Sunday, March 20, 2011

“Is Bill O’Reilly a Pinhead?”
by John Alexander Madison
March 20, 2011

Why does Bill O’Reilly continue to say how intelligent our President is? We’ve heard him on television and on page 44 of his latest #1 best-selling book "Pinheads and Patriots" he says: ”I am on record as admiring Barack Obama’s intelligence and drive.” It was brilliant how he and others conspired to change the core principles upon which our great nation was established. As it turned out, though, it was not change “we can believe in.” Shrewd, conniving, dumb as a fox, clever, and brilliant, some say. But I suggest our president has been pre-programmed and everything he says and does is as predictable as playing back re-runs of “Die-Hard,” the movie, and equally destructive.

Many believe our president is nothing but a puppet of some evils-minded extremists and I am uncertain as to whether he has had one original thought in his entire lifetime. Throughout his years Barack Obama has been indoctrinated by his parents, his stepfather, his spiritual “leader” (you know, the guy who said “the government wants us (blacks) to sing God Bless America? No, no, no! Not God Blass America. God Damn America.”), and several ultra-liberal nutcases including Saul Alinski, the father of community organizing. Community organizing, sound familiar? I hasten to add Alinski’s final book published in 1971 was “Rules for Radicals.” Do you think Barry Soetero has it on books on tape (or CD’s) as well? You bet he does.

Bill, we are doomed, especially if we follow our leader. Just one more step and we have gone too far, over the edge. You know it and every American knows it as well. Some just won’t admit it. It reminds me of Jonestown. Remember the Kool-aid drinkers? Charismatic Mr. Jones said follow me…and they did. Fools, every one of them. The rest is history. Yes, you coined the phrase “Kool-aid drinkers” but did you forget how destructive it can be when we follow a leader like mindless sheep.

Your President, Bill, has usurped the duties of Congress, bypassing their legislative authority by imposing regulations through misguided government agencies, with the latest example being the EPA. Dismissing military tribunals in favor of civilian court trials for terrorists was yet another poor decision by this president. And, of course, he changes his mind quite a bit…even though he swore he would close Guantanamo terrorist prisons by June 2010. Gays in the military--- don’t ask, don’t tell. He was in for that policy, before he was against it. There is little doubt that by the time the 2012 election season gets into full swing Barack will have taken both sides of every critical issue in order to tell every American that he has supported their position. An everyman, a President for all seasons…unprincipled as he might be. You say he is my president too. You are right, Mr. O’Reilly, but I don’t have to like it.

Regarding Barry Soetero’s major accomplishments in his first two years in office, we have Obama care and trillions of dollars in debt. A majority of Americans do not support his healthcare plan and more will disapprove of it, after they read it. We also know our grandchildren will not approve of the debt he has accumulated on their behalf either. Add to that our porous borders and increasing reliance on foreign oil while we sit on vast oil and gas reserves of our own. Our President is placating to environmentalists while promoting nuclear energy. I wonder how they will feel if (when) we have our own Fukushima!

What’s most annoying about your support of BHO, Mr. O'Reilly, is when the facts are on full display, you still give equal time to those who support his agenda. Fair and balanced is one thing, but giving equal time to Obama defenders and apologists is, in the very least, intellectually dishonest. There is no justification for brainwashing the uninformed among us who do not know that socialism has never been a successful government model. Never, Bill, never. So granting equal time to Obama’s followers is evidence that, in the name of fairness, you are enabling this line of backward thinking. And that is not fair, it’s indoctrination. Bill, what’s your excuse, are you a “loon?” You like to call others that.


The question has been posed “Is Bill O’Reilly pinhead?” Come on Bill, man up, tell us how you really feel. Otherwise I just might be inclined to report that you are…dare I say it… a pinhead. Hey, folks, I report, you decide. #80

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  1. Well said.

    And what's with the U.N. ordering the U.S. into Libya? Bombing.... 120 Cruise Missles... "Humanitarian"? Please... Ridiculous

    How did Ron Paul say it?