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Let me be clear. Feisal Abdul Rauf, chief propagandist for The Cordoba House, has no use for Americans. He will, therefore, see raised, in the shadow of Ground Zero, the Second Cordoba Mosque so to celebrate the religion that prompted 19 Arab Islamic terrorists to kill off, in a spectacle of religious zealotry, nearly 3000 Americans. Feisal Abdul Rauf is of one mind with our very own Ward Churchill, with those who seek the “root causes” of infamy and murder, as if it mattered, and thousands of Arab Muslims who embraced and danced joyfully in the streets when first they heard that Americans had been incinerated, crushed or had fallen from the Twin Towers as they collapsed in a fiery rubble.

In the 8th century a.d., Jihadists, following their conquest of Spain, built the First Cordoba Mosque upon the ruins of a Catholic Church. The poem of the Reconquista, El Diario del Cid, (The story of the Lord Cid) tells in exquisite prose of the Spanish expulsion of the Moors in the 13th century. Spain drove the Moors from the Cordoba Mosque and made it again a Catholic Church. In the symbols of the Cordoba Mosque and Catholic Church Europe witnessed a clash of civilizations: A clash of slavery and liberation, the Jihadist savagery of a Spanish people and their indomitable passion for freedom.

Cordoba was, of course, the seat of the caliphate established in what is now modern Spain after the Islamic invasion from North Africa in the 8th century A.D. The medieval occupation of Spain – “al-Andalus” – is considered by Islamic theorists to have been an inevitable step in the manifest destiny of Islam, and its eventual reversal through the lengthy European “Reconquista” a tragic but temporary triumph of the infidels…. “Cordoba,” in Islamic symbolic terms, means Islamic rule in the West. It does not mean “coexistence,” unless coexistence is interpreted as referring to Islamic rule. [1]

The national outrage that the Second Cordoba apologists have again provoked—particularly in those who witnessed the immolation of a husband, wife, son or daughter, relative or friend— lays bare the malice of those, who in a mockery of truth, claim that the builders of the Second Cordoba Mosque will seek a common human understanding, offer solace to those in grief, and their open hand to all in peace.

The truth be told, Feisal Abdul Raul is prolific in his hatred of Americans. He accuses us of complicity in 911, argues that Al Quaida himself is the natural consequence of American perfidy, that American policy is everywhere the cause of injustice, misery and death; that only America’s most abject mea culpa, mea maxima culpa (my fault, my most grievous fault) to the Muslim world would begin to absolve Americans of the stain that is their noxious original sin. Americans may well ask: Feisal Abdul Raul, what is the heinous fault of our American dead at Ground Zero? What unspeakable evil have these good people wrecked on Muslims to justify Jihad and savage death?

Let me be clear. What Feisal Abdul Rauf really wants— no demands— is the diminishment of the American, his civilization, tradition and law. He demands no less than an ascendant Sharia and Qur’anic state. Feisal Abdul Rauf explains candidly that, ”What Muslims want is a judiciary that ensures that the laws are not in conflict with the Qur'an and the Hadith.”[2]The Second Cordoba Mosque will be his beachhead.

While Feisal Abdul Rauf’s hatred of Americans is at least comprehensible given who and what he is, it is more difficult to understand the worldview of President O’Bama and the Left he represents to the exclusion of all others. Why did the President’s speech to a Muslim audience provoke a national outrage? For several reasons: The issue was none of the President’s business. While he immediately sought to make good a literary escape from his own words willfully supporting the building of the Second Cordoba Mosque, his rationalization laid bare instead a startling intellectual vacuity.

911 victims are not, as President O’Bama concludes, raising an “emotional” objection to the building of a mosque. They are expressing their rational anger at President O’Bama’s temerity in lecturing Americans on the Constitutional meaning of religious freedom. They are angry because, in a speech to an exclusively Muslim audience, the President pitched his unqualified support for the building of the Second Cordoba Mosque. They are angry because the President implied by his First Amendment lecture that Americans are motivated by ignoble sentiments.

