Sunday, October 24, 2010

“What’s Going On…Madness”
by John Alexander Madison
October 25, 2010

To paraphrase the saying “How can you tell when a Democrat is lying? Answer: When their lips are moving.” I offer this: “How can you tell which political television ads are blatant lies? Answer: When they are paid for by the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee or the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (or any Democrat running for office.)” The Democrats are desperate. You got to love it.

Have you noticed how many candidates promise they’ll go to Congress or their statehouse and “fight for you?” Why do they want to fight, who do they want to fight? How about going there and doing nothing, imposing no more taxes and no more fees. That would be refreshing.

In Colorado campaigns ads for U.S. Senate, Governor and State Senate Democrat candidates are making a mockery of politics by avoiding the serious issues which they should be addressing. Their candidate for Governor, John Hickenlooper, is running ads pretending to ride bucking broncos in a rodeo arena and another while taking a shower with his clothes on. Humorous, Mr. Mayor, but off topic while you are running a sanctuary city in Denver and serious illegal immigration issues are crippling the state coffers. And in one ad, the “Hick” claims to have created 1,000 jobs in his restaurant businesses while we learn, simultaneously, that nearly 40,000 jobs have been lost in the capital city. (Mr. Mayor, the uniform rental shop called and that cowboy hat was supposed to be returned three weeks ago.)

Then there’s the most lethargic and unexciting Democrat candidate to run for the U.S. Senate since 89-yeaer old Cornelius Calvin Sale, Jr. ran for and won his last election in 2006. (May Robert Carlyle Byrd rest in peace. Yes, Senator Byrd was born Cornelius Calvin Sale, Jr.) The “accidental Senator” from Colorado,” Michael Bennet (appointed by Governor Bill Ritter just last year) is anything but Mr. Excitement. However, the good news for Colorado is he has vowed to “fight” for Colorado and end out of control spending in Washington. There is a problem with that though and he must think voters have forgotten that he voted for every single, irresponsible Obama spending initiative offered, including the failed stimulus package and Obamacare.

To finish the point there is the incumbent State Senator whose ads feature his animated shoes talking for him. I am not kidding, shoes with lips on them attacking his opponent for not supporting our troops. Very interesting and dishonest since his opponent is a distinguished graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. And here is the irony, Colorado’s largest police organization, the Fraternal Order of Police, has endorsed Owen Hill (R) over former Fountain Police Chief John Morse (D). I wonder why. Inept comes to mind.

Talk about being out of touch. The problem facing Democrats on November 2 is that they have no choice but to lie about their opponents and about what they will do for you. In their defense, they must create a diversion because they have a record and that record is indefensible. And that is all that matters.

Need I say more? John Adams had this to say “In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a Congress.” That pretty much sums it up since the Democrat Party has been in control of Congress for more than 6 years. And if you are not outraged quite yet, an unnamed internet report cites page 114, line 22 of President Obama’s Health Care Reform Act which exempts President Obama, Michelle Obama, Congress, Senators and their families from the ominous provisions of that bill.

To be fair, while talking about “inept” the eyes of the nation are focused on the Governor race for another reason…the “accidental Republican candidate” with no meaningful experience, Dan Maes. He has been alternately described in newspaper and internet accounts by his detractors as a former police officer (fired), just a salesman (is that bad?) and a grifter with zero qualifications to run the state government. That’s tough talk. When it is all said and done he may best be remembered as the major party candidate receiving the smallest percentage of votes in the state’s history for any contest, or for the distinction of having accumulated the largest fines in history for campaign finance report violations.

In this same Governor’s race there is another issue. When lifelong Republican and former Congressman Tom Tancredo entered the race this summer, as a third party candidate, most felt he was handing the Governor’s office to the Mayor by splitting the conservative vote. Tom Tancredo entered the race with initial polling in the teens and most felt he would destroy the chances for a Republican victory. But in the ensuing weeks polls have placed him just a few points behind the mayor while some polls have the Republican nominee dropping to ten percent or less.

To their credit some Republicans loyalists are sticking with their nominee in spite of declining poll numbers and numerous charges of resume enhancement. Therefore, rather than Tancredo costing the conservatives a victory it seems the Republican nominee may now be doing so. After the election, though, it seems clear that if the Democratic Party retains the Governorship the third place finisher will be guilty as charged.

Is it party loyalty vs. blind loyalty? I posit that a commitment to one’s principles in eminently more important than loyalty to one’s party.

After years of the repeated chants from the current occupant of The White House about “change we can believe in” and so many followers buying into that refrain, it has become clear that the real of the goal of our 44th President was to “change what we believe!”

And that, my fellow Americans, is unacceptable.

If that doesn’t upset you have you heard that citizens in Portland, Maine are considering granting voting right to non-citizens? That is madness.

On a local note of irony, proponents of medical marijuana dispensaries in El Paso County argue that “weed” sales will generate new sales tax revenues and that additional revenue will be applied to mowing “grass” on our highway medians.

Finally, Juan Williams’ abrupt dismissal from National Public Radio should be the only incentive we need to stop all funding of that entity, as individuals and from our national treasury.


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