Thursday, August 4, 2011

"John Galt" style rant

Rather than writing my own column, I'm going to share a rant that seems worth repeating. Following and trying to make sense of the the recent debate in Washington has been time consuming. Also, went to Sen. Bennet's public forum yesterday as I thought he was serious about hearing from all types of Coloradans - what a waste of time. The below post from the Denver Post blogs seems to succinctly sum up the problem. Of note, the poster just joined the forum today. Think if I send it to Bennet he might start seeing the real problem, i.e. government?

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Re: Article Discussion: US stock futures drop ahead of jobs data

Postby toughdays on Today, 11:22 am

This is a shaky economy and the Liberal fix can never work. I am a business owner in a mid size business and I'm scared to death of what the govt is doing. Between new regulations, EPA, Obamacare... it may drive me out of business within 3 years. I know many of you don't see it, but believe me it's a drag on business.

The private sector must pull us out of the down turn.
It seems like common sense. Stop demonizing every business out there, It's not like somebody donated this business to me, I work a ton of hours. Here's a practical solution.

Get rid of loopholes for large corporations. I don't have a lobbyist group to get around taxes.
Get a lower flat tax for individuals and corporations. You can't have 51% of the nation not paying income tax either... We all live here and have the same opportunities. Everybody pays, no loopholes.

Reform entitlements... We won't have them anymore at this pace. Leave entitlements in place for people who cannot plan for cuts. Anybody under 45 must start saving for their OWN retirement. How do people live on welfare their whole life... This is disgusting how people are gaming the system... I see it everyday.

For Gods sake, stop relying on the government for your paycheck... Go out there an work. I swear people are the laziest I've ever seen in my entire life. Where did this "entitlement" mentality come from? I actually have people ask me to fire them so they can get unemployment. It's less money but they don't have to do anything for their paycheck.

We are not victims... Go make something of yourself, have some drive and determination to be the best you can be at ANYTHING you do. It's cliche' but you'll go far in life with this attitude!

Sorry for the rant but I'm tired of the games.

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