Sunday, September 12, 2010

“Throw the Bum(s) Out”
by John Alexander Madison
September 13, 2010

Moments after the unofficial results of Colorado’s 2010 primary election results were evident calls for the Republican gubernatorial nominee to step aside were heard from those who seemed to know better than the 400,000 citizens who voted on August 10th. Why? Because they were certain he could not win. He hasn’t been elected yet but they want him out. To date, those efforts have failed. Who said politics wasn’t a tough business.

The reason why so many potentially great candidates refuse to run for office is that the politics of personal destruction is alive and well. Over the weekend, though, it was refreshing for a Denver Post editorial to admonish the “accidental junior Senator” from Colorado (Michael Bennet) for lying about his opponent, the soon to be new junior Senator from Colorado.

When running for office, elected officials know the terms and conditions of their future employment. You get two years or four years in office to live up to the promises you made on the campaign trail and to represent your constituents to the best of your ability…all in an effort to get re-elected the next time around. That is, until you are term-limited or recalled.

In many state and local jurisdictions terms limits have been in place for years. Term limits dictate that en elected official can serve only two or perhaps three terms in that office. Regardless of the effectiveness of their service to their constituents, even with a 90% approval rating, you can run only for the number of terms in effect due to term limit legislation.

Do term limits make sense to you? Before reaching any conclusions, perhaps we should make a distinction between “politicians” and “public servants.” Politicians can be described, generally, as those who, when in office, set public policy or establish land use restrictions or impose taxes and fees or enact other legislation directly affecting the lives of their constituents in many ways.

Public servants, on the other hand, have a job to do. They may be charged with surveying real estate, assessing property values, collecting property and sales taxes, registering motor vehicles, issuing driver’s licenses, recording real estate documents, issuing marriage license applications, conducting elections, or determining causes of death and conducting autopsies. Should a distinction be made between politicians and public servants when discussing term limits?

Other considerations may shape opinions about term limits for elected officials. For example, while some may advocate for the removal of term limits for local and state officials those same folks may be advocating for term limits for elected officials at the national level, beyond the President…for members of Congress where many elected officials seem out of touch with the needs of their constituents.

Term limits…YES! No term limits…YES! There are reasonable arguments for and against them…but isn’t that what elections are for…to determine whether an incumbent is doing a good enough job to be re-elected or doing such a poor job that he or she doesn’t deserve to serve another term? You decide.

As if running for elected office wasn’t difficult enough, there are many things to consider. First, after being nominated and before being elected there may be cries for you to step down. Second, with term limits you cannot continue to serve after an artificially established number of years/terms in office. And thirdly, there are laws which allow for petitions to be circulated calling for you to be recalled from office before your term is up.

Many believe efforts to recall elected officials are a waste of time and money. It is difficult to disagree with that assessment. It seems a far more efficient system would mandate the removal of an elected official by a judicial process only when the incumbent has not honored his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution of the United States or the state in which he resides, or if he has been convicted by a crime. If you don’t like the job an elected official is doing, don’t re-hire him next time around. What a concept.

Until such a time as term limit or recall legislation is removed from the books they are part of the political landscape. However, demands for a party nominee to step down once a nomination is secured is nothing more than an attempt to destroy what order there is in the political process…quite simply it is politics over principle…and that is wrong.

In spite of my distaste for recall elections, I believe The President of the United States should be recalled.

We cannot give Barrack Hussein Obama (a/k/a Barry Soetero) an additional twenty eight months to inflict more damage upon our great nation. In his first twenty months in office he has created more national debt than the combined debt of the forty-three presidents who have preceded him; he has created a stimulus package which is, by any objective analysis, a total failure; and he is replacing the best health care system in the world with one in which over 70% of the citizens disapprove. In the process he will destroy it.

The President, the mindless sheep in his administration (or are they the puppeteers pulling the strings), and his legions of entitlement-minded followers are dismantling each and every pillar upon our nation was built…step by step, deficit by deficit, crippling bill by crippling bill.

They claim the economy is turning around and “change we can believe in” takes time. Perhaps some improvement in the economy has occurred but it is due solely to hard-working American citizens and the foundation of our economy, the small businessman. And also, when you've hit rock bottom where else can you go but up? The President and his minions may be claiming credit but they deserve none!

So, tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, I will be travelling to the library to research what provisions in the Constitution of the United States justify the recall of our president. With the liberal interpretation of the Constitution by so many creative, activist judges nowadays perhaps we can find one who believes the recall of the President of the United States is a right granted to citizens under the 1st Amendment. After all, can’t our expression of free speech lead to our collective desire to remove an inept, ineffective, inexperienced and misguided “leader?”

Fearing that efforts to find sufficient legal support to recall our president will not bear fruit we can only ask him to save us the trouble by stepping down. In this manner, he can start his worldwide book and speaking tour a few years ahead of schedule and begin his very own economic recovery plan…one that I can support.

The rest of us cannot afford the president’s ill-advised, excessively costly economic recovery plan and his ambitious and ruinous one-world order plan.

Change we can believe in is around the corner…just fifty days away!


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