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Bluff an attempt to deceive someone into believing that one can or will do something: the offer was denounced as a bluff, his game of bluff. (Oxford Dictionary).



What has our president wrought? He stormed out of the last debt ceiling meeting after getting the worst of two falls out of three with House Speaker John Boehner. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell states that nothing will be accomplished until President Obama is no longer president. John Boehner compares the president’s character to “tremulous jello.” What is more important that an American democracy prevail or that President Obama wins a second term? The president’s posturing suggests the president’s priorities.

Mr. Obama reportedly said before he stormed out that his presidency might be wrecked by failing to reach a deal, but the Republicans would be unwise to be saddled with the blame for driving the country further into the mire.[1]

The president, working the crowds, warned that the government will be unable to send out social security checks or wage checks to American soldiers unless Republicans submit to his ultimatum: a tax increase of one trillion dollars and obscure spending cuts diminished by almost a trillion dollars since the president late arrival to the debt ceiling negotiations.

That the government will not be able to send out social security or military wage checks is a patent falsehood calculated to defame Republican efforts to deal with the debt crisis. The president’s warning is a gross display of demagoguery calculated to scare retired Americans and American soldiers. The government has the right and means to prioritize its debts. Should the parties fail to agree to a debt ceiling increase, the government will still have the means and money to pay social security recipients and American soldiers.

The Democrats made their reelection strategy plain in a recent advertisement. The Democratic National Committee portrays a Ryan look-alike torturing and finally murdering an elderly woman strapped to a wheel chair. The Medicare recipient struggles vainly as Ryan marches her to a high rocky precipice where he then dumps the helpless old lady from her wheel chair to the rocks below.

The president has become increasingly erratic. He is offended by reporters who rudely shout questions at him as they have shouted questions at all presidents. On Monday he speaks in progressively less impressive iambic meters about bipartisanship; and on Tuesday accuses Republicans of holding a gun to the heads of the American people. On Wednesday he demands that Republicans leave their ultimatums at the door and on Thursday arrives with an ultimatum: a trillion dollars in new taxes— or else… or else he will veto everything.

The president’s ultimatum, a trillion dollar tax increase, is in addition to tax increases that will faze in next year when the Bush tax cuts are not renewed. The tax increase also does not include a 60 percent increase in Capital Gains taxes buried in the Patient Affordability and Protection Act, a euphemism shamelessly concocted to misdirect Americans from the fact that Obamacare is not affordable, will not protect anyone; and will socialize and therefore ruin American health care.

Indeed, medical and administrative costs will increase beyond the government’s power to tax or pay; medical care will decline in quality; doctors progressively underpaid will leave general practice—and yes, there will also be rationing and, for want of a better word, death panels. Had Republicans bowed their heads to the president’s demand, they would have tacitly funded a health care program that the majority of the American people demand be repealed.

Again in a literary distortion of the truth, the president couches an ultimatum, a non-negotiable demand for a trillion dollar tax increase in euphemisms that excoriate “millionaires, billionaires, and corporate jet owners.” He demands that they pay just “a little bit more” in the name of “shared sacrifice.”

Millions of Americans, however, who pay the vast majority of the taxes and who will never be millionaires and billionaires will see confiscated from their paychecks or business income an additional trillion dollars in taxes over and above the taxes they are presently paying. Conversely, a substantial part of the president’s constituency pay no taxes at all and therefore have no skin in the game.

Socialist style governments do not create wealth; they squander it. They do not preserve freedom; they kill it by a thousand cuts. The president’s investments so called, the bail out of General Motors for example, has placed unions in front of secured creditors, and has placed Americans on the hook for another several billion dollars in losses—and Cash for Clunkers? Don’t ask.

Small and large businesses create wealth. The president as he admitted so long ago to Joe the Plummer, is here to take and redistribute that wealth from those who actually earned it, to those who earned nothing, and to unions who have purchased his loyalty. These “ millionaires and billionaires” so called, are actually working Americans who resist the president’s demand for progressively oppressive “shared sacrifice.” They are not “millionaires and billionaires.” They are the victims of an avaricious government. They are decent Americans who invested their savings in substructure of this country, only to see their savings annihilated in the government inspired 2007 housing and stock market collapse.

The government in an ideological debacle, and in a brass knuckled distortion of the stock and real estate markets, forced banks to mortgage over-priced homes to individuals without an earning history, without collateral and without a hope of meeting accelerated mortgage payments. Even so homebuyers unqualified by any definition were not required to make a down payment, or pay interest for the first several years of their mortgage. The government then used tax payer dollars to guarantee the banks against almost certain default. This is what the government calls “investment.” Please, if this is government investment, where are our returns? Where are our dividends?

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[1] Alex Spillius, Washington, The Telegraph, 14 Jul 2011

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