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Twixt my finger and my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. (Witch on the approach of Shakespeare’s Macbeth).

In a spectacle of corruption, and chicanery, the Democrats, in breach of their oath to preserve and protect the Constitution, passed a healthcare bill, declared it splendid—and now are crowing victory. Americans, however, are shouting their wrath even as they pledge the political obliteration of Democrats. Well Done Democrats! Again Well Done! You have worked from your own rope the hangman’s noose will swing thee in the November winds.

The Democrats who voted yea sought to camouflage their faithlessness in contrivance, in fig leafs, however small, might cover their moral nakedness. Some pitched a beauteous vision: The Bill will irradiate the deficit, though they know as well as we the Bill will impose trillions in debt upon Americans and their children yet unborn.

Others embrace the tactics of Machiavelli. They believe that so long as they dump truckloads of cash into the pockets of their constituents, they will survive. The Chicago Presidential Administration love these Democrats. For they are of one mind, know the subtleties of crookedness and blowing smoke. Indeed, they are of one alloyed ambition: self-aggrandizement and the ascendance of a welfare state. So for the President there is no promise too great or small, too brazen or profane for which he will not squander American wealth or plunge American children into unquenchable deficits and penury. There were others of course who drape themselves in religion. One politician announced piously he would vote for the bill only after a soulful talk with his Catholic priest. He is not worth more words than this: Suffice to say he holds himself in religious awe.

Rep. Bart Stupak and the Democrats who pledged their conscience to the protection of an unborn child’s right to life promised to vote No to the Bill—until at last, just as the cock crowed, they betrayed the peoples’ sacred trust. Suddenly, Rep. Stupak saw the light; he would vote for the Bill because President O’bama, the most pro abortion President ever to take office, would publish an executive order urging the prohibition of federally funded abortions. Clear conscience indeed. Rep. Stupak, and the pro life Democrats who joined him knew then and now that the President’s Executive Order when signed will be a nullity that it cannot constitutionally trump the legislative language of the Bill or the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade.

In Roe, the Supreme Court legitimized de facto, despite its restrictive words, any and all abortions, any time. If Rep. Stupak, and the few pro-life democrats were ignorant of the impotency of executive orders, why then didn’t they research the law? Why didn’t they ask the Council of Bishops for a copy of the briefs written by their legal staff? They would have discovered that an executive order is powerless to alter legislation or contest the ruling of courts?

The question for unborn children is one of life and death. Therefore, our would be champions must demand certainty. Why then didn’t Rep. Stupak and the pro life Democrats find out whether they could rely upon the President’s executive order to stop the taking of innocent life? As both the President and Stupak know the President’s executive order is a profane farce then, upon what law does Stupak rely to keep safe unborn children from the abortionist? The silence is deafening.

How quickly has principle surrendered to expedience. Perhaps Rep. Stupak simply erred. But why then did he so fiercely excoriate Republicans who proposed an amendment to the Bill, framed precisely in the language of the first Stupak amendment— an amendment that would have protected unborn children from federal extinction? And if Democrats are of one mind with the President and believe therefore, that his executive order will prevent federal funding of abortions why did Rep. Stupak and the rest of the Democrats vote the Republican amendment down? Why have Democrats adamantly rejected an amendment to protect unborn children from abortion that presumably is in harmony with President O’Bama’s executive order?

After the bill passed, Republicans introduced a motion that sought to send the bill back to committee and amend its abortion language using the kind of wording that Stupak originally wanted. Stupak spoke against the motion, leading to the shouts from some Republicans. Stupak told the chamber that the president's executive order would assure that "the sanctity of life is protected," and that the motion was "nothing more than an opportunity to continue to deny 32 million Americans health care.” For the Republicans to now claim that we send the bill back to committee under this guise of protecting life is disingenuous," Stupak said. "This motion is really to politicize life, not prioritize life.” The motion did not pass. CNN politics. Monday, March 22, 2010

From the beginning, President O’Bama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi conceived out of the secular caverns of their radical vision a health care bill unmoved by facts or consequence. There they discovered the Bill would lower the deficit, bend the cost curve down, insure well over forty-five million Americans presently uninsured, eliminate billions in fraud, lower the cost of annual family health care premiums by $2500.00 and probably make us all immortal. But when well-researched and incontestable facts shattered their shtick, Democrats raised a stonewall against debate or challenges to their vision, flung racial or Nazi epithets at those who tried to debate and resorted in the end to shabby gimmickry. They wrung out of the Congressional Budget Office (CB0) an opinion would confirm their vision. But they know, as do all Americans, that the CBO’s findings, as they are constrained by the presumptions provided by the Democrats are nothing less than fiction.

Tacitus wrote of the Romans They made a desert and called it peace. Just so would the Democrats make of America a welfare state and call her still a democracy. Their constituency, however, the American people detest hypocrisy. Americans also detest the arrogance of politicians who would defy the Constitution, the States and its people. Finally, the great majority of Americans want to protect unborn children from the abortionist. That’s why so many Americans placed their trust in Rep. Stupak—and in a President, remember, who promised that the Bill would not fund the aborting of unborn children.

This too will pass, they think. So the President’s office has announced a unique media blitz will calm the circus rubes. The President will make lots of speeches. He will tell us that if we want to we can keep our old policy, our old doctor, that we will pay much less for health care, that the Bill will reduce the deficit, improve health care, particularly for the elderly presumably by striping five hundred billion dollars from Medicare. But wait, all this sounds too familiar. Must we hear this rot again? Perhaps not. Here is an American, Mitt Romney in A Campaign Begins Today.

Today America has just witnessed an unconscionable abuse of power. President Obama has betrayed his oath to the nation — rather than bringing us together, ushering in a new kind of politics, and rising above raw partisanship, he has succumbed to the lowest denominator of incumbent power: justifying the means by extolling the ends. He promised better; we deserved better. he calls his accomplishment “historic” — in this he is correct, although not for the reason he intends. Rather, it is an historic usurpation of the legislative process — he unleashed the nuclear option, enlisted not a single Republican vote in either chamber, bribed reluctant members of his own party, paid-off his union backers, scapegoated insurers, and justified his act with patently fraudulent accounting. What Barrack Obama has ushered into the American political landscape is not good for our country; in the words of an ancient maxim, “what starts twisted, ends twisted.”

His health-care bill is unhealthy for America. It raises taxes, slashes the more private side of Medicare, installs price controls, and puts a new federal bureaucracy in charge of health care. It will create a new entitlement even as the ones we already have are bankrupt. For these reasons and more, the act should be repealed. That campaign begins today.

 — Mitt Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts and author of No Apology03/22 09:24 AM

It is time again to gird our loins, to fight, to screw our courage to the sticking place, to vow we will not fail, to cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war. After all, we are not undone nor will we be undone by the likes of Stupak and the President.

Let us condemn this obscenity: The Democrats, the President and his Congress have breathed into life a law will serve up unborn children to the fatal attractions of abortion. What have they done! What have they done!

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