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Just as the skeletal system supports the grace and function of the human body, so cultural and political ideas support the grace and function of civilization.

In the West, the consequences of national deconstruction are misery, decadence, outrage, slavery, despotism, and cultural death. Because the ancient Roman Empire adhered to a structure of law, cultural identity, martial prowess, the power and status of Roman citizenship and a semblance of Republican government it thrived for millenniums. While Octavius, Caesar’s adopted son, took unto himself dictatorial powers, he adhered to the stoic virtues that once empowered Rome, and enabled the structure of Roman government, the Senate, to continue in form if not substance.

Scholars still debate the cause of the Roman Empire’s 5th century decline. They write that Rome declined because its citizens became decadent and corrupt. In orgiastic excess, Romans abandoned the practice of courage and political virtue. Edward Gibbon in Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire theorized that a corrupt Rome succumbed to an Eastern Religion, Christianity, that over the generations inexorably deconstructed Roman civilization until it could no longer withstand the onslaught of the Germanic tribes: Vandals, Goths, and Visigoths.

Some argue that Rome declined because it abandoned the mandate that immigrants conform to the Roman law and instead permitted Germanic tribes to enter the Roman Empire, tribes whose populations were not loyal to Rome, did not respect Roman citizenship and instead, followed the dictates of their King—a culture and polity that functioned independently, and finally, in contempt of the Roman State and the rule of law.

American civilization is structured upon a synthesis of Greek, Roman, Christian and Germanic principles cultural, philosophical and legal. The American Constitution was structured to protect and preserve unalienable rights: equality and the rule of law, property, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Philosophically, America has embraced a moral and intellectual structure derived from the ideas of the Renaissance, Enlightenment and Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. America’s structure is comprised of the practice of virtue: Prudence, honesty, industriousness, personal responsibility, and a commitment to the ascendant equality and dignity of American men and women whatever their race, creed or nationality.

Cultural deconstruction destroys the nation that is its intended victim. A nation cannot survive shorn of its cultural, legal and philosophical structure any more than a human being can exist shorn of his skeletal system. During the Second World War George Orwell gave the name “Renegade” to an English intellectual establishment as enamored of Soviet Russia’s Stalin, as its American ideological progeny are enamored of dead or dying communists: The late Ho Chi Minn, Mao Ze Dong, Cuba’s Berea, Che Guevara, the aging tyrant Fidel Castro and Nicaragua’s Marxist despot |Manuel Noriega. These same ideologues have pledged themselves to the deconstruction of the American nation. Following are a few of the strategies leftists engage in the plain light of day.

§ The Left invented the concept of the “Living Constitution” as a means to destroy a constitutional structure created to prevent the central government’s usurpation of sovereign power expressly vested in the people and their states. The “Living Constitution” produced black-robed legislators who profoundly damaged the constitutional structure of separation of powers, the meaning of equality and equal protection of the laws. As judges legislated, they imposed on Americans, the unrestrained socialist welfare state the Constitution was drafted to prohibit. The ideological deconstruction of the Constitution is made plain in the spectacle of judicial appointments to the federal and Supreme Court. Strict Constructionists such as Justice Clarence Thomas are publicly excoriated with blatantly false accusations of wrongdoing while leftist Judges Sonya Sotomayor and Kagan are appointed by acclamation to the highest court.

§ The courts have manipulated the structural principle of equality of birth to mean equality of material result; and the idea of justice, impartial and blind, to mean “social justice” empathetic and preferential, super-regulatory, redistributive and infinitely invasive— in the end, as George Orwell warned in his fictional England of 1984 and Frederick Hayek in The Road to Serfdom, as anonymous, all-embracing and impenetrable as Oceana, Big Brother’s totalitarian state. By these means the Left has conjured into being “mandatory entitlements” to citizen and non-citizen alike, and a principle coined in Orwell’s satire Animal Farm that some citizens or non-citizens are more equal than the rest. They have succeeded in the creation of a federal government so rapacious it is now the sole constituency of Republicans and Democrats alike.

§ In its several thousand years of moral and rational evolution, Western civilization celebrated, and still celebrates, civilly and religiously, the institution of marriage as the permanent joining of one man and one woman in a ceremony which, for the last four thousand years or so has formed the bedrock of virtually all civilizations ancient and modern, Western and Eastern. The O’Bama Administration, however, supports passage of a U.N. resolution that would criminalize any criticism of the gay rights movement. While advocates of gay marriage seek the judicial abolishment of the ancient institution of marriage they also seek the abolishment of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Should the federal government criminalize thought and speech critical of political factions especially favored by the Left its advocates will have advanced by light years the deconstruction of American civilization and Constitutional government. If the government, under the rubric of hate speech, may prosecute, fine and imprison a citizen for what he thinks and believes or the opinions he voices or writes, then the American government will have taken unto itself the powers incident to the imposition of a cultural and political pseudo-reality.

