Sunday, March 6, 2011

“It’s all over. Give it up.”
by John Alexander Madison
March7, 2011

There comes a point in time when you just need to hang it up and abandon the effort. The handwriting, after all, is on the wall. The fat lady has sung. You’ve fought the good fight, you’ve put your heart into “it” and the battle is lost. It’s time to save your energy and abandon your quest. Just give ‘it’ up, admit defeat and go home.

Right about now you may very well be wondering “What in the world are you talking about, John? What fight, what is all over, what is so hopeless, what is ‘it’?

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed televised news coverage of events which can easily be characterized as uncivil, often violent and definitely the most hate filled demonstrations against any government we’ve seen in decades…and I am not talking about Egypt or Libya!

Enter Governor Scott Walker (R) Wisconsin who says “Not so fast, John. This is a defining moment in American history and ‘it’ is our fight for the survival of America, for our democratic republic, for the most successful experiment in democracy the world has ever witnessed.

A strange thing has happened in Madison, Wisconsin. Governor Walker was elected last fall to stop the madness…the excessive, out-of-control, irresponsible government spending. Let’s face it; Governor Walker is merely trying to balance the state budget just as he promised during his campaign. How admirable. And for his efforts one of the biggest revolutions in American history is brewing in Madison, Wisconsin, matching in importance the original T.E.A. party in Boston and the 2010 T.E.A. party (Taxed Enough Already), which changed the face of Congress in an historical and most dramatic fashion.

The 2010 T.E.A. party demonstrations sent a very clear message and that message was we want change, change we can believe in. As we know, this was accomplished through peaceful and respectful rallies across America. The same cannot be said for the desperate and hate-filled actions of the union members and unions sympathizers in Wisconsin’s state capitol. But they know all too well, that they are facing their “Alamo” moment (defeat)…their very own desperate (Custer’s) last stand. If Wisconsin falls, so too will Indiana and Ohio, and New Jersey, and ultimately Colorado as well. And they know it!

Republicans in Wisconsin (and Indiana and Ohio for that matter) are being mischaracterized by the union-loving, liberal American media. Republicans have clearly stated their support for public employee union members. However, Republicans (read responsible legislators) insist these workers pay their fair share for health and pension benefits. But when massive amounts of union dues support liberal politicians we can expect those elected officials to reward unions members with excessive wages and other benefits only public union employees enjoy. That is the painful truth.

A most troubling aspect of the current revolution to balance budgets across the nation and reign in unsustainable spending is collective bargaining behind closed doors. This bad habit has hit close to home as calls for open meetings to negotiate a new union contract in Colorado Springs School District 11 have been rejected by the teacher’s union. No surprise here.

The unions, with full media support, are painting Wisconsin’s Republicans lawmakers as villains. But I propose just the opposite…that not balancing a budget at any level of government is nothing short of criminal, and irresponsible.

The fact is Governor Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature are heroes and true American patriots. Their Democrat counterparts are, quite simply, an embarrassment, and a disgrace.

This is a fight worth fighting and the battleground is in Madison. Governor Walker you are right. If you don’t give ‘it’ up…we the people won’t either! This is a fight worth fighting…for our children and our grandchildren. #78

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