Finally, Americans are angry because the President studiously ignored the symbolism sought by Muslims in the building of the Second Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero. To ignore the fact and power of this symbol is to ignore as well the suffering of the American people from whom, Americans are beginning to discover, the President is, and has always been, profoundly estranged.

The First Amendment argument is fallacious. There are hundreds of mosques in New York and throughout the United States and Europe. It is the symbolic location of this particular mosque that has raised the ire of an entire nation. The Second Cordoba Mosque, once built, will be the permanent, toxic symbol of a pretentious Islamic triumphalism just as was the first Cordoba Mosque an older generation of Jihadists, upon their conquest of Spain, built upon the ruins of a Catholic Church and the enslavement of a Spanish people.

The Second Cordoba mosque, particularly in America, may also be used to further terrorist ambitions. In August of 2010, Germany closed down a mosque that was being used, over the years, to increase, finance and make more efficient the killing power of Islamic terrorists, including the 19 Saudi Arabians who took part in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and Twin Towers.

We have closed the mosque because it was a recruiting and meeting point for Islamic radicals who wanted to participate in so-called jihad or holy war," said Frank Reschreiter, a spokesman for Hamburg's state interior ministry. He said that 20 police officers were searching the building and had confiscated material, including several computers. He was not aware of any arrests.

Authorities have said the prayer house, formerly known as the al-Quds mosque, was a meeting and recruiting point years ago for some of the Sept. 11 attackers before they moved to the United States. Ringleader Mohamed Atta as well as Marwan Al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah had studied in Hamburg and frequented the al-Quds mosque….

A 2009 report by the Hamburg branch of Germany's domestic intelligence agency also said the mosque had again become the "centre of attraction for the jihad scene" in the northern port city…. some people who belonged to the mosque's cultural association and prayed there had traveled to a radical training camp in Uzbekistan. A group of 11 militants that traveled to military training camps in Uzbekistan in March 2009 was formed at Taiba mosque….

“A very important factor for the radicalization of the group members was certainly their joint visits to the mosque," the intelligence report stated. It appears that one man from the group joined the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a terrorist organization in Central Asia….[3]

Mr. Alan Dershowitz, our official American liberal, took a swing at members of the Anti Defamation league for its objection to the building of the mosque.[4] A Jewish member of ADL expressed, out of the recollection of his pain and as a lyrical counterpoint to the horrors of a holocaust, that in their objection to the mosque, Jews are entitled to their “irrationalism.” And so they are. He makes a good point. Must we Americans, in order to meet the test of rationality, bow our heads, debase our nation and ourselves with pallid acquiescence as Muslims build a mosque two blocks from the rubble of the Twin Towers— this to show how liberal, diverse, multicultural and politically correct we are? We might well take a lesson from the history of the Jews. Jews did not survive the ages because they were multicultural. They survived because they were Jews.

Are our leaders so blind to symbolism that they cannot see in the building of the Second Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero a symbol, however false, of Jihadist martial, moral and intellectual conquest?

Symbols provoke feelings of love and hate, patriotism and chauvinism, religious faith and bigotry. Americans, however, do not hate. They object to the building of a mosque on hollowed ground by those who would celebrate the jihadist immolation of Americans at Ground Zero.

How, for example, would you react to these symbols? A Japanese Bushido Shrine at the Pearl Harbor memorial. A picture of Adolph Hitler over every Christian altar with a Nazi Swastika Flag placed reverently to each side. (So ordered by Adolf Hitler following his incorporation of Austria into the Third Reich). A replica of the Confederate flag above the seated sculpture of President Abraham Lincoln. A daily musical recording of Deutschland uber Alles to break the sacred silence in the graveyards of Normandy where American soldiers lie beneath a Cross, Crescent or Star of David.

Or a Second Cordoba Mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero— as in the shadows of our mind and heart, sometimes alone and desolate, we touch our still enduring grief, as we touch again the memory of those we love and our America and the once proud Twin Towers taken down unto the dust.

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