Monday, August 1, 2011

AFP Colorado School Choice Essay Contest Winner Clayton Fletcher

Clayton Fletcher of Colorado Springs, Colorado has won the 2011 Freidman Legacy Day Colorado Essay Competition. His winning essay is below. Congratulations to Clayton.


School choice is a great thing! It is very important because it gives a student independence. A student can pick different schools or no “school” at all. They can homeschool where their parents choose what they learn. Or, a student can do online school where they learn on the computer. Then, there are private schools. There are many private schools to choose from, and many times they give a better education compared to public schools. Lastly, there is more freedom with school choice. So, a student can go to a school where they can talk about their religious freedoms and learn with kids that are like them.

First of alI, I think school choice is important because if you have a free choice, a student can homeschool. Then, they get to stay home and their mom or dad can teach them. They can learn subjects like reading and math, but also you get to learn to help out and do chores. Plus, a homeschool student can help their brothers and sister with their school. Also, while they are learning, their parents might save money. Their parents don’t have to drive them to school, so they save money on gas. Also, they don’t have to buy extra books or materials they don’t need. My favorite part is that there isn’t a need to pack up. Everything they need is at home. And, lastly, homeschooling saves time. Students don’t have to wait for other kids to finish. They can continue on with their lessons. Also, if they don’t understand, they don’t have to wait for the teacher. Their parent is right there to help me.

Next, with school choice, a student also can go to a private school. In private schools, they have the freedom to talk about religion and express their views. For example, a student can talk about God without getting in trouble and learn more about Him. A student can take Bible classes that aren’t taught in public schools. The principle can make sure the kids are to be nice, the classes are smaller, and the teachers help them. A student might be able to learn new subjects and read books that public schools do not teach.

Finally, if you had no choice, a student might have to go to a school that they don’t like so much. First of all, they might have to go to a school with kids that are disrespectful, and some of the people might not be too nice. Next, the classes might be really big, and the student can’t get attention. Also, there would be no freedom to talk about God, unlike at a private school. Lastly, the teachers might believe in different things than your parents. They might teach evolution, and you might believe creation.

I think my school USCS is the best school choice for me. First, I like USCS because we get to talk about Jesus, and learn about the Bible. We also learn in fun ways. We pick a story from the Bible, do a play, and do fun projects. Next, I like the people at USCS. They are really nice. The teachers are especially nice, and every person is encouraging. Finally, we have clubs like drama that are really fun. Adventure Club is also fun. It is led by the principle. P.E. is exciting, and good exercise. My school is the ultimate because we get to talk about Jesus, we have clubs, and have nice people.

In my opinion, there are three reasons why school choice is important. The first is that a student can choose homeschool. The second is that a student can go to a private school. And lastly, if you had no choice, a student might have to go to a school that they don’t like. It is great to have a free choice!

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