Saturday, March 17, 2012

Take Action - No Memorial Golden Parachutes

Take Action- No Golden Parachutes for Memorial
We’ve blown the whistle before about questionable activities and insider game-playing related to the debate Springs residents are having about future ownership and management alternatives for city-owned Memorial Health System. And while pressure from alert citizens like you undoubtedly helped keep the process open and honest – or at least more open and honest than it would have been without the scrutiny – we continue to be alarmed with what we’re seeing at Memorial.
Our concern this time is with the potentially huge “retention bonuses” Memorial’s unelected governing board is planning to pay the system’s already well-compensated top administrators, for fear of losing their services before any final decision on Memorial is made. Reports are vague about what those payouts might total (though sources indicate that it could be as much as $1 million), but we believe any “golden parachutes” of any size are unwise and unwarranted under the circumstances.
Use the form below to let the City Council and Memorial’s Board of Trustee know that you strongly oppose handing-out “golden parachutes” to the system’s already well-paid executives. Read more:

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