Sunday, February 13, 2011

“So, I got to thinking…”
by John Alexander Madison
February 14, 2011

Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak served as the 4th President of Egypt from 1981-2011. And after eighteen days of peaceful protests in January and early February tens of thousands of Egyptians ended Mubarak’s rule of thirty years on February 11. For the geographically challenged, Egypt resides on the continent of Africa.

Barack Hussein Obama (a/k/a Barry Soetero) is serving as 44th President of the United States. And, his dad hails from Africa.

President Mubarak’s swift departure ends three decades of iron-clad rule and may lead to a more democratic form of government. One can only hope.

On the other hand some disturbing trends have occurred under President Obama’s short, two-year “reign.” In spite of a large majority of Americans opposing Obamacare, and federal Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling that this legislation is unconstitutional, this President has declared he will move forward with implementation.

Obama’s message to Federal Judge Vinson: “Roger, Barry here. Your ruling is irrelevant, it means nothing.”

Then we have the President’s environmental agenda which includes limiting greenhouse gas emissions. As reported by Reuter’s news service last week, Congress has made slow progress crafting a bill to curb climate change (global warming) due to other priorities including healthcare, the war on terror, unemployment, proposed cuts in federal spending, and this fiscal year’s budget. (As an aside, when was the last time Colorado experienced a week of high temperatures in the single digits, as we experienced last week. This is global warming?)

As a result of the President’s impatience or his arrogance or both his Environmental Protections Agency has declared that greenhouse emissions pose a health hazard. Therefore, Obama will sidestep the authority of Congress and its legislative powers to by imposing EPA rules and regulations upon American businesses in order to cut carbon dioxide emissions and other chemicals.

Obama’s message to Congress: “I can and will overstep my authority and bypass your constitutional authority, because you seem preoccupied, and I am in a hurry.”

The similarities between these two presidents (Mubarak and Barack), 4th President and 44th President, both of African ancestry, both sharing a predilection for absolute power, plundering the nation’s treasury, disdain for democratic processes, and more are fascinating and alarming.

While one country is moving from a dictatorship toward democracy another is moving away from the most successful governance model in the history of the world toward a socialism model and absolute rule by the head of a government.

Obama’s message to Americans: “Forget about separation of powers as enumerated in your Constitution. I will do what I deem to be in your best interests (and mine).”

This has been a story about arrogant dictatorship. The people of Egypt and the people of America are simultaneously calling out for freedom. Great progress is being made on one front as there is now great hope in Cairo and throughout Egypt. Unfortunately, the prospects on this side of the Atlantic Ocean are less encouraging as our individual freedoms are disappearing one by one, day by day.

So, I got to thinking could eighteen days of peaceful protests in downtown Washington, D.C. with thousands of citizens shouting “leave, leave” possibly create a similar result in our country as has occurred in Egypt? For every year Mubarak was in office there was just six tenths of a day of protests before he stepped down (thirty years of rule, eighteen days of protests.) By that same formula, is it possible that it would take just 1.2 days to end our President’s two year reign by asking him to “leave, leave?” Perhaps it is worth trying. See you on the Washington Mall!


Speaking about annoying, but in an unrelated matter, do you recall any truly memorable Super Bowl XLV ads? Thank goodness that for the first time in recent memory this year’s game was more interesting than any of this year’s ads, except for e-Trade.

Have you noticed that every day of the week we are bombarded with an endless number of boring and un-amusing television advertisements? Companies advertise in hope you will remember the ads and, thereafter, buy their products but that strategy often does not work for me.

Insurance companies, for example, have arguably the most ineffective ads on television. These ads have led me to remember them, which is their first goal. But the last thing I will do is buy their insurance, because their ads are so very annoying

Progressive Insurance ads feature a most annoying female clerk in a white coat. Allstate Insurance ads feature the “mayhem” guy falling out of trees and strapped to the roof of cars speeding down the highway. Talk about annoying.

Then we have State Farm Insurance advertising which is equally ineffective. After a car wreck a couple argues as they fantasize about what their ideal partner would look like (a shirtless hot guy and a real babe). The insurance agent disrupts her vehicle damage estimate process as the couple continues to argue by saying “Okay!” Dumb, no dumber than dumb, and annoying.

Give me the e-Trade ads anytime. Those talking baby ads continue to amuse. They are creative, memorable and not in the least annoying. And that’s more than I can say for our 44th President.


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  1. On the contrary, I find the Progressive Insurance ads to be amusing.