Sunday, September 5, 2010

“Who Won? OMG, Now What?”
by John Alexander Madison
September 6, 2010

What did you expect, the November General Election is two months away, or more specifically it is just fifty-seven days until the November 2, 2010 election.

The Primary is over and the General Election season is in full swing. Politicians, candidates, special interests groups, political parties, citizens and illegal immigrants alike are beginning to focus in earnest on the choices they face in the critical ‘mid-term’ elections. As they say at the Indianapolis 500 “Gentlemen (and ladies) start your engines!” The race for power and prestige is on and it will be brutal. May the best liar prevail. Not really, but how can you tell unrealistic promises from achievable goals, fact from fiction?

Candidates will be presenting enhanced resumes (the parts they want you to hear,) many will embellish their accomplishments, and they will talk incessantly, making it extremely difficult for voters to determine which candidates are more believable, more trustworthy.

The political parties have spoken and all the candidate names to be included on the November ballot are now set in stone. Along with many others, the two major political party candidates for Governor of Colorado have been determined. And that race, being near the top of the ballot, is often the contest to watch…never more so than in the 2010 Colorado election.

Oh, you haven’t heard? Well, it is true, the Republican Party leadership seems to have abandoned its official nominee for Governor, just two weeks after endorsing him, amid allegations of character shortcomings, resume enhancement, and the ongoing perception he cannot win!

It’s time for a reality check

Fact #1 Republican Party insiders, power brokers, and activists have long held the belief that Dan Maes, an unknown businessman from Evergreen, is not a winner.

Fact #2 Last spring, Dan Maes won the Republican State Assembly over former Congressman Scott McInnis earning him top line on the August 10 Primary ballot.

Fact #3 Dan Maes won the August 10th Primary election and he is now the Official Republican Party nominee for Colorado Governor in 2010.

Fact #4 The Executive Committee of the Colorado Republican Party voted to stand behind their nominee for Governor, with a unanimous Resolution on August 13, 2010.

Fact#5 Many influential Republicans and elected officials have worked for the two weeks prior to the Secretary of State’s ballot certification deadline of September 3rd to broker a deal to get their nominee, and a minor third party candidate, to withdraw from the race.

That’s it is a nutshell…please, Dan, get out, you cannot win! (It is unclear they were that polite).

If I recall correctly, sex in the Oval office did not bring down a President…in fact, it seems to have enhanced his resume and raised him to rock star status. (And that, by the way, is a shame.)

Demanding legislation to enable unqualified home buyers to buy homes they could not afford did not lead to demands for removal from Congress for the liberal Democrats who foisted this fraud upon the American public. (That too is a shame.)

Running on a platform of “change we can believe in” led to the election the most unqualified person in the history of the United States of American to serve as our 44th President. We got change, alright: record deficits; unprecedented national debt; apologies to the world for human rights violations by the USA—the most generous nation in the history of the world; a healthcare plan 71% of the citizens do not want; an open borders policy which is flooding our nation with illegal immigrants, and more, so much more.

A funny thing happened on the way to the November 2010 election…Dan Maes won the Republican Party nomination, he accepted it, and he is running for Governor. Did he embellish his resume? Perhaps. Is his recollection of a campaign contribution a year ago less than clear? Yes. Were all his campaign finances reports filed completely and in a timely manner? No, and his campaign paid significant penalties for those omissions and errors. Is he a criminal? No.

This is the year of the grass roots, the T.E.A. parties, the 9-12 groups, Americans of all persuasions at both ends of the political spectrum…the vast majority of Americans who are sick a tired of politics as usual, the smooth-talking, ingrained politicians who know better than you or me what is best for us. Let me just say that it is not working. I believe you agree. The future of our nation, as we have known it for over 230 years, is at stake and change is on the way. That I know.

But remember you heard it first here…Dan Maes cannot win the State Assembly, he cannot win the Republican Primary, and he cannot win in November. (In the interest of full disclosure, my record for predicting winners this year alone is not a good one so any predictions as to the outcome of future elections should be taken with a grain of salt.)

In politics, anything goes is the name of the game. If there is one truth, however, it is the will of the people will prevail…sooner or later.

So what is a candidate to do. You win the State Assembly for top line on the ballot. You win the Republican Party Primary. Soon thereafter the party and some early, grass-roots supporters abandon you, they denounce you, they withhold financial support, and they repeat the refrain, “you cannot win, you cannot win.”

So what this candidate did was dig in and strengthen his resolve to stop the growth of big government and put an end to what has become business as usual, the liberal policies which are destroying our great state and our nation. He did? Yes he did.

What should matter most are the core values and beliefs of candidates for public office. It is also about integrity. And it is about character…not being one but having it. It may become a question of who has more integrity (or less). It is another politician or one of us, a common man, flawed but determined to ensure that his (and our) core values and beliefs return to the golden dome in Denver. I have no idea.

I am seldom without an opinion but I am not sure that I have the answer as to the outcome of the 2010 Governor’s race. However, I do have a prediction and if you call me I will share it with you.

John Alexander Madison is a weekly contributor to The Jeff Crank Show blog site on KVOR radio. He posts every Monday morning at:

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