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President O’Bama sooner or later will try to grant amnesty to as many as 20 million illegal immigrants. So incompetent is the federal government’s maintenance of the border, no one really knows the exact number. Americans will then experience, as they experienced following the passing of President’s Reagan’s grant of amnesty in 1986, yet another exponential increase in permanent illegal immigration. In a display of executive and legislative brass knuckled fisticuffs, the President and his Democrats will again defy the will of the American people.

Permanent illegal Immigration, also known by the euphemism Open Borders will de facto become the law of the land simply because the President, even if he is able to impose amnesty, simply will not secure America’s southern border or deport that rare minority of illegal aliens who enter the United States bent on the commission of crime. These are the illegal immigrants who, even now, crowd American jails as they sell Americans lethal drugs, sexually abuse, maim and kill their children,[1] and kidnap, ransom, and otherwise exploit Americans. Arizona, for example, now has a kidnapping rate second only to Mexico City.

Once 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants are granted amnesty and therefore, the right to vote, amnesty and permanent illegal immigration will accelerate the deconstruction of a once indivisible people into factions and warring tribes. Businesses seeking cheap labor will continue to beckon mass immigration in ever larger numbers, and Democrats will have captured a new ethnic constituency whose votes they may entice with racial preferences and the largess of a welfare state they have built upon the backs of the American taxpayer, his children and grand children, yet unborn. Here Democrats, since 1986, have imposed the principle George Orwell coined in his satire Animal Farm. In Animal Farm, a democracy of farm animals, some animals are far more equal than others.

The economic pressure placed on the states and government to scour from Americans additional tax dollars to cover the costs of massive welfare, and crime control will accelerate their impoverishment as it is, even now, introducing them to the stygian bondage of state serfdom. While President O’Bama in a spectacle of political legerdemain has engaged a commission that will seek ways to “reduce the deficit,” in fact, it will recommend a VAT tax so as to grind from the tax payer and transfer to government, massive taxes the Americans will be forced to pay on everything from popcorn to motor boats.

The Democrats will pitch the myth that the new VAT tax will be used to reduce the deficit. But the truth is that the VAT tax will be devoured by a rogue welfare state that is done with subordination of its will, to the will of a sovereign American people—this because, the welfare state is more than ever moved by patronage, power and naked self-aggrandizement.

Those in favor of amnesty, and the enshrinement of permanent illegal immigration are anarchists unfaithful to the American Constitution, and the rule of law. While they may clothe strategy in the language of emotional altruism they disguise neither their anarchist ideology nor their perverse ambition.

In 1986, President Reagan signed an amnesty bill, sponsored by Democrats that favored two million Mexican illegal aliens with American citizenship. The Democrats, however, broke their promise to cooperate in the securing of the southern border; and their betrayal is precisely the reason the government guesses there are now 11 to 20 million illegal aliens residing in the United States. The Democrats, in the next Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill will repeat precisely the same tactic that so rapidly increased illegal immigration when the 1986 amnesty bill became law. The pseudo-moral arguments made by those who claim that their desire for amnesty and permanent illegal immigration arise only from selfless altruism are frivolous, ambitious, self-serving and lawless. Worse still, their arguments, like the theory of anarchy itself, are irrational.

The first obligation of a nation, if its citizens may legitimately call their country a nation, is to maintain its borders. Should the nation fail in this primary, and I should say primeval obligation, then citizenship becomes instantly meaningless. If a person may, by his violation of American borders, declare himself the beneficiary of every right and privilege incident to American citizenship, then American citizenship becomes a farce.

The citizen exists only as does his nation. However, where anarchy reigns, its acolytes pretend that they may claim citizenship simply by a change of geography. Their reasoning is irredeemably circular. He who is here is an American. Why? Because he is here of course. Anarchy, therefore, is by definition a radical political credo that seeks the imposition of universal lawlessness on all people, everywhere and all the time. The philosopher A.C. Grayling defined Anarchy in his most recent book Ideas That Matter.

"Anarchy literally means ‘without ruler or government’, and denotes a political arrangement in which there is no framework of laws or a governing authority. Anarchism is the theory that advocates anarchy in this sense; it is the theory held by those who argue for abolition of the state, defined as a body, which exists to maintain a compulsory legal order. Anarchists argue that organic communities will emerge from the common sense of people opposed to living under any form of authority other than what they impose on themselves."

