Sunday, November 20, 2011

“Short and Sweet”
by John Alexander Madison
November 20, 2011

The President’s online biography boasts he continues to enact policy changes in response to the issues of health care and economic crisis. It fails to say a “crisis” he deserves a significant amount of credit for creating.

Let’s face it, this President does not take the national debt seriously, having carelessly maneuvered it to more than $15,000,000,000,000…that’s 15 trillion dollars faster than you can say “fraud.” Our national debt to GDP (gross domestic product) ratio is nearing that of Greece and Italy and is unsustainable. Simply put, we cannot afford to repay it.

Our federal government under this President has operated without a federal budget since April 2009, preferring to operate with one continuing resolution after another.
This President is irresponsible. This President is unqualified to be President. And have you seen his swing? No, not his arrogant, fist-clenched, arms tight to his sides swagger as he jogs up or down the stairs of Air Force One or as he ascends yet another stage during his never-ending campaign tour...but his golf swing! He is also a terrible golfer as well. That alone makes him unqualified to be our Commander in Chief.

This President is mortgaging our future. He promises everything to everyone. Why wouldn’t they vote for him? Are a majority of Americans so stupid that they actually believe the government can take care of everyone from cradle to grave?

The Democrat politicians in charge of the White House and U.S. Senate just want more of your hard-earned dollars to give to those who want to occupy your parks, occupy your streets, occupy your wallet, occupy your home, occupy your car, occupy your savings accounts and occupy our future.

Did you know that millions upon millions dollars in federal income tax refunds have been given to those who do not pay any federal income taxes? This President’s plan is working but redistribution of wealth is not in the best interests of a majority of American citizens.

This President has been in campaign mode, not governing mode, for five years now. For the first three years of his Presidency he has not done nothing in the best interests of you, me, our children, our grandchildren and our country...the United States of America. His is a divider, not a uniter. “Class Warfare” is this President’s 2012 re-election theme, pure and simple. His Presidency is nothing short of a complete failure.

And we’ve heard a lot about this President’s questionable history: he got scholarships reserved for foreign students (non-American citizens); nobody in college or graduate school remembers him; he voted “present” in the Illinois Senate more time than he was probably there; he has associated himself with anti-American and anti-Christian zealots. His wife, for the first time in her lifetime, was proud to be an American only after her husband was nominated to be President of the United States.

1. Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
2. A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

Some believe our President is a fraud. Maybe, maybe not. But in the very least his policies are a complete failure.

On Friday, a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment vote in the U.S. House of Representatives garnered 261 yes votes and 165 no votes. This was a few dozen votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to move it forward to the States for ratification as an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Vote tally:
Republicans (236 yes; 4 no) including Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan, and Colorado Representatives Scott Tipton, Cory Gardner, Mike Coffman, and Doug Lamborn.

Democrats (25 yes; 161 no) including Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Conyers, Henry Waxman, Charles Rangel, Stennie Hoyer and your Colorado Representatives Ed Perlmutter, Jared Polis, and Diana DeGette (friends of Bill Ayers, George Soros. Jeremiah Wright, George Soros, Governor Bill Ritter, George Soros, Harry Reid, and George Soros.)

Do you support a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Who would you have voted with? If you answer "the Republicans" write your Congressmen and then go out and do everything you can to defeat the re-election efforts of the worst President in U.S. History. #98

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