Monday, December 27, 2010

“Don’t blame the children.”
by John Alexander Madison
December 27, 2010

A headline in today’s newspaper says the immigration debate will shift with the new Congress from developing a “path to citizenship” (The President’s “The Dream Act”) to whether the children of illegal immigrants are entitled to citizenship. The14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states in part, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

In a letter to the editors in today’s newspaper entitled “Giveaway disappointment” a citizen wrote “Where is the Christmas the little boy wanted…they stamped his hand and gave him a bag (filled with) paper plates, cups and a toothbrush.” But he wanted a bike and some boots to keep his feet warm.

The criticism of those who worked so very hard to gather and distribute basic necessities and toys for families and children in this season of thanks and giving is totally unwarranted. They deserve our gratitude, not criticism, for stepping up and trying to make a difference in the lives of the many folks who are less fortunate than you or me. Tell me where that boy is and I will buy him a pair of boots for the winter.

You’ve heard it before…don’t blame the children whose parents came here illegally. The 14th Amendment guarantees those born here are U.S. citizens. And it is not the children’s fault that they don’t have boots for the winter months. I agree, totally and without reservation, it is not the children’s fault. Their parents came to the United States illegally, quite often I imagine, for the purpose of gaining citizenship for their children and eventually themselves and their extended family. And who is to blame for children not being able to have warm feet in the chilly Colorado winter months?

The answer is clear. It is your fault. It is my fault. The United States is to blame. We are obligated to grant citizenship to all those born here (that’s true) and we have the responsibility to clothe and feed the less fortunate. Why? Because we are the most compassionate, caring, and generous nation in the world, that’s why. It isn’t really our fault.

What rankles many is that we reward bad behavior, the people who enter our country illegally. What rankles many is that we reward the irresponsible parents who bring children into this world and cannot adequately care for their most basic needs. Our most generous nation, for several decades now, has created an entitlement mentality which goes hand in hand with the current government agenda to redistribute wealth. And that, my friends, must stop. We must stop rewarding bad, irresponsible and illegal behavior. We need a reality check, right now!

Let’s not ever punish the young and the innocent. But let’s get back on track and not reward the lawbreakers. Let’s insist that parents take personal responsibility (now there’s a concept) for their lives and that of their offspring.

It is alright to help citizens to get back on track through basic educational needs or vocational training and basic assistance when a critical need exists. But we must begin to end the total dependence on government which has become all too common.

As a country we cannot survive, we will not survive, if we don’t change our ways and change them now. Message to all governments: stop unnecessary spending now; cut your budgets now; spend less than you take in (money you take away from hard-working, law abiding citizens); and let the people keep more of their money. That is a model for success. Socialism is not.

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