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Democrats and Republicans serve a single constituency, the Welfare State Uber Alles, an entity that exists “above all”, beyond the pale, in defiance of a once sovereign people. It functions in contempt of Democracy. It is the portent of a dying Constitution. Inexorably, the Welfare State confiscates the territory of mind and heart where free thinking strives to prevail and government trespass is forbidden. It is the legacy of a culturally Marxist left triumphant in the Democratic Party. It is the legacy of a Republican Party that claims falsely to be the champion of a conservative people.

To ensure the ascendance of a permanent and indestructible Welfare State, President O’bama has embraced “…a federal budget deficit projected to run into the trillions of dollars, [and] appears willing to increase the current $10 trillion U.S. national debt by 65 percent in just two years.”[2] The President’s budget is a human conflagration that beggars the gross indulgence of former President Bush who claims the conservative mantle. It is a hard truth to tell but President O’bama’s collectivist vision is not the anti-thesis of President’s Bush’s vision; it is its logical fulfillment.

In their last eight years of power Republicans drastically increased the power and reach of the Welfare State. They increased federal spending by 70 percent,[3] a record barely exceeded by the late President Lyndon Johnson who birthed a “Great Society”—now a heap of expensive rubble—out of a Democratic spending orgy. Republicans have also competed collegially with Democrats to see whose earmarks might take the grander cut of pork. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, for example, a conservative Republican, is a finalist for the Porker of the Month award. The good Senator defended her pursuit of earmarks as the quintessence of patriotic duty. Indeed, she characterized her demand for 1.6 billion of taxpayer’s money as a selfless service to her state of Texas— a request only by coincidence aligned with her campaign for Governor.

In naming Sen. Hutchison the October 2009 “Porker of the Month,” CAGW said, “While claiming to be a fiscal conservative, Sen. Hutchison requested 149 projects worth $1.6 billion for authorization and appropriations bills for fiscal year 2010.”[4]

On May 9, 2007, the “conservative” President Bush signed the “National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive.” The Executive Order empowers the President, in the event of a national emergency,

“to ‘seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces on roads, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, [and] restrict travel.”[5]

Now, powers usually wielded by despots are available to a new President dead set on vesting irrevocably in the Welfare State the power to tax and redistribute hard-earned American wealth to his loyal and ever more dependant constituencies.

We should judge the Parties by the abject failure of their economic prophecies. In 2007, Bush experts predicted a glorious economic future even as the American economy began its descent into the abyss. In the Economic Report of the President for 2007 prepared by the Council of Economic Advisers, the experts giddily concluded, “’Economic growth in the United States has been above the historic average and faster than any other major industrialized economy in the world.’” President Bush, concurring, announced, “’our economy is on the move.” He proclaimed that “…we can keep it that way by continuing to pursue sound economic policy based on free-market principles.’” Emphasis added. [6]

Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign revealed a more insidious cause of Republican perfidy. It is not that Republicans, like innocent lambs, have lost their way; it is that they know their way too well. Senator McCain, while he claims conservative laurels, he nevertheless fancies himself a “Wily Maverick.” Indeed, just recently he cantered across the aisle to support a Democratic initiative intent on the destruction of the American economy by the passage of an international swindle known as Cap and Trade.

While prancing about the other side of the aisle, the wily maverick also co-sponsored a bill with the late Ted Kennedy that would have granted blanket amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. While the majority of people are here, however illegally, for the chance at a job and a decent life, tens of thousands are sojourning in federal prisons in punishment for their commission of execrable crimes upon American citizens. Others are forging social security cards and working the welfare state for hard cash and the full range of welfare benefits. We shall never know the legion numbers of people who are not American citizens but who nevertheless vote faithfully and virtually always for Democrats in state and national elections.

