fair share as well. Mr. President, you recently said “it could be worse.” We agree. If you are elected to a second term things will be worse. You are dismantling America, one day, one program, and one trillion dollars at a time. Please stop.

Happy Mother’s Day, America! A change of residents in The White House will ensure we will have many more to come.  #103

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  1. Your best written and most passionate column to date. Robert Harkins