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On Friday, March 11, 2011 one or more Palestinian terrorists broke into an Israeli home on the West Bank and knifed to death Ruth and Udi Fogel and three of their six children. They savaged their sons Yoav age 11 and Elad 3 years old—and last they stabbed to death Hadas in her crib, a girl-child new to life by just three months. An Israeli army officer stone faced and hardened to the ways of death was heard to say “… the children were literally slaughtered. This is one of the most brutal attacks we’ve ever seen.” [1]

I rest my theme upon the following points:

  1. Americans believe that Islam as practiced by the great majority of Muslims is as much a religion of peace as is Christianity. However, millions of Muslims, now and in decades past, are engaged in murderous, calculated and unspeakable violence. No one may claim the right to efface or revise this truth simply to conform history to the nihilistic mandates of diversity, cultural relativism or political correctness.

  1. That Islam is a religion of peace or that most Muslims are peace loving is irrelevant to the fact of Islamic terrorism. When Muslim terrorists kill and maim with a prayer to God upon their lips only a sycophant will say that Islam is a religion of peace. So what! The dead are dead. The slain will not rise again to life. Americans must still destroy the ambitions of Muslim terrorists Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorists capable of knifing to death the Jews Ruth and Udi Fogel, their two boys and baby girl. After all, what comfort may we give the surviving children of Ruth and Udi Fogel. Shall we say to them that Islam is a religion of peace?

  1. It is false to say that Jihad describes the religious struggle to perfect one’s moral character. In fact, Al Qaeda wages jihad to “1.Spread Islam throughout the world (with or without the consent of the occupants) and 2. To Destroy Israel and any country it regards as affiliated with her - specifically the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and even France.”[2]

  1. Terrorist front groups, CAIR for example, employ the American instruments of political correctness to defame as Islamophobic Americans working to defeat Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood in America and Israel. Al Qaeda, and other Muslim terrorist groups, justify the commission of atrocities, in the United States, Israel, England, Spain, and elsewhere, upon the religious principles of Islam. In this strategy the American Leftist is their ally.

In light of Al Qaeda’s murder of several thousand Americans before and after 9/11, and its terrorist conspiracies to murder additional tens of thousands of Americans— conspiracies so far discovered and dismantled— the following facts are undisputable.

  1. Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization. Its membership is almost exclusively Muslim. Its terrorist attacks on Americans, Europeans and Jews are still financed through Muslim terrorist front groups posing as charities. Many Muslims who are not terrorists sympathize with the terrorist objectives of Al Qaeda.

  1. No one who is rational disputes the American government’s conclusion that Al Qaeda is now recruiting American Muslims into its ranks so as to facilitate the killing of Americans.

We recall as if it were a recurring nightmare that on the morning of September 9, 2001, 19 Muslim terrorists, after overcoming their flight crews, flew two planes into the Twin Towers and a third plane into the Pentagon. American passengers prevented the Muslim terrorists from flying a fourth plane to their target; the plane crashed, killing the crew, all passengers and the terrorists.

As the Mid East learned of the mass murder of Americans, Palestinian crowds gathered in the streets to dance, pray, and to celebrate Al Qaeda’s “victory.” By evening of that same day, in Europe and America, the likes of Colorado’s Ward Churchill—their numbers are legion— preached to their warped choirs variations upon Churchill’s theme: That on 9/11, the American Eichmanns in the Twin Towers and in the halls of the Pentagon got just exactly what they deserved.

At hearings, initiated by Republican Congressman Peter King, a bereaved Muslim father testified that his American son, once excited about the American Dream, (he wanted to go to Harvard), was indoctrinated by Al Qaeda terrorists, traveled to Somalia for training and was killed as he engaged in terrorist activities.

A congresswoman waved a copy of the Constitution, and sotto voce accused Congressman King and others of racism because they were not also investigating Christians, Environmental terrorists, Skin Heads and the ancient Ku Klux Klan. The protagonists of this attack offered very little proof that Mormons, Quakers and Presbatarians, Environmentalists, Skin Heads and Ku Klux Klaners are flying planes into towers or inciting their kin to murder Americans. In fact, it is the Muslim terrorist and the Muslim state that have perpetrated the most devastating attacks on Americans, over the past decades.

On November 5, 2009, American Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan, an American soldier, and terrorist aficionado while stationed at Ft. Hood Texas, donned Muslim clothing, and shouting Alahu Ackbar, now a Islamic terrorist war cry, shot and killed 13 soldiers and wounded 29 others. The Obama Administration immediately closed ranks to engage in the sycophancy first pitched by former President Bush when he informed Americans days after the slaughter of 911 that Islam is a religion of peace.

President Bush is right of course, but so what! Christianity is also a religion of peace. Nevertheless, medieval Christians conducted an inquisition for several hundred years and as the Renaissance flowered in Europe popularized the execution of “witches.” The “witches” indicted, starved, tortured and finally executed were ordinary, innocent and terrified women. Church bureaucrats however, confident in their ownership of God, slept well knowing they had saved and purified female souls once corrupt with diabolical powers. Requiescat in Pace. Tragically, the fanatic’s resort to religion so as to further his insatiate hunger for power and self-aggrandizement is as old as the pyramids—and as modern as the Internet.

As Hasan’s slaughter of Americans hit the news Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, right out of the box, urged Americans not to engage in anti-Muslim sentiment simply because the government—in a failure of security for which FBI employees would later be reprimanded—permitted an American Muslim terrorist to maim and slaughter American soldiers. Of course, while Ms. Napolitano is correct in stating that Hasan does not represent the Muslim faith, he certainly did a good job of representing the Muslim terrorist with whom he was enthralled, empathetic and in regular contact.

Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey, Jr., even as the families of the dead and dying were caught up in frightful grief, expressed the politically correct lunacy that the slightest dent in the cult of diversity would actually be worse than Hasan’s murder of soldiers at Ft. Hood. "I'm concerned,” General Casey, Jr exclaimed, “that this increased speculation could cause a backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers ... Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse."

I am certain Casey’s words were a comfort to the families who still grieve the savage death of the husband, wife, son or daughter who fell to Hasan’s rage, an American Muslim terrorist who consecrated murder with a prayer to God. Had he thought of it I am certain that Casey Jr would have reminded the survivors that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

History reveals that multiculturalism or diversity as it is also known, is a degenerative disease and a destroyer of nations— hence our American motto expresses the critical necessity of cultural unity rather than divisiveness, of one indivisible people rather than a coterie of antagonistic tribes. E Pluribus Unum, “Out of Many One.” Tragically the post modern, politically correct conception of diversity prevented a legitimate investigation of Hasan’s hatred of his country and the American soldier. In fact, the cult of diversity was as responsible for the murder and maiming of American soldiers as the semi-automatic pistol Hasan used to kill them. Timid officials, loath to take issue with a Muslim whose ethnic propagandists would fling islamophobic curses in all directions, ignored Hasan’s budding desire to get even with Americans.

What facts did the FBI and Homeland Security ignore? Hasan was a Muslim. He viewed American “perfidy” through the prism of Islam. He admired and consorted with at least one well-known Muslim terrorist. He openly expressed his hatred of Americans, particularly American soldiers. Indeed, on that terrible day Hasan walked by civilians, let them be, and killed soldiers. The official report, bound by the same inhibitions of political correctness as the government’s sorry excuse for an investigation, meticulously avoided the words jihadist, Muslim, terrorist and instead, in a hash of insipid euphemisms, described Hasan’s slaughter of American soldiers as a work place incident. Islam, of course, is a religion of peace.

The American Left turned the King hearings convened to investigate Al Qaeda into a soap opera. Lacking only the deep, solemn cords of the church organ that propelled As the World Turns to a generation of success, Leftist Muslim Democrat Congressman Rep. Keith Ellison sobbing and weeping was barely able to speak so chock-full was his tender heart with empathetic grief. Well, for all his grief we really must look past his teary face if we are to take the measure of his character.

“In addition to being the first Muslim member of Congress… Ellison was an official of the National Lawyers Guild …, cited as a Communist Party front organization by the House Committee on Un-American Activities. It remains the U.S. affiliate of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, the old Soviet front. In that capacity, Ellison had been a vocal supporter—and attended a fundraiser for—Sara Jane Olson, a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army… an off-shoot of the Weather Underground that is probably best known for kidnapping Patricia Hearst.

An Ellison speech on behalf of Olson, in which he called the terrorist a freedom fighter, has been eliminated from most websites, including one devoted to her legal defense…. One notices the lavish praise that Ellison bestows not only on Olson…but to Bernardine Dohrn, the former leader of the communist terrorist Weather Underground. Ellison also praised cop-killers Mumia Abu-Jamal, on death row in Pennsylvania, and Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur), who escaped the U.S. and is now living under the protection of the Castro dictatorship.”[3]

But why all his sodden tears? Well, Ellison implied that unidentified racists rednecks vilified the deceased Mohammed Salman Hamdani a Muslim American hero of 9/11. In this most ugly accusation Ellison was simply lying. In less than a week after 9/11 the American government published a splendid and moving tribute to Mohammed Salman Hamdani which somehow Congressman Ellison forgot to mention. One would think Ellison might have gathered some small comfort from a grateful nation’s heart felt tribute to the Muslim he whimpered through his tears was treated so outrageously by Americans.

There is little doubt that Mohammed Salman Hamdani died a hero on 9/11. The Pakistani-born American, just 23 years old, tried rescuing people from the World Trade Center when the buildings collapsed, killing him as well as almost 2800 others in the worst terrorist attack on American soil. Hamdani had planned a life of service to his community, working as a paramedic and then as a cadet for the New York Police Department. His heroic death was significant enough to get an explicit mention in the USA Patriot Act in its condemnation of bigotry against Arabs and Muslims.[4]

That American Leftists are flinging racist epithets at Congressman King reveals a politically correct psychosis that is making Americans more vulnerable to terrorist attack as it is defaming America and Americans.

Oh, and by the way Congressman Ellison: May we have a few tears for the Israeli Jews Ruth and Udi Fogel, their sons Yoav age 11 and Elad only 3 years old.And may we have a few tears for Hadas knifed in her crib, a girl-child new to life by just three months.

[1] P. David Hornik, “Atrocity Rocks Israel.” (March14,2011)

[2] American Thinker (March 31,2011), Dave Gaubatz. “The Strategy and Objectives of Al-Qaeda.”

[3] Cliff Kincaid “Will Rep. King Expose Rep. Ellison’s Pro-Terrorist Record?” Accuracy in Media March 9, 2011.

[4] Ed Morrissey, (March 10,2011) “Video: Congressman sobs in testimony during King hearings”


  1. Well researched article. Ties together and brings back to memory some things I'd forgotten, such as Ward Churchill and his vile comments.

    Why doesn't the murder of Israelis make the evening news? We're always shown the suffering of the Palestinian people. The American media is complicit in danger to our country.

  2. Actually, Islam could be a religion of peace, but there are those who blasphemy. Have you heard of Dr. Tawfik Hamid? He wrote a book, "Inside Jihad, Understanding and Confronting Radical Islam" Interesting book with a strategic plan to confront radical Islam. Hint - being weak and apologizing emboldens the terrorists.