Sunday, September 19, 2010

“You Just Don’t Get It”
by John Alexander Madison
September 20, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the Republican nomination for Governor. Only one person was chosen by Republican Party voters to represent about 1,000,000 registered Republicans in Colorado’s November General Election.

On the road to the nomination, the 2006 party nominee chose not to run again in 2010. (For the record, Bob Beauprez was eminently more qualified to be Governor than Bill Ritter…most of us knew it back then, and we all know it now.) Then, a former one-issue (immigration) congressman with the initials of TT decided he could not win the Governor’s office so he backed down in the fall of 2009. Touted as “the future of the Republican Party” the current Senate minority leader entered the race then dropped out this spring. Many are still wondering why. Finally, after a two-year run, former Congressman and well-qualified candidate Scott McInnis was defeated at the Republican State Assembly for top line on the Primary ballot and, in August, he lost the election. Both he and the eventual nominee ran strong races but only one person prevailed.

Story over, either conservative Republican Dan Maes or ultra-liberal, far left wing John Hickenlooper, Mayor of Denver, will be our next Governor. Not so fast, John, the story does not end there.

Re-enter stage right (far right) is none other than lifelong Republican and former Presidential campaign dropout Tom Tancredo, who determined early on that Dan Maes cannot win so he orders Maes to drop out of the race and let the power brokers select a replacement candidate. If not, he says, he will leave the Republican Party and run as a member of the American Constitution Party. By doing so he is flaunting the Primary election process and Colorado election rules prohibiting such a move.

According to a Denver Post article, the good news for (former) Congressman Tancredo is that twenty “influential” Republicans have endorsed him. The bad news for Tom is that only twenty influential Republicans have endorsed him. Is that it Tom, twenty influential Republicans? Before his supporters get too excited the list includes a State Representative from Iowa; dropout gubernatorial candidate Penry; a wannabee “influential” Republican and county clerk from the Denver area; and nine other “former” elected representatives. Wow, underwhelming Tom. You and twenty endorsees want to reject the decision of 195,000 Republicans who voted for Dan Maes in the Primary.

Who are they? They are the old guard, the very old guard, who have systematically reduced Colorado Republican representation in Congress to just two of seven seats; who have handed both U.S. Senate seats to Presidential lapdogs Udall and Bennet; and who have handed the Governor’s office and a majority of both the Colorado House and Senate to liberal, big-spending Democrats.

These long-time party leaders and businessmen, well-meaning as they may be, want access to their elected politicians and they believe their party nominee cannot win so they are jumping on the minor third-party candidate bandwagon or, heaven forbid, the Hickenlooper bandwagon.

What they seem to be missing is that while the old guard is out, the grass roots movement (TEA party, 9-12ers, and millions of other average Americans) is in. They are sick and tired of politics as usual, sick and tired of all the politicians who have failed us, sick and tired of tired old politicians who just don't know when it is time to go away and or who won't admit they have failed us. Don’t they know that our successful governance model is government of the people by the people and for the people? That is the “people” not the powerful few!

The people have spoken. The only thing standing in the way of taking back our government and reducing out of control government spending is a former Congressman who did not receive one single vote in the August primary election. Clearly, he now cares little for the political party process which supported his election to Congress each time he ran.

To be fair, a recent television advertisement made it abundantly clear that Mr. Tancredo also has the support of an 82-year old “victim” of the party politics, one Tancredo used in an attack against Dan Maes. In a message circulated last week Merlin Klotz wrote:
“Before you join the pity party for that 82 year old lady in the attack ad on Dan Maes, take a breath and consider that this is not just any hapless little old lady…she is the infamous Freda, former state legislator, former mayor of Greenwood Village…(she) is a power broker… contributor, signator and promoter of this fall’s ballot issues 60, 61, and 101…Freda has not exactly been sitting on the shelf in a convalescent center…I have a healthy respect for Freda, just like I respect a rattlesnake in my path…beware those are not wrinkles, they are battle scars.”

Merlin tell us how you really feel about poor little ole Freda. They say like kinds attract and perhaps that is why Tom Tancredo, hand-in-hand with poor Miss Freda, has engaged in a full frontal assault on the Republican nominee for Governor. Yes, the one who came out on top in the Republican Primary election, a process in which nearly 400,000 voted.

An interesting footnote, in the General Election campaign is Mr. Tancredo has raised a considerable amount of money in his first few weeks in the race. However, as Scott McInnis found out in the primary he who spends the most money does not win…he who gets to most votes does. McInnis apparently outspent Maes by about ten-to-one in the Primary.

Moral of the story: Raising the most money versus your opponent means just one thing, you raised more money than your opponent. But that doesn’t determine the winner, votes do!

If Tom Tancredo is truly a conservative why is he destroying the grass roots, anti-government, conservative, back-to-the basics movement which is defining this year’s elections across the country? Tom you are not listening- the people nominated Dan Maes, you nominated yourself.

Many have claimed Tom Tancredo is an elitist and it’s hard not to believe that. He is, after all, one of "them."

Over the weekend at a Dan Maes rally, a south Denver businessman opined this year is all about a spiritual battle for the soul of our nation. Are you ready to stand up and fight?

To be fair, I will use this entire closing section to state all the reasons why you should support Tom Tancredo……

That was easy.

John Alexander Madison is a weekly contributor to The Jeff Crank Show blog site on KVOR radio. He posts every Monday morning at:



  1. John, you nailed it on the head. Great job. Oh, that "wannabee influential" County Clerk is from Arapahoe County...Nancy Doty.

  2. Thank you, John for putting this message out and artiulating it so well. This race is bigger than the candidates. It's about a few, yes, "elitists" who have spit in the face of the people and the process and have said "we know better than you who should be governor of CO". It's infuriating and I don't understand those supposed conservatives jumping ship to vote for Tancredo. In doing so, they are casting their vote for more of the same old corruption and business as usual, the very things they said they were fighting against.

  3. Maes lost support by his bumbling, and either being too naive, or surrounding himself with people who did not help him find his way in this maze of politics beyond his grasp. The Republicans have handed this one to the Mayor. Don't blame Tancredo. The support has been luke warm from the beginning for Maes from the Establishment If you don't have the money to finance your campaign, you are lost. If this was the choice of the Republicans, then where was the Party's wholehearted support?