Sunday, March 27, 2011

“The State of the Union…a rudderless ship.”
by John Alexander Madison
March 27, 2011

When a ship has no rudder it goes here, there and everywhere, everywhere that is but in the right direction. And, as predictably as the night follows the day, our country is heading for a shipwreck. When that inevitable shipwreck arrives you might say ‘I didn’t see that coming.’ If you say that, then it is nobody’s fault by your own. This is the state of our union and we are perilously close to that shipwreck.

I am reminded of the 1967 movie classic “Cool Hand Luke” starring Paul Newman (Luke), George Kennedy (Dragline), Strother Martin (Captain, Road Prison 36), and Barry Soetero (‘acting’ cool in his role as POTUS.). Do you remember that very memorable line when Captain said “What we got here, Barry, is a failure of leadership?” Well, I’m not sure if that is exactly what Captain said, but I think I’m close. Maybe he was speaking to Luke and he said “What we got here…is failure to communicate.” Whatever.

The shipwreck of which I speak is in reference to the 26 months of Barack Obama’s damaging, ineffective and potentially dangerous Presidency. When all is said and done, I suspect this President will be an historic footnote to the world-famous Albuquerque Balloon Festival, where he may very well be recognized as possessing more hot air than all 500 registered balloons registered in last year’s event. Lots of rhetoric, lacking in substance.

It’s quite clear that the repudiation of President Obama’s ill-advised national health care initiative was the primary reason for the unprecedented 2010 general election results.. Obamacare is on life support and does not need to be resuscitated. And how could it be resuscitated since no meaningful benefits from that program are available until 2014 and beyond although we are already paying dearly for it.

Just as 2010 was a referendum on Obamacare, it is equally clear that the November 6, 2012 general election will be a referendum on the entire Obama agenda.

In the meantime, eliminating public funding for National Public Radio is a start toward change “we can believe in.” But we’ve got more work to do. It is also time to defund Obamacare and while you are at it, Congress, why not defund the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Why stop there? In the last three years, nearly $300 billion has been appropriated for the United States Department of Education. Can you imagine what $300 billion would do if it stayed in local school districts rather than becoming tax revenue for yet another failed government program?

Additionally, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) delivered nearly $100 billion of your money to irresponsible states and school districts to help address their budget shortfalls for local schools. Obama claims this funding helped “save” or create an estimated 400,000 jobs, including 325,000 education jobs. On top of that, the current Administration is seeking $50.7 billion in discretionary appropriations for the Department of Education, an increase of $4.5 billion over the comparable discretionary total provided in the 2010 appropriations act.

The question before us is “When is enough, enough?” The answer is “Now!”

When our federal government demands that its citizens purchase health insurance, it emboldens others to follow suit. Now the State of Washington is preparing to require parents to pay for a doctor’s note if they want to exempt their children from mandatory inoculations. While I fully recognize the importance of pediatric vaccines in the best interests of the general population I do not think it is the government’s role to mandate a doctor’s note for those desiring an exemption for their children. It is the responsibility of parents to care for and protect their children and when they don’t some governmental intervention may be necessary.

Mr. President, I’m not buying your healthcare legislation and most Americans are not either.

Where will it end? As if gasoline taxes are not enough (the more you drive, they more you pay in gas taxes) your President now wants to add a mileage tax. Sounds like the same thing to me…the more you drive the more gasoline tax you pay; and now, the more you drive you will also pay taxes for each mile driven. To accomplish this Mr. Obama will personally install a device in your automobile to not only track your mileage but also where you go and when you go there. Hello, big brother.

Now is the time for Conservatives to reach out to moderates but they should not moderate their agenda, said one politician over the weekend. I agree. The Republican Party tradition is the party of ideas, not ethnicity. The Republican Party is the party of independence not dependents. The Republican Party is the party for all people. It is also the party of self reliance, faith, family, and opportunity. Its basic principles include protecting the rights of individuals, protecting the free enterprise system, and reducing government to the lowest practical level. The Republican Party believes in a strong national defense and practicing fiscal responsibility. The Republican Party has been and remains the party of conservative, responsible thinking.

The federal government may want to control our lives and limit our personal freedoms but I’m not willing to sit back and allow the federal government to control every aspect of my life. Are you?


Over the weekend I observed the Grand Prix auto race in St. Petersburg and the PGA’s Arnold Palmer Invitation from Bay Hill, Florida where there were references to some outstanding rookies. After that, I thought of President Barrack Hussein Obama. Then I thought, that is an insult to these talented golf and auto racing rookies to elevate the President of the United States to their level, since they actually have some talent and qualifications for their jobs. #81

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