Monday, January 11, 2010

“Mark My Words…Predictions for 2010”
by John Alexander Madison
January 11, 2010

Global Warming: Although not for the reasons the inventor of the Internet claims, global warming will become more of a reality due to the President and his legions of blind sheep continuing their rhetoric (read “hot air”) about socialism AND the need for a national healthcare program AND a one world economy AND their irresponsible spending. Also the U.S. Treasury’s printing presses, running twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week, will overheat and thereby help create much needed warmth and relief from the unprecedented arctic temperatures blanketing the Deep South early in this New Year. So much for global warming, Senator Gore.

U.S. Senate (East): Republican Scott Brown will be elected United States Senator from Massachusetts. He will be the first Republican elected from Massachusetts in 37 years, filling the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat. Citizens saw positive results with Republican Governor Mitt Romney and believe another Republican candidate can serve them well in Congress.

U.S. Senate (West): Former Lt. Governor of Colorado, Jane Norton, will easily displace a U.S. Senator who is even less qualified to be in office than Barry Soetero. U.S. Senate rookie and Governor Ritter appointee Michael Bennett will not earn a full term and will be forever an insignificant historical footnote...yet another big mistake, Governor.

The Economy: Will improve slightly. However, it will be much less than is needed to begin a serious recovery. Consumers will be cautious with their spending while bracing for a plethora of new and inevitable taxes which will be foisted upon us by an out of control President and his complicit Congress. A true recovery will not take place until a majority of the members of Congress (House and Senate alike) believe in the limited role of the federal government, fiscal restraint, and personal responsibility - and they act accordingly. Only then will we see a meaningful economic turnaround. (i.e. True Conservative principles.)

IRS regulations: New federal regulations for income tax preparers (along with fees which will be passed along to citizens) will cause another nationwide uproar and a cry for the elimination of the IRS and creation of a national flat tax on consumption. Speaking of the Internal Revenue Service can someone explain what “service” they provide?

Governors: The recent take back of the Governor’s mansions in New Jersey and Virginia is only the beginning. Colorado has already thrown out Bill Ritter (well at least they sent him a message that running again would be a futile effort- thus his announcement not seek a second term). Coloradans will not elect anybody closely associated with him. No more free-spending, union-loving, liberal Democrats, thank you. As with this Governor, the President will soon be looking for another career after his failed foray into politics. P.S. Thank you, Mr. President, for endorsing Mayor “Hick.” Your two-minute telephone call ruined his chances for election.

Another loser: Senator Harry Reid (NV)

Colorado’s Vehicle Registration Late Fees: A bill signed into law by Governor Ritter, which generated over $14 million in the first six months, will be retracted or modified in a futile effort to help re-elect many of the Democrats who voted for the bill last year.

Colorado’s Senior Property Tax Exemption: Will be reinstated by the next Governor, a Republican.

El Paso County Sheriff: Sheriff Maketa will be unopposed in his bid for a third term except, perhaps, for a futile effort by a candidate with no chance of winning. Elimination of term limits for the County Sheriff will be on a future ballot and pass by a wide margin. Congratulations Terry!

Mayor of Colorado Springs: A non-traditional Mayor (non-politician) will bring his business experience to the City of Colorado Springs mayoral race. Among his first acts will be replacing what many believe to be an ineffective city manager. Also, Sean Paige will emerge as a dynamic community leader with refreshingly common sense solutions to the City’s budget woes.

Roadside homeless encampments: Several years ago the lack of “curbside appeal” for the City along I-25 served as one major motivator for the Confluence Park project. How ironic it is that most homeless encampments are now located adjacent to Confluence Park and further up and down Fountain Creek. All homeless enclaves within the City limits of Colorado Springs will be banned before years-end citing public health issues.

Socialism: Never in the history of the world has socialism been a successful model for governance and in spite of his efforts to impose his world view on Americans, the President’s agenda will be solidly rejected in the United States...and not soon enough.

Religion: America was established by Christian men and was based on Christian principles. America has always been a Christian nation and that will not change, at least not this year. Prayer in public schools and in other public places will return in our lifetime. However, this one is up to you.

Marriage and divorce: In spite of efforts to the contrary, the definition of marriage can only be defined only as between a man and a woman. The divorce rate in America will decline by the end of this century. One can only hope.

And…the Super Bowl winner will be:   . One can only hope!

EPILOGUE . . . (saving the best for last)
Resignation: The creation of scores of unnecessary and (perhaps) unconstitutional czars; AND the selection of inexperienced, incompetent and ineffective cabinet choices; AND deplorable and ongoing unemployment levels; AND the poorly performing economy due to the takeover of America’s financial institutions and controlling interest of major segments of our free-market economy such as the automobile industry; AND the costly, ill-fated and irrational Obama Care health plan; AND the unprecedented national debt; AND the growing fear among Americans that our government has become soft on the war on terror; AND unprecedented mid-year election losses in Congress which will burden this country for decades, will by year’s end cause our “Orator-in-Chief,” our “Commander-in-Inexperience,” to resign.

(Chalk up this unlikely scenario to wishful thinking, if you’d like. However, it may be my most accurate prediction.)

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