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Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), raised up naked from the primordial muck Leviathan, a creature not of God but man, a State of ever waxing power conceived of necessity and ending in arrogance, oppression and cultural ruin. Hobbs likened Leviathan to a human being with arms and legs, a cretin face, an avaricious mind, malicious ambition and an artificial soul; for by the art of man he wrote,

… is created that great LEVIATHAN called a COMMON WEALTH, or STATE… which is but an Artificiall Man, thought of greater stature and strength than the naturall, for whose protection and defence it was intended; and in which, the Sovereign is an Artificiall Soul, as giving life and motion to the body; The Magistrates, and other Officers of Judicature and Executive, artificiall joints; Reward and Punishment….

That the American people have condemned Leviathan matters nothing. It is still proof against the diminishment of its burgeoning power, outrageous waste, and insatiable hunger. The trillions in “spending cuts” so called, when translated from Orwellian New Speak to plain English cuts not a wit from the present spending. Now as before Leviathan waxes ever more bovine; it will confiscate more of the people’s wealth and substance. Nothing has changed. The bipartisan anorexic reductions in future spending, too little, to late, may well be repealed by a future congress.

The American people rejected Leviathan in the November 2010 elections. Why then is their voice ignored? There is only one stark explanation: While there are two parties—there may as well be ten, twenty or a hundred— for there is only one constituency and its name is Leviathan. The state, of course, in order to grease the wheels of its ascendant power will permit the politician to save face a bit, “to strut and shout his hour upon the stage and be no more,” to mouth euphemisms that pass for truth. Are we not yet sick unto death of ten thousand speeches warning that we are bequeathing to our children an outrageous debt, that something must be done about it— right now even—this from the squanderers of American wealth?

And so what did our warriors sent to Congress in November 2010 do? Most bowed their heads to a 2.6 trillion-dollar tax increase. Of course, they characterize the tax increase as a raising of the debt ceiling; in fact, however, it is a tax increase. Who after all is on the hook to pay the 2.6 trillion dollars, and its billions in interest but the American taxpayer? Finally, Republicans and Democrats characterize as austere, a ten-year increase in the tax deficit of 7-8 trillion dollars. The deficit will then be more than twenty trillion dollars.

Americans may well ask when will Republicans and Democrats extinguish the deficit and limit the size of government? The deficit in ten years will be 7-8 trillion dollars more than it is today. Why did they not act now? Why have they decided to do nothing but wait ten years. Will it be easier to pay a twenty trillion plus deficit than a fourteen trillion dollar deficit?

In emphasizing the importance of Constitutional government, the great 19th century Edmund Burke raged against the great evil that governments sooner or later visit upon their citizens. His words fit well this modern Congress and its too prominent and vulgar political celebrities.

Many of the greatest tyrants on the records of history have begun their reigns in the fairest manner. But the truth is, this unnatural power corrupts both the heart and the understanding. And to prevent the least hope of amendment, a king is ever surrounded by a crowd of infamous flatterers, who find their account in keeping him from the least light of reason, till all ideas of rectitude and justice are utterly erased from his mind….

Unbounded power proceeds step by step, until it has eradicated every laudable principle. It has been remarked that there is no prince so bad, whose favorites and ministers are not worse. There is hardly any prince without a favorite, by whom he is governed in as arbitrary a manner as he governs the wretches subjected to him. Here the tyranny is doubled.[1]

The Founding Fathers knew too well that Leviathan would not keep safe a people from its implacable power. They realized that it is in its nature to wax more powerful, to consume by degrees the substance, wealth and freedom of its people, to debase their currency, to bind them to unquenchable debt, to engage them in fruitless and destructive wars, to demean their creed, and finally to disgrace, defame, impoverish and take them down to ruin. The debt ceiling deal is a tale of travesty and ruin. The people Americans voted into power are about to fulfill Burke’s prophecy.

The government’s stock and trade is travesty. It speaks in the empty, symbolic language of compassion, equality, social justice and the redistribution of wealth. Ultimately, it attains a savagery that history records is boundless, irrational and unrestrained. “Unbounded power proceeds inexorably until it has eradicated every “laudable principle.” In this way Leviathan casts off the constraints of law. What follows in the end is always serfdom.

Like Roman soldiers, the Republicans clamor to the Senate and the People: “Hail and Victory! Though our wives lay despoiled by the carnal lust of the Huns, still we fought, even as they sold our children into slavery, burned our ancient olive trees, laid waste to our land with fire and sword, sacked sacred Rome, imposed indemnities and desecrated the temples of our gods—still we fought. Hail Victory. But one more such victory and we are lost.” Hail and Farewell.

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[1] The Works of The Right Honourable Edmund Burke, In Twelve Volumes. London, John C. Nimmot. 14. King William Street. W.C.

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