Monday, June 6, 2011

How's the economy workin' for you?

“How’s the economy workin; for you?”
by John Alexander Madison
June 6, 2011

What a way to start the week. Today’s news reports show that our country’s unemployment numbers indicate our economy is in worse shape than during the great depression. Are you surprised? I’m not. Nor was I surprised that our President immediately said this morning “We all know there will always be a few bumps on the road to recovery…even a wrangler would have a tough time handling them.” As if he’s ever known a wrangler or, for that matter, an economist. This guy is truly clueless.

And as predictable as the President’s remarks were so were those of his senior apologists (er, I mean advisors): “The President saved us from the brink of financial disaster.” “President Bush was in office for eight years and he left us in a mess.” This, of course, makes no mention of how many years during the last 80 years the Democrat Party controlled Congress and, thereby, spending. Ever heard of Barnie Frank, Christopher Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Rahm Emmanuel, Daniel Inouye, Carole Moseley Braun, Tom Daschle, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, Al Gore, et al? The record shows the Democrats have controlled Congress and the expansion of our federal government for 70 of the last 80 years. And how is that workin’ for you, Herman?

Let’s deal in facts. The U.S. economy has gotten significantly worse since Barack Hussein Obama entered national politics. It got worse in Illinois and it certainly got worse in the last 28 months under President Obama failed stimulus package and excessive, unreasonable, irresponsible and unsustainable spending spree. And now he wants to spend more money “because our job is not finished.” To many, Obama’s definition of “job” is destroying our country and I agree, although he has not completely accomplished that goal. But we are precariously close to helping this guy succeed. It is this President who has brought this country to the brink of financial disaster. This one is on you President Obama, it’s all yours.

Will you continue to help this President or will you begin to fight back? Will you encourage and support the growing number of Americans dependent on their government to survive or will you help only those who truly need help and teach others about personal responsibility and the freedoms we enjoy, only in America? Do you want more government control of your lives or do you want the federal government to “butt out?” Do you want to see another 86,000 black “farmers” get a huge subsidy from the government for not being able to pursue farming or do you want to stop the entitlement mentality? (Did you know there aren’t even 86,000 African-American farmers in the entire country?) Do you want to continue to support illegal immigrants or do you want to enforce our immigration laws. Wasteful spending at all levels of government has gone on for decades and, to an extent, we are all to blame.

Today’s headlines also tout the President’s unwillingness to allow transport of Canadian oil through a pipeline to the Gulf Coast for fear the environmentalist might be outraged. You want windmills, Mr. President, move to Holland. With regard to the environmentalists (they are not bad folks), I concur we must all do our part to protect our environment. In that regard I urge all Americans to plant a tree in the month of June. As one news reporter opined this morning this President remains dismissive and aloof with regard to the problems we face and the problems he has created. That’s one very observant reporter.

When is enough, enough? Mr. President, you and your agenda are not credible. Your policies have failed and your agenda is wrong for America. When is enough, enough? I’ll answer that…now, and if not now, certainly in November 2012.

Some have suggested I do not like the President. That cannot be farther from the truth. The truth is I have never met President Obama and until I do I cannot say whether I like him. But it goes without saying that I do not like his failed policies, his politics or his agenda to change America. #91

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