While, Senator McCain thinks of himself as quite the primal and principled conservative, in 2001, he “… founded the Alexandria, Virginia-based Reform Institute as a vehicle to receive funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute, as well as several other prominent leftist nonprofit organizations….”[7]A politician out for money from the likes of George Soros will certainly suck up to the Welfare State. While Senator McCain should have been put out to pasture long ago, the rumor is that he is seriously considering another presidential run. Whatever may be his new political theme it will not change a thing. We know his constituency.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a conservative Republican just announced that, on Cap and Trade, he is willing to be the sixtieth vote that will pass this obscene piece of legislation into law. That he stands censured by true conservatives in his party is for Senator Graham, the wind blowing.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has been censured for a second time in the last three months by members of the South Carolina GOP. In a resolution approved Monday by the Lexington County Republican Party, Graham was attacked for working with Democratic leaders in the Senate on cap-and-trade legislation.“U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham through his support of a cap-and-trade bill, reiterates his support for government intervention in the private sector in direct contradiction of the Republican principle of free markets, as stated by the Republican party platform,” reads the resolution, which also accuses Graham of having “debased” Republican principles.[8]

The most telling Democratic response to legitimate Republican criticism of its health care plan occurred when a few Democrats reminded Republicans that they too are facilitators of the Welfare State. President Bush, a Republican House and Senate rammed through an exorbitant and unfunded Medicare Supplement bill. Democrats quietly asked, eyebrows raised and tongue in cheek, where the Republicans might find the trillions necessary to pay for this new extension of federal power. Ah details. The Republicans, in their passing of another instantly bankrupt program, used strong-arm tactics to vest in the Welfare State, an ever more aggressive reach and power. They should not be surprised that their strong-arm tactics would serve as a model for the O’Bama administration’s legislative use of gross bribery and an iron fist in faithful service to the same State.

Compromise, as it is now used by the parties, is far too often a species of duplicity, an instrument obfuscation and moral decline. Blue Dog Democrats, traditionally “conservative”, when presented with a socialist, bank-breaking health care bill, cynically garnished with shameful bribes, took the bribes—and in the taking, sold their favor, vote, honor, dignity and all else in return for transitory self-aggrandizement.

The conservative political tribes, Democrat Blue Dogs and Republican “conservatives”, are alike well practiced in the barking of platitudes. They condemn the decline of Western civilization as they increase the size and power of a Welfare State dedicated to its destruction. They bow solemnly to the sanctity of life as they quietly fund the abortion of children. They praise the Constitution as they step on it. Indeed, it may be time that Blue Dogs and Republicans consider the admonition of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

This above all

To thine ownself be true, 

And it must follow, as the night the day, 

Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

What is to be done? We must dismantle the Welfare State or accept the status of serfs in our own country, as we live upon our own land, We will not prevail in this Herculean task with the cooperation of those who built it stone by stone: the Democratic Party, The Blue Dogs, Republican “conservatives,” Senators McCain, Lindsey, Hutchinson and their ilk. We should reject moderates, pragmatists, wily mavericks; and negotiators willing to compromise anything. We must vote into political oblivion the advocates of the Welfare State Uber Alles— whatever be their name and party.

Who then will have our vote? It will be men and women committed to an American Constitution precisely as it is written, leaders whose first loyalty is to the People and the States, the Constitution, its 9th and 10th Amendments—not the Welfare State and its acolytes, not the Justices who are able to find between the lines of a Constitution plainly written, anything that pleases their political fancy.

It will take a common, peaceful, lawful and implacable Revolution. The hour is late, but not too late to recover the America that once in days gone by was our certain heritage. It is late but not too late to embrace again the faith of our Fathers and their Constitution.

But what “If we should fail? We fail!

But screw your courage to the sticking-place,

And we'll not fail.”[10]

Finally, we must cast to the dump of dead and dying ideologies, a politically correct demagogy that has birthed a neurotic hatred of America, American sovereignty and all things American. We must capture, shrink, bind and confine within the constraints of an American Constitution the aberration that is the Welfare State, Uber Alles— which, even as I write, is transforming free Americans into serfs, bound in service and penury to its voracious appetite. We gain nothing by easy compromise. Small talk is not the stuff of revolution. Instead, let us take up “Caesar’s spirit….

Cry ‘Havoc,’

and let slip the dogs of war,

that this foul deed shall smell

above the earth
 with carrion men,

groaning for burial.

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