Sunday, November 21, 2010

“Looking Ahead, Palin Wins!”
by John Alexander Madison
November 22, 2010

In precisely twenty-three months and fifteen days from now level-headed citizens and non-citizens alike (i.e. all those voting) across the country will elect Sarah Palin as the 45th President of the United States, succeeding the most miserable failure in the history of our country, President Obama and his failed agenda, including Obamacare. Perhaps “most miserable failure” is a bit strong and not fair to many other miserable failures which preceded Mr. Obama’s one-term presidency--- the Ford Edsel, the Hindenburg, the Titanic, and the 1919 Chicago “Black Sox Scandal.”

Mark my words, as in November 2008 with a slight variation, there will be cries of “She is not my president!”

It seems the mention of Sarah Palin stirs an emotional reaction in most people…they either love her or intensely dislike her, with few in between. Taking a look at her background and experience, especially in comparison to her predecessor, it should be quite clear that she is more eminently qualified to hold the title of POTUS than Barry Soetero (aka Barrack Hussein Obama).

Aside from serving as Mayor of a small town in Alaska, concluding eight years in local government service, Sarah Palin was elected Chair of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. Soon after being elected Governor of Alaska she sold the Governor’s jet, fired the Governor’s executive chef, and although she kept the Chevy Suburban assigned to the Governor she fired the driver, saying she was perfectly capable of driving herself around. Not much you say, but I say a good start.

Palin was chief executive of our most important energy state…just a few miles from the Russian Territory, and she negotiated a sensitive agreement on fishing rights. In her two years in the Governor’s office Palin also gained approval of a 1,715 mile gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Alberta Canada, something native Alaskans had dreamed of for thirty years.

As Governor, Palin was commander of the state’s National Guard. She travelled to Kuwait to learn about her troops’ mission. On the way home she stopped in Germany to visit wounded soldiers in the hospital, an activity that Obama did not see fit to engage in during his overseas vacation/photo op. Predictably, he later blamed the Pentagon for his snubbing of the wounded. Why not!

Other Palin accomplishments include:
• Suspension of the state’s tax on gasoline and gaining $1,200 for all qualified Alaskans to help them with rising energy costs
• Raising taxes on energy companies
• Tripling funding for special needs children
• Using the line item veto to eliminate $268 million from the state budget
• Supporting and signing an ethics bill passed by the legislature
• Creating the Alaska Health Strategies Council to find innovative solutions to effectively provide access to and help reduce the costs of healthcare
• Signing a resolution in opposition to the FAA’s plan to increase taxes on aviation fuel
• Serving as Chair of the Alaskan Conservation Committee, a board which regulates the oil and gas industry
• Leading the new American revolution, also known as the T.E.A. Party movement (Taxed Enough Already?)

In contrast, President Obama has spent zero years in government close to the people. We know little about his formative years, yet he seems to have led a privileged life being given educational opportunities previously reserved only for the elite. Thereafter, he served ever so briefly in the Illinois Senate and the Unites States Senate before being crowned “the Chosen One” by those determined to destroy our nation--- including a corrupt Chicago political establishment, George Soros, his cronies, and others.

Perhaps Governor Palin’s greatest initiative was her success in filing ethics complaints against established Alaskan politicians, including Republicans. How refreshing, since ethics is clearly a foreign concept to our current dictator, err President, and, I suspect, all but a few of his appointees and co-conspirators.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’ll take Sarah Louise Palin over Barrack Hussein Obama anytime, especially in 2012.

If you don’t agree, that’s fine; how about Mitt Romney who ran away with the voting in Colorado’s 2008 Presidential preference voting in 2008? Romney is an extremely successful businessman, perhaps the most qualified Presidential candidate in U.S. history in the field of economics, finance and budgets, and a former Governor, someone who has actually governed, like Sarah. Wow, what a concept and a strong contrast to a community organizer who taught folks how to game the system.

Fifty years ago, we said we could not have a Catholic President, something I did not understand. Now some believe we have a Muslim President…I don’t know. So, why not a person of the Mormon faith as President? That cannot be an issue.

Have you seen the bumper sticker “Do you miss me yet?” To those who have been brainwashed (for nine years and counting) to believe George W. Bush was a disaster, I ask, do you miss him yet? I do. Considering what President Obama has “accomplished” in the last 22 months many truly believe he is brilliant. If that’s true, then I know we don’t need another genius as our next President.

Bottom line: What we need is a citizen President with the core values most Americans share, not one who wants to transform America. And the last thing we need is for the refrain “four more years” to be the outcome in 2012.

FOOTNOTE: The T.S.A. is also transforming America, in their case, with airline travel…and it is not good. Think about it. Recently established procedures call for men performing intimate touching with men and women performing intimate touching with women. That just doesn’t seem like the appropriate solution to stopping terrorist attacks. We can do better.

In closing, forty-seven years ago today, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s life ended in Dallas, Texas. May he rest in peace.


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