Sunday, October 30, 2011

“Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility”
by John Alexander Madison
October 30, 2011

You can't afford an expensive home, no problem. I'm from the government and I'm here to help. We'll lower qualifying standards and make loans to unqualified buyers like you. We'll lower down payment requirements and make loans to you and others who cannot possibly afford to repay them. Better still a couple of years down the road when you default on your loan we'll be back to forgive your loan or at least lower your debt balance. Sound good? Let those greedy wall street bankers suffer, they're rich, they can afford the loses.

Vote for me again because I'm not through destroying (err, reforming) America. I have more I want to do, for you!

And while I’m at it, you don't happen to have a student loan, do you? You do? Well, today is your lucky day because I'm from the government and I'm here to help. You see, us liberals think you should be able to take on tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in educational loans and not have to pay them back in full. Maybe we'll lower your student loans debt/ payments to just 20% of your salary…even if your salary goes up as you gain experience. Keep this in mind, if your income increases over the years, we won't raise your loan amount to what you actually owed, we'll just let the banks suffer, after all we know they are all greedy capitalist pigs. Deal? Just as long as you vote for me again in 2012!

This scenario reminds me of a 1970 Duke University scholar who opined "Everyone doesn't have a right to a college education any more than one has the right to run a four minute mile, you have to earn it." Perhaps more importantly, where does it end? If our government is willing to pay for a college education for all Americans, why not an M.B.A.? Hey, while our government is being generous let's all demand a PhD or a complete medical school education.

But wait, that won't work will it? After all, who's going to perform tune-ups for my car, the new one I got through the cash for clunkers program; or help me 'have it my way' at Burger King; or fix potholes on our city streets; or pick up my trash every Friday; or deliver my newspaper every morning; or make those wooden chairs for my kitchen table; or perform electrical wiring and pour the concrete slab for my family room addition; or pick lettuce from the field for my blue cheese lettuce wedge?

Here's an idea...illegal immigrants! And if they are willing pick our vegetables, clean our hotel rooms, and build stucco walls around our new home subdivisions, or cut my lawn for me let's provide college tuition for their kids as a token of our appreciation.

I think we can all agree that America is the most generous nation on Earth. So is there any chance we can drum up some sympathy for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and investors (large and small) like you and me? For example, since July Netflix stockholders have suffered a 70% loss in the value of their stocks. How can we allow these stockholders to suffer such a severe devaluation in their portfolio? Or how about stockholders of one of the largest banks in the world? A few years ago their common stock was valued a $55 per share and today each share is worth about $7. Had you owned 15,000 shares of this bank stock a few years ago you were earning about $10,000 in quarterly dividends, or $40,000 per year. Today those quarterly dividends yield $560 per year. No more yachts, no more expensive cars, no more Caribbean or Alaskan cruises. Well, at least until my next investment works out a bit better. In the meantime, I will continue to invest in a variety of businesses and in doing so many hard-working Americans will be employed and be able to bring a turkey home for Thanksgiving.

If there is one constant element in a capitalist, free-market economy it is this: capitalism works just fine when failure is part of the win some, you lose some but the opportunity to succeed is what motivates hard-working citizens from every ethnic background and religious persuasion in this great American melting pot of ours.

America is all about liberty, individual freedom, personal responsibility and opportunity. America is not about more government, less freedom and oppression. Or is it?


Not too long ago we heard:
"We have to pass this health care bill now so we can then read it and learn what's in it," Really?

Now we're hearing:
"Pass my new jobs bill now. Pass it now, pass this bill!" To that I ask "Why?"

"We can't wait!" To that, I ask "Why not."

"Why can't Congress work's their fault...they are blocking all my job stimulus bills!" To that I say "You are right, Mr. President, it’s their fault. But remember both Republicans and Democrats in Congress recognize you are a failure and that you a destroying America.

And to top it all off, according to a senior White House aide, this President wants to set new ethical standards for conducting political campaign fund raising. Yes, this President, the one travelling all around the country at taxpayer expense pushing his socialist agenda. The same President who is setting all sorts of fund raising records including having raised more money from Wall Street’s richest than any other President in U.S. History. Speaking about turkeys...well, never mind.

And to those misguided Wall Street protestors I say go buy a record. How about the #1 song in October 1957 performed by The Silhouettes, “Get a Job.” #97