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In November of 1987, a grand jury witness Joyce Lloray saw a young black female climb into a “…big green plastic garbage bag and then lay still on the cold, muddy ground. Later, this child would claim that several white men, including one who was wearing a badge, dragged her into the woods and for several days repeatedly raped her.[1] She was found with racial epithets written on her body. She was smeared with excrement. She was taken to a hospital where she gave a statement to police officers in which she was curiously unable to describe her assailants to the police except to say that they were white. An FBI rape-kit was administered and sent under seal to an FBI lab.

A grand jury, after hearing testimony from a hundred witnesses determined that the 15-year-old’s claim was false this based on the following undisputed evidence: She had been overheard telling others that in fact she had not been raped. There was no evidence whatever of exposure although she claimed to have been stranded in the woods for several days at a time when the evening temperature dropped below freezing. While she claimed that she had been repeatedly raped, her physical examination and the rape kit confirmed that there was no evidence whatever that any sexual intercourse—much less serial rape at the hands of several white men—had occurred. She was seen entering her apartment a day or two after she was supposed to have been abducted. Finally, tests made on the excrement with which she was found smeared and on the excrement of her neighbor’s dog indicated unequivocally they were one and the same.

Al Sharpton, and company, taking Tawana Brawley under his wing, accused the local police, a local prosecutor and then Governor Mario Cuomo of a cover-up. Indeed, he accused the prosecutor of complicity in Ms. Brawley’s abduction. Years later the prosecutor would recover a judgment for defamation of character against Mr. Sharpton in the sum of $365,000.

Mr. Sharpton, even now, whenever questioned about how he could have engaged in such vicious and hateful behavior and why he has repeatedly refused to apologize to those whose reputations he has savaged, still implies that there is good reason to believe that Ms. Brawley’s story is true. He defends first by ignoring the undisputed facts, and finally, by a most arrogant duplicity. In fact, Al Sharpton displays the wretched mind and heart of a man who is willing to destroy reputations with ugly falsehoods and abuse a 15-year-old child so long as by doing so, he may promote self-aggrandizement. Yet, however warped is his character, he has nevertheless “rehabilitated” himself in the eyes of the O’Bama administration and as well, among his peers.

It is this same Al Sharpton, who this weekend, while preaching at Dunbar High School, condemned Glen Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial. In a master piece of double-speak, Al Sharpton and others claimed that Glen Beck preaches the language of exclusion, that in his insistence on state’s rights he is in fact seeking to deny African-Americans the protections of a federal government—or shall we tell it like it is, that Beck and his audience are racists, all 500,000 or more of them. Racist attack is now subtler than ever it used to be—used to be you had to be a racist; but no more.

It is shameful that Al Sharpton was permitted to deliver his rant at Dunbar High School. At Dunbar, a once exclusively black high school, African/American students in the forties and fifties particularly were simply excelling in scholarship. Long before the Civil Rights Act, they showed that they had what it takes—that the African American mind and heart and will were all they needed to excel. Black students studied Greek and Latin languages, the classics of Greece and Rome, Britain’s Shakespeare, geometry, mathematics, American and European history, philosophy and literature, composition, logic and rhetoric. They went on to do well. Indeed, Retired General Collin Powell graduated from Dunbar High School.

Al Sharpton most certainly did not.

[1] (www.courttv.com/legaldocs/newsmakers/tawana/part1.html). Outrage: The Story Behind the Tawana Brawley Hoax

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