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In his new book, Liberty Defined,[1] Presidential candidate Ron Paul makes a fascinating point. He writes that, “History has proven again and again: No system of government is good once the government grows too big and powerful. If the government is small and unintrusive, the form of government doesn’t matter that much. No one is seeking to overthrow the monarch of Liechtenstein, or uproot the system of oligarchical rotation of Costa Rica. The trouble with democracy is not so much its workings at any one time; the trouble is the dynamic it sets in place that gradually changes a small government into a big one. It was precisely to prevent that from happening that the founding generation of the United States borrowed the idea of a republic from the Roman experience.”

The Founders were to witness the mob tyranny of the French Revolution and its short-lived democracy—a Revolution that ate its own. Indeed, Robespierre was beheaded by the rapacious democracy he had created. Finally the new French democracy found in a once radical Jacobin democrat the “Emperor” Napoleon Bonaparte, the ruination of France and the military slaughter of millions of young men. In a historical irony France fell to the despot Napoleon precisely as Athens fell to the despot Pisistratus.

While the heroes of the French Revolution killed anyone who got in their way, the Athenian despot Pisistratus was far cleverer. Aristotle tells us that Pisistratus discovered a tall, strong and buxom “flower girl” in the local market—a polite euphemism for a woman engaged in this the most ancient of professions— dressed her up in garb and hair style to resemble the goddess Athena, and paraded her through the city streets of Athens on a flower bedecked wagon. The local Athenians—certainly not those mentored by Socrates or Plato—swooned at Athena’s divine appearance and surrendered their freedom to Pisistratus. Of Athena, “The Flower Girl” nothing more is known.

Most recently, President Obama, by executive order, and in contempt of an American Constitution, has passed his own Dream Act. In his incarnation as a “constitutional scholar” he has decided that the Justice Department will not defend The Defense of Marriage Act a statute passed with bipartisan support and signed by a president of the United States. In the bailout of General Motors he nullified the property rights of preferred creditors and paid off, with a piece of the action, the unions that contributed to his election. He has compelled—against the will of an American majority, the passing of a health care bill that will insure the ruination of health care just it will impose on Americans the totalitarian “supervision” of their health. Apparently, citizens will be assigned an I.R.S. agent who will see the citizen through to the termination of his medical care.

Like too many presidents President Obama has ignored his obligation to maintain secure borders. He has ordered the Justice Department to sue those states, Arizona and Alabama, who are trying to take back American territory occupied by Mexican drug lords who are killing Mexicans and Americans with military weapons supplied to them during the Obama Administration.

The president has commanded the integration of homosexuals into the military and has set loose upon its soldiers a bevy of “commissars,” experts so called, who will conform the mind of the American soldier to the parameters of political correctness—that is they will tell him what he must think and not think, believe and not believe, say and not say—all this in the name of freedom.

Senator John Kerry is sponsoring a bill will permit homosexuals to contribute blood to the national blood supply. Though homosexuals comprise less then two percent of the population they are sixty times more likely to be infected with HIV and other lethal sexually transmitted diseases. The Center for Disease Control characterizes their sexual practices as dangerous in the extreme. The government, however, must prevent discrimination.

Truly as democracy expands is becomes progressively totalitarian.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul makes the point that the American Constitution enshrines a revolutionary new political principle. The federal government is not sovereign and neither are the states. Only the people are sovereign. The people, and only the people, may of their own free will loan sovereignty to a central government. The people are no longer “subject” to the will of kings or tyrants. Neither are they subject to the government they breathed in to being.

The Founders drafted a Constitution, which in plain, clear, and unequivocal language expressed the intention of a sovereign American people to strictly limit the central government to the exercise of specific “enumerated” powers. All other powers are forbidden to it. The Ninth and Tenth Amendments, contained in the Bill of Rights, made certain that the central government and the powers vested in it by the American people exist only by the people’s grace and permission. The Amendments, the primary and critical mandate of constitutional construction, mandate the creation of a central government vastly inferior in power and reach to the powers vested in the states and residing in the people.

Amendment IX. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X. The powers not delegated to the Untied States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Since the drafting of the Constitution, however, the Supreme Court, in an extraordinary demonstration of mental gymnastics, has vested all real power in the federal government. Amendments Nine and Ten, declared by the Supreme Court a “truism”, that is of no force or merit, are now constitutional relics powerless to circumscribe the federal government’s exercise of despotic powers. It is now the central government that is sovereign. The American people are its subjects, and the states its administrative agencies. The rest, federalism, Constitutional government, and the separation of powers, are holy myths.


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[1] Liberty Defined, 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom,(Grand Central Publishing. New York. Boston,2010).

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