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The intrepid camper, dauntless hunter and all famous adventurers are well advised to be careful when entering the wild and wooly woods. You may recall the inebriated and suicidal hunter who entered a New Hampshire forest during deer hunting season wearing a fur coat and hat? He drew fire from citizens whose motto is to “live free or die” until finally forest rangers ran him down, packed him away, confiscated his rifle and impounded his jug of whiskey. Later, reluctantly, they returned his rifle. But then, they drank his jug of whiskey. Is nothing sacred?

One warm, sunny March day a Colorado Springs tourist decided to hike Pike’s Peak trail to the summit. He posed for a photograph decked out in sneakers, Bermuda shorts, and a Hawaiian shirt; he was carrying in one hand a paper lunch bag containing an apple, a peanut butter sandwich and a handful of dried figs. His right hand was raised high in a V for Victory sign. He was discovered cowering, barely alive, penitent and in prayer, clinging to an Aspen, in the middle of a spring snowstorm.

Park rangers advise all hikers, campers and Gaia poets that when you are confronted by a bear you must remain calm even if the bear rears up, towers over you and roars like the demented fiend from hell it is. That said, you need not be immediately concerned as it may be that the bear is just trying to find out whether you are a threat in which case it will tear you to pieces.

Rangers warn particularly that you must not try to make eye contact with the bear. Eye contact may well transform the Rooseveltian “Teddy Bear” into an implacable killing machine. Now, all is not lost should the bear decide to attack. Forest rangers advise that you remain calm and—as the primeval beast, displaying fang and claw, bounds toward you— back away slowly and confidently. Confidence is everything. Accordingly, if it appears that the bear really intends to kill you must then stand your ground. Rangers advise that,

When standing your ground try not to intimidate the bear, but rather, make yourself look important, like something the bear might injure himself with.[1]

If you discover that making yourself look important does not seem to be working you are advised to fall down and pretend that you are dead. Needless to say, you should try to be as confident and convincing as possible. In any event, you must not run from the bear as flight will trigger its instincts to chase you, take you down, tear you into small edible pieces and once sated wistfully arrange flowers in your hair.

Now what is the correlation between running from a bear and Democrat election year strategies? When a president, and his party engage in desperate, irrational and self-destructive conduct they are running from the bear. Here are a few examples.

The president submitted a budget to a democratic Senate and not one senator voted for it. Absolutely everyone voted against it. The score was 97-0. One may well ask, are there no phones at the White House? Could the president not have discovered the certainty of his national humiliation and have avoided it? Or did he simply panic?

The president is now demanding that Congress pass a new mini stimulus, a mere 450 billion dollars, which he will then “invest” in infrastructure, education and green energy companies much like the recently bankrupt Solyndra presumably so as to “save or create” trillions of jobs. He will acquire these new billions by borrowing and by canceling tax deductions on such aristocratic luxuries as corporate jets.

Now here is the president’s campaign strategy. When Republicans oppose his bill, the president will at last have found them out for the cynical, heartless fat cats they truly are. We the “little people”, appropriately grateful, will then humbly grace him with four more years in office. It appears, however, that Democrats may also vote to kill the president’s spending bill. How then will the president further his reelection ambitions if in a strategy to smear the Republicans he also smears the Democrats.

President Obama’s relations with Senate Democratic leaders are deteriorating along with his poll numbers. With Obama’s approval ratings at record lows and the 2012 electoral map favoring Senate Republicans, the president and Senate Democrats are, in many ways, on divergent paths. Vulnerable Democrats from red states see Obama as impeding their chances of winning reelection, while the president often seems aloof to their concerns.

Obama, focused on winning a second term, has distanced himself from Congress altogether, at times not making the distinction between Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill.[2]

President Barack Obama’s $447 billion jobs package appears to be dead on arrival at Capitol Hill, where House Republicans say no way will it pass, and Senate Democrats are looking the other way, ignoring repeated requests to schedule a date and vote on the bill.

Over the past few months Democrats have raised a new hue and cry. Tea Partiers are vile racists. They are terrorists in the tradition of Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, they who criticize the president’s performance are malicious bigots. While active tea partiers are a minority, millions of conservatives who are not tea partiers sympathize with their demand for economic responsibility, limited constitutional government and an end to political corruption.

Now, paradoxically, the president and his Democrats are asking the very people they have accused of racial bigotry, and characterized as unpatriotic, to return the president and his party to four more years of power. But how does it serve their objective to vilify today Americans they must ask to vote for them in 2012? Frankly, their strategy is a real bear; so much so, that many Democrats, including the president, may soon be forced to find honest employment in an economy they have destroyed. Really, it looks like the Colorado tourist who tried to reach the summit in sneakers, shorts and a Hawaiian shirt is heading up democratic strategy.

What then should be the Democrat’s election strategy? When next they face off with the Republicans, the Independants, the Tea Partiers, and the millions of people who have been the targets of their merciless wrath, and bottomless corruption, they must stand their ground, try not to intimidate them and above all take care not to make eye contact? They should try to look important and back away confidently? After all, the last thing Democrats should do is run from a bear. Or better still, perhaps, they should fall over and pretend to be dead?

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[2] White House kept Democratic senators hanging on the phone

By Alexander Bolton - 10/04/11 05:30 AM ET

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by Audrey Hudson


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  1. Excellent assessment of what is left for the Democrap party, but we must always remember that the old saying, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time," does not ensure a shoe-in for the Republican or Independent candidate, because only a majority of fools is enough, as witnessed in 2008. Add the ACORN and Black Panther intimidations and voter fraud, along with the remaining fools embracing the hopeless chump and chimp change of BARRACK (Hussein or is it insane) OBAMA (BO), including the aiding and abbetting in the media, then we might have 4 more years of BO, and doesn't that just STINK to high heavens?