Monday, April 25, 2011

“Congressional Redistricting and the Mayoral election.”
by John Alexander Madison
April 25, 2011

Our President has made it increasingly difficult to write about anything but the decline of our nation. Our inexperienced, naïve and wrong-headed President has lead 70% of our nation to believe we are headed in the wrong direction. You think? Three years of record unemployment, out of control government spending, unprecedented national debt, an absence of a comprehensive and rational foreign policy (and more) is certainly justification for investing more space in this column. However, we have 19 months before we can do something about it so for now let’s just say “ABBA” in November 2012. I’m not thinking about a concert by one of my all-time favorite musical groups, but rather “Anybody but Barrack, anybody. (abb, a)

But before moving on to other pressing issues I feel compelled to weigh in on the “birther” issue since this subject keeps rearing its ugly head. Have you ever wondered why we don’t have a formal process to determine one’s eligibility to be our President? Questioning the eligibility of candidates for U.S. President is a legitimate issue. After all, our Constitution requires our President to be a natural born citizen. There is a simple solution. Congress should create legislation to enable investigation of this very basic requirement. In the absence of such legislation, however, Barry Barrack Hussein Soetero Obama is solely responsible for proving his eligibility to be our President. He has not done that. While Congress is at it, they should also add some basic qualifications for becoming President, like experience. Just a thought.

Congressional Redistricting
Every ten years we endure the U.S. Census Bureau’s intrusion into our lives which now, I suspect, goes way beyond the original intent. Don’t we just need to know how many citizens we have and where they live in order to create 435 Congressional district boundaries of equal representation? That’s pretty simple, simple that is until politics get in the way.

As you know by now, the 2010 Census confirmed that El Paso County is the largest county in Colorado with approximately 622,000 residents. That’s 5% more than second place Denver County with 602,000. And now that we know where the population resides the political wars have begun.

The bad news, locally, is many redistricting plans are dividing El Paso County among two congressional districts. While there are several criteria for creating district boundaries, it is clear to me the most important one is this: Communities of interest must be protected. If El Paso County was divided into two congressional districts we will be destroying the most important element which sustains our community…our military and defense industry which represents about forty percent of our economy.

It is imperative that El Paso County remain whole throughout the entire redistricting process. Working together our community can win this battle, but in order to do that we must all become engaged. I implore you to contact every state legislator and tell them to keep El Paso County whole.

Colorado Springs Mayor

While we should all appreciate those who offer to serve their community as an elected official one candidate, Richard Skorman, has made it quite easy to pick the right person for the job. In a series of recent debates the choice has been reduced to either a person who knows the City’s inner-workings having served many years on city council vs. a very successful businessman who has selflessly dedicated nearly forty years of his life to making a real difference in the lives of thousands of citizens through his business leadership and volunteer service on numerous community boards.

In last November's election a large majority of citizens voted for major changes in the City’s charter, indicating a new form of governance was desperately needed. Mr. Skorman has also convinced me that new leadership is desperately needed. We are where we are because of the past actions of our city’s leaders and that history includes Mr. Skorman and his voting record.

It very clear that Steve Bach is far and away the best man for the job of Mayor. Running the city is a very big business and Steve Bach has the experience and maturity we need.


Congressional redistricting and the Colorado Springs mayoral election are two extremely important issues.

You can make a difference today by forwarding this message to all of your contacts. Please encourage them to step forward now and join the fight for our future. We need to address these two issues now and then we can get back to “abb, a.”
I hope you agree. #85


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