Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Official...the President Obama "experiment" is Over!

It’s Official…the "President Obama Experiment” is Over!
by John Alexander Madison
August 8, 2011

Further to my message of August 1, 2011 “Blame it on the T.E.A. Party…Why Not?” ( I am happy to report the President Barrack Hussein Obama will be a one-term only President. It is official!

The President in on the record as saying he will be a one-term President if he and his policies do not turn the economy around in this first three years as President. Well hallelujah, we now know we have to ensure just seventeen more months of this President’s failed economic policies before he can just go away and write his memoires!

The stock market, just today has taken its 6th worst single day beating in history and the arrogant occupant of the White House is asking for more taxes to help us recover. Yes, indeed, he wants to “invest more (read: spend more), he wants to give loans to businesses (read: borrow more money from the Chinese because we are broke so he can lend it to others), and he wants to raise your taxes. If I didn’t know better I’d say he is an idiot…but I know better, so I’ll offer that he has no clue that his very own policies have destroyed our economy and our nation. He is either clueless or he simply just doesn’t care.

Karl Rove was kind enough to point out this week that our public debt represented just 40% of our nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in January 2009 when this guy took office. Today, our public debt is 72% of our GDP. What an accomplishment! This guy has singlehandedly destroyed our economy in just 31 months. Well done, Barry.

I say with complete confidence that #44 will be a one-term President because even though the liberal establishment has dumbed down American for nearly thirty years now, Americans are not that stupid. Not yet. In November 2012 they will stop the madness and insist that #45 cut the tax rates which will, as in the past, increase consumer spending and thereby increase government tax revenues. This is not nuclear science or brain surgery folks, it just economics 101.

EPILOGUEAs if all the economic chaos in America is not enough I am told that the voters in the 5th Congressional District are seriously looking for a change in Congress not only due to their representative’s insensitive “Tar Baby” remarks and two weeks of back-peddling, but also because voting “right” just doesn’t suffice it any more.

The strong 5th CD grass-roots movement is calling for a more pro-active advocate in Congress who will lead the fight to cap the debt ceiling, cut spending and pass a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.

This happens to be a top priority of most Americans and it’s quite possible that a more qualified advocate will step out of the wings in the 5th CD and challenge the incumbent. Complacency just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Have you ever asked yourself why Minnesota, South Carolina, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Texas and Ohio (to offer a few examples) elect effective and vocal advocates for smaller government and why Colorado doesn’t? Isn’t it time for that to change? #95

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