The leftist doctrine of “political correctness”— first coined during the dictatorship of the Soviet Union’s Stalin— is a psychological weapon by which the rapacious advocate may create and impose a pseudo-reality that conforms to his ideology. Just as Galileo, having once challenged the Catholic dogma that the cosmos circumnavigated the earth, was forced to face the Inquisition, do penance, and die a prisoner in his own home, so the advocates of political correctness intend to criminalize thought or opinion at odds with the dictates of its post modern, culturally relative and dogmatic world view.

While the term political correctness has an almost jaunty connotation, a closer look exposes political correctness as a species of cultural fascism dedicated to the eradication of thought and speech repugnant to the leftist catechism. Incredibly, truth, as we know from a liberal court’s ruling in the criminal trial of Gert Wilders for alleged Muslim hate speech is not a defense to the prosecution of the freedom of thought and speech.

In Stalin’s Soviet Union his communist acolytes, so as to avoid the unpleasantness incident to summary execution and the execution of their families, entered meekly the pseudo-reality of Lysenko’s hair-brained theories of agriculture—a collection of preposterous superstitions collectively referred to as “Marxist” agricultural science—all of which resulted in crop failure and famine. Even so, all good Russians, those interested in avoiding the rope or gulag, were required to see and praise a pseudo-reality wherein the land of the banished, executed and starving, was inhabited by chubby, rosy-cheeked and well-fed citizens of a collectivist utopia flowing with milk and honey.

Employing the same techniques of terror and intimidation Russians entered a reality wherein the Germans, rather than the Russians, were responsible for the murder of 15,000 Polish soldiers at Katyn.

In 1940 the Soviet security services marched some 15,000 captive polish officers into the woods and murdered them. In 1943, after the Germans had occupied Stalin’s recently acquired Polish territory, a wolf uncovered some of the graves…. The Katyn Woods Massacre…is one of those rare instances in which, as of 1991, all the facts have become known. Stalin, however, did more than deny the evidence…. At the Nuremberg trials, the Soviet prosecutor insisted that the Germans be tried for the Katyn Massacre. Stalin stood the truth on its head. … Katyn Woods was more than a horrible atrocity in a war rife with atrocities. Just as Lysenkoism illustrates the extent to which a pseudo-reality prevailed, Katyn Woods helps us to understand both why it prevailed and why we should care.[1]

The deconstruction of American civilization proceeds right in the face of American citizens. The left leaning National Public Radio— to which George Soros has offered millions to hire hundreds of new reporters— fired Juan Williams, a man of gentle manner and impeccable integrity, for stating candidly that he felt nervous when boarding a plane with Muslims. Juan Williams is the author of several critically acclaimed books on civil rights. His life is exemplary. He is a good and descent man.

His employer, however, did not hesitate to smear him as racist. While Mr. Williams will not face execution or the deportation of his family to a Siberian gulag, had the NPR accusation of racism stuck, his unblemished reputation, hard won over more than a quarter of a century, would have been ruined. NPR would have succeeded in banishing Mr. Williams beyond the American pale, there henceforth to be known as a racist, contemptible, unforgivable and unemployable, a pariah among his fellow professionals and the American public. The Left indeed, is utterly merciless.

Joy Bahar and Whoopi Goldberg, in an asinine display of political correctness, stormed, arms waiving, from the stage of the talk TV program View in reaction to Bill O’Reilly’s observation that the men who flew planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and into the earth as the terrorists failed to reach their target, were, in fact, Muslims. His statement is nothing less than the truth. However, this duo, in an infantile display of pique, sought unsuccessfully to characterize Mr. O’Reilly’s plain statement and Mr. O’Reilly himself as racist.

Academics teach the history of the late Howard Zinn, a liar, communist and hater of all things American. His People’s History of the United States is a vapid, excruciating and inexcusable American libel. That Howard Zinn— who served worshipfully his mentor Stalin is still praised posthumously by academics, by Hollywood and The History Channel—is a testament to the renegade malice that runs the engine of American deconstruction.

Robert Harkins’ new book will be published later this year. You may find it at Amazon in e-book or hard cover, and at all major bookstores. Its title:

America, Sweet Land of Liberty. Of Thee I Sing.

[1] John Mosler, DeathRide, Hitler vs. Stalin: the Eastern Front, 1941-1945. (Simon and Shuster, 2010).

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