Sunday, January 30, 2011

“Now What?”
by John Alexander Madison
January 31, 2011

Is it any surprise to you that ”he” is a major disappointment, a major disaster, the worst ever? Perhaps is it more PC to say “his” agenda is a major disappointment, that he has no clue, that his major “accomplishments” can only be called that by those who share his agenda. Now, if you think I am referring to POTUS, well, you are right. The 44th President has by all accounts brought our nation to the brink of financial disaster. That is indisputable.

I was among the vast majority of Americans who did not tune in to last week’s State of the Union Address as Mr. Obama “tip-toed through the rose garden” on the way to explaining why we need to “invest” on our nation’s future. How could I? And what a waste of time, especially when a rerun of Herbert Buckingham Khaury’s (a/k/a Tiny Tim) December 17, 1969 wedding to Miss Vicky was being aired simultaneously on cable t.v.?

Did he say invest? Of course he did. We’ve got to agree that sounds a whole lot better than “we need to spend more money.” Think about it, it’s like job losses. Although unemployment has grown to and hovered around 10% over the last two years, let’s not dwell on the negative. Instead, we must look at the number of jobs that were “saved” since his ascension to the White House. Clever but who are you kidding? Replacing “spending” with “investing” doesn' fool anyone. Cleverly, replacing “lost jobs” in our lexicon with “saved jobs” doesn’t impress me either. And you?

Did Mr. Obama believe he is the chosen one, as he ascended to the throne in 2009 much like King Mamehameha, of his native Hawaii, did 237 years earlier?

It is as simple as saying you are either for individual liberty or more government programs.

They can’t talk about job losses…so they changed the discussion to how many jobs have been saved, what a joke…how do you measure that? And no more spending…we must invest in create new jobs. Well it all sounds good, but you and I know cutting spending and investing and letting hard working Americans keep more of their own money is the only long-term solution.

Also, freezing spending sounds good Mr. President, but at 2011 levels…no way. How about conservative proposals, yes, Republican leadership proposals to return spending to 2008 levels and then freeze spending?

Local Republican parties across America are facing another dilemma…and it’s pretty simple. The media, labor unions, the entertainment industry and many, many Wall Street insiders and greedy big businesses are enabling the liberal agenda. So it is very difficult for local Republican party leaders (a/k/a the establishment) to stop the liberal takeover of government at all levels.

Is there an answer?

Is there some way conservative thinking can stop the madness and return sanity to our governments. The answer is a big YES.

The November 2010 election proved one thing, if nothing else. Americans, a vast majority of Americans, are unhappy with our government. They believe the government is too big, too intrusive, too wasteful, too costly, and too corrupt. They believe in the limited role of government, a strong national defense, fiscal responsibility, protecting the rights of individuals, and personal responsibility.

The dramatic change of power in the U.S. House of Representative and local races throughout the country last year prove that Americans have had enough…that the grass roots movement comprised of middle class citizens rose to the occasion and sent a clear message to Washington. Whether you call them T.E.A. partiers, 9/12ers, or just plain patriots their “movement” deserves the credit.

On February 8, 2010 this column spoke of the T.E.A. party as a movement. It is not a separate political party. It is a movement. It is Americans crying out “Taxed Enough Already (T.E.A.)!”

If the “establishment” (the regulars we always count on) of every single County Republican party central committee throughout America, those who have walked precincts, made phone calls and donated money for decades, does not recognize all those who contributions brought significant victories in 2010, and embrace each and every member of that movement then we are doomed.

By working together we can and will re-establish the Republican Party and the core principles of our Founding Fathers to leadership at all levels of government.

He who denies record and prolonged 10% unemployment and who wants to “invest in America” is predictably running to the center as he prepares for re-election just 19 months from now. I respectfully request that we not let that happen by supporting a smaller government agenda...that of all conservative Americans.

I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. -Winston Churchill


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  1. To take a page from our President's playbook- - "Yes we can!"

    How can you have a spending freeze and then talk a few minutes later about massive government investment?

    Well written, succinct, and powerful!