Monday, January 18, 2010

“Doing the Right Thing?”
by John Alexander Madison
January 18, 2010

As if our nation hasn’t already been hit hard by the reckless policies and wrong-headed political agenda of an inexperienced administration bringing the United State of America to the brink of financial collapse…now, by Presidential declaration, we must single-handedly pour what remaining wealth we have into disaster relief for Haiti…because the $100 million cash, plus unlimited other resources is just the beginning.

What happened to your one world vision Mr. President? Shouldn’t we call upon, no demand, that your friends in Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and others throughout the world to share their wealth for a nation brought to the brink of extinction by last week’s devastating, magnitude 7.1 earthquake? After all, according to your world view aren’t we all in this thing together? Hardly, it seems.

Make no mistake…the tragedy in Haiti is unimaginable and the effects will be long-lasting (perhaps decades). But the reality is America alone cannot possibly continue to be the world’s savior, the world's benefactor, and the world’s warrior in the ongoing fight for personal freedom and democracy.

The United States of America has been THE MOST GENEROUS NATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD and it will, of course, step up once again and send every resource available, and then some, to this island nation merely 700 miles off the coast of South Florida. It is the right thing to do.

As predictable as the fact that there will be another catastrophic earthquake so too is that fact that the United States, after significant efforts to send aid to Haiti, will be blamed before long for not doing enough to completely rebuild Haiti, its infrastructure and its economy. What economy? Haiti has been the poorest nation in the western hemisphere and we must acknowledge, at some point, that with our recently accumulated and unprecedented national debt we, too, will soon be broke as well.

There are two alternative and immediate solutions to this crisis and we must pursue them.

The largest economies in the world are as follows (in trillions of dollars) #1- The United States ($14.6); #2 China ($7.8); #3 Japan ($4.5); #4 India ($3.3); #5 Germany ($2.9); #6 United Kingdom ($2.8); #7 Russia ($2.2); #8 France ($2.1; #9 Brazil ($2.0); #10 Italy ($1.8). The economies of nine of the largest ten economies are twice that of the United States. Logic would say they need to contribute twice as much as the U.S. to the relief aid to Haiti. But we know that won’t happen. Of course, logic also says we should never have elected a smooth talking, inexperienced, idealistic, and naïve Senator as our 44th President either. So much for logic.

Plan #2: The President should pick up the telephone and ask the ten