Friday, November 26, 2010




This month, as I counted my blessings in a poem, I thought to share with you the passions, which arise always in the forge of our common, human heart. I believe that we give thanks most of all because we have the capacity to love and be loved. When we lose the one we most love to death, we are cast down in grief until in the churning currents of time we are raised up again to melancholy joy. Let us together consecrate this day to those we love and will always love.


Peg I consecrate this day and all my days to thee. And would give thee if I only could eternity. I would give thee the golden aspens’ trembling ecstasy the wild winged geese, the burning maple tree, and the Cheyenne Mountains chanting to the plains primeval melodies. I would give thee Autumn’s vintage leaves, new dreams, now sacred memories. And at last, forever and again I would give my love to thee.

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