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I have discovered a national treasure and she is British. How wonderful. She is a woman of courageous mind and pen, a good, true and faithful heart. That said, Ms. Philips’ script is not for the bandy legged, or feint of heart; she will not delight the atheist or inspire the well medicated postmodern acolyte. That is because she takes no prisoners as she dismantles a nihilistic philosophy that claims there is no truth or principle; there is no God or natural law; that we are all of us descendants of a gibbering ape or maybe a slimy algae once swished about a primeval soup. [1] Ms. Philips, writes that “Far from basking in an age of reason,

Western society is characterized by a profound and widespread irrationality. While organized religion in many parts of the West is on the wane, with dwindling church attendance and a systematic erosion of Judeo-Christian principles by an intelligentsia for whom belief in god is evidence of deep stupidity or even insanity, Western society has filled the gap with a range of bizarre, irrational and premodern beliefs and behavior.

Americans are not entirely innocent. With a stygian naiveté that beggars common sense, a majority of Americans, in the 2008 election, simply refused to consider,

…highly troubling details of [President O’Bama’s] personal history: his ambivalence about his fractured identity, his efforts to conceal or misrepresent crucial details about his background, and a pattern of unsavory or radical associations. The fact that his pre-election statements were intellectually and politically incoherent, frighteningly naïve or patently contradictory [was for Americana] as of no consequence…. The appeal of the myth he embodied, with its capacity to redeem American, was simply too strong…. He made them feel good about themselves; he stood for hope, love, reconciliation, youthfulness and fairies at the bottom of the garden….When he won the Democratic Party nomination, he declared that this would be seen as ‘the moment when the rise of oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Upon President O’Bama’s victory, my youngest northeastern brother, Dudley, called to tell me giddily, “the people are dancing in the streets.” I could have popped him one right then.

Speaking of the irrational, global alarmist Michael Man, created a “hockey stick” graph proving conclusively— so he once claimed—nine hundred years of virtually immobile temperatures followed catastrophically by a global warming spike certain to transform all plant, human and animal life into charcoal briskets. Mr. Man however, excised from history and his hockey stick graph, seven centuries in which the Medieval Warming Period created temperatures higher than temperatures recorded in the 20th and 21st centuries. In passing, he also repealed the Little Ice Age.

An irrational President, Senators Kerry, McCain and legion numbers of politicians and real people— politically or financially invested up to their ears in the mindless shtick that is global warming— still hold, as a tenet of their faith, that, unless Americans squander trillions into the infinitesimal reduction of carbon dioxide, the earth goddess Gaia and all her splendid creation will go down in fiery death. Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth video continues to be taught uncritically in high schools throughout America, as if it were a divine revelation. In fact, it is junk science. Ms. Philips writes that,

In October 2007, in a court case relating to the his movie, the High Court in London identified nine… ‘errors’—but in fact there were many more. As Christopher Booker has catalogued, the movie misrepresents the scientific literature, states there are threats where there are none and exaggerates them where they may exist. For example, Gore claimed that sea levels would rise by a massive 20 feet—as opposed to the IPCC, which had forecast the likely rise at between 4 and 17 inches over the next century.

Perhaps Ms. Philips greatest contribution to rationality and truth is contained in a chapter entitled The Misrepresentation of Israel in which she proves conclusively Israel’s historical and international legitimacy and as well, a calculated calumny—let us call it what it is—an ascendant and irrational hate, a primeval bigotry that still demands its pound of flesh. While the propaganda suggests that the United Nations and the O’Bama administration are “pressuring” a bellicose Israel to embrace, finally and at last, a “Two State Solution” Ms. Philips answers with plain and unimpeachable truth.

There are many other examples of irrational thinking and demonstrable falsehoods in the animus against Israel. It is a departure from reality, for example, to believe that the Arab/Israel impasse would have ended by the creation of a Palestinian state when the Arabs have repeatedly refused to accept a ‘two-state solution.’ They were offered such a state in 1936 and 1947; they were offered the land that is claimed for such a state in 1967; when the West Bank and Gaza were proffered to the Arabs in return for peace, and the response was the famous ‘three noes’’; more than 90 percent of the territories was offered for such a state in 2000, to which the Palestinians responded by launching the ‘Second Intifada’ campaign of mass murder against Israelis; and by all accounts they were offered much the same thing in 2008 by the Israeli government of Ehud Olmert.

I also recommend the late great Arnold Toynbee’s 1200 word tour de force A Study of History, (about $12.00 bucks) and Larry Schwekart’s 960 page A Patriots’ History of the United States ($18.00 bucks). (There is a rumor that a publishing company, in a peon to squalid, irrational nonsense, has offered Lindsey Lohan a million bucks for a memoir of her thirty day jail sentence for driving while intoxicated. More is the pity).

Ms. Philips in The World Turned Upside Down, celebrates truth, reason and sanctity. She has set out upon a quest to expose and dismantle a postmodern philosophy of hatred and despair, chaos and irrationality. In this great work, Ms. Philips is well and truly engaged.

May she always write.

July 27, 2010

[1] Melanie Phillips, The World Turned Upside down, The Global Battle Over god, Truth, and Power. (Encounter Books, 2010).

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