Anarchy is the dystopian credo of the illegal alien and his leftist promoter, who believe that a melodramatic declaration of his illegal presence in the United States is by itself more than enough to confer the benefits and privileges of American citizenship. No other authority need be declared; certainly not custom, tradition, the law or the American Constitution from which the right and privilege of citizenship is actually derived.

The self-declared citizen need not wish to live his life in America, learn the language, declare his loyalty, support a United States Constitution or assimilate into the American culture—indeed, he may be one of a mob who recently protested criticism of permanent illegal immigration (or open borders) by waving in the face of Arizona police officers, a Mexican flag emblazoned with the likeness of the communist mass murderer Che Guevara. Or another mob that in lurid contempt of America and Americans desecrated the American flag with black paint and scribbled obscenities— and set the flag afire at the Arizona Capitol building.

Because the anarchist’s argument is logically and rationally absurd, he does not and will not engage in rational debate. Instead, he loads his demand for citizenship with irrelevant, lachrymose or hateful responses to those who would deny his claim simply because it is demonstrably repugnant to the Constitution and the rule of law—indeed, that his claim is premised not in law but anarchy. The essence of the anarchist dilemma is that illegal aliens, as a matter of law, are lawbreakers, and therefore have no right, and certainly no constitutional right to demand the nullification of American borders, the imposition of permanent immigration and to all who are able to find their way across the border, a grant of amnesty, citizenship and government largess.

Logic and reason, however, are of no force or effect in this debate. Emotion and intimidation rage and hate alone hold sway. The promoter of illegal immigration, and therefore anarchy, carefully avoids discussion of an ancient law of nations that makes his claim a patent nullity. He resorts instead to vaporous theories conjured out of a Marxist mysticism or of all things, faux Mexican nationalism.

For example, the anarchist dissembles that the presence of lawbreakers in the U.S. is infinitely beneficial to U.S. citizens; that undocumented workers are careful to take only those jobs unequivocally rejected by the millions of Americans now out of work; and that finally, Americans object to his presence only because they are racists, bigots, xenophobes and worse.

Libel, defamation, and exhibitions of chauvinist hatred—as in the desecration and burning of an American flag, are of course, the last refuge of the bigot and bully and |the incendiary demagogue who cannot or will not think, debate or engage in common civility. Americans rightly defy and condemn defamations that are demonstrable and vicious falsehoods. Defamation, after all, does not persuade, proves nothing and exposes the demagogue’s passionate vacuity. In fact, the anarchist, as he expresses contempt for America and Americans, reveals at last that he is without legal and constitutional grounds to demand from American citizens the right to permanently invade their borders, and once there demand as a matter of right the privileges of American citizenship.

Finally, as the anarchist’s arguments are illogical, unlawful, and indeed, supercilious, he now claims |that the real issue is "humaneness" to which, of course, the media, the Democrat administration, its president and federal judges have responded with supine and shameful acquiescence.

President O’Bama, having failed to humiliate the sovereign state of Arizona into surrender, then sued to bend it to his always politically oriented will. Together, the President, a federal judge and most Democrats engaged in a howling contempt for the Constitution, the rule of law and the dignity of a sovereign state and its sovereign people. In a shameful burst of inebriate enthusiasm Democrats jumped to their feet en masse and cheered and clapped wildly their applause for Mexican president Philippe Calderon who, as an American president stood approvingly by, accused Americans of racism.

In fact, as a matter of law, a person has no right to declare himself an American citizen or to demand citizenship as if it were his right. That is the law in America. It is the law in every sovereign state, extant or extinct. And those who declare otherwise are anarchists, that is, people who will not accept, who indeed have repudiated an American Constitution and the rule of law. You simply cannot have at once anarchy and law.

There is no exception anywhere. That the O’Bama administration is engaged in the promulgation of lawlessness, and the dismantlement of a Constitution, that it is also willing to betray the common law that is its foundation, even so, does not create a right to declare oneself a citizen. It is an American tragedy that such betrayal inspires lawlessness, and infamy, cynicism and contempt, corruption and bankruptcy, and an intransigent O’Bama administration.

But what, after all, is to be done when the President himself shreds the law, vilifies Americans and declares himself to be in all manner of things, great and small, the final and enlightened word? Well, the November polls will soon be upon us all; and it will be a day of reckoning.

[1] During President Bush’s tenure there were 50 illegal aliens on death row for myriad crimes of violence.

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