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Political leftists, communists, socialists, progressives and welfare statists, now call themselves liberals. Renaissance Liberals, unlike Leftists, evolved from the protest of a Catholic Inquisition, Protestant and Catholic persecutions and their detestation of slave labor. They were the English barons who forced upon an outraged King John his signature to the Magna Charter of liberties. They were the men and women who protested child labor, who demanded and won universal suffrage.

He was the British parliamentarian William Wilberforce who abolished slavery and with America drove the scourge of slave ships from the sea. He was Great Britain’s Winston Churchill who offered his people blood, sweat and tears, until at last allied with America he graced his island with peace. Renaissance Liberals are born from the legacy of Athens’s Pericles and the stoic wisdom of Rome’s Cicero. They are the faith keepers who hold sacred their unalienable, self-evident right to freedom, liberty and property.

The Leftist pretends to be a liberal. He was not born from this liberal tradition. He is the acolyte of Karl Marx, the advocate of Utopia, the totalitarian.

Just as V. I. Lenin, in the launching of a minority communist party, falsely claimed the title Bolshevik (Majority Party), so does the Leftist claim the title liberal. He uses a liberal artifice to appear as one with Americans who respect a heritage of freedom and liberty, who demand that central government be constrained according to the letter and spirit of an American Constitution. Leftists are not to be mistaken for Renaissance Liberals who prize knowledge, individual freedom, liberty and the rule of law.

That the Leftist is motivated by Marxist first principles is evident in his degradation of constitutional principles intended to constrain central government’s confiscatory powers. Conversely, Renaissance liberals adhere to the Constitution’s plainly stated intention set forth in its Bill of Rights and in Amendments Nine and Ten written to constrain government to its strictly enumerated powers.

The political genesis of the Renaissance Liberal is centered in the humanistic philosophies of political rebels Montesquieu (Separation of Powers), John Locke (the unalienable and individual right to life liberty and property), James Burke (respect for the autonomous individual, his freedoms and traditions, his society and institutions) and America’s firebrand Tom Paine who wrote in an incendiary prose the American response to tyranny hard or soft: “These are the times that try mens’ souls.”

The font of leftist political thought is Utopia, a non existent state conceived in fantasy, built out of bits and pieces of Plato’s Republic, a country without geography infused with the radical materialist vision of Marx, Engels, Trotsky and Rousseau. Utopia so envisioned is static, eternal and perfect; it is a mystical country, which like Thomas Moore’s Utopia, permits or forbids cultural traditions, compels the redistribution of property and mandates politically correct discourse. Were it not intended to govern human beings Utopia would be more a silly dream than a nightmare.

For the Leftist, Utopia is the repository of all permissible truths. Not too long ago a now extinct Soviet Utopia declared in a splendidly crafted constitution the citizens’ right to free speech, freedom and dignity. But the Russian citizen soon discovered that it were better that he be silent than to contend against a firing squad or find cold death in a Siberian gulag.

In Utopia all men are angels because they are silent, docile and obedient. Truly, Utopia is a lethal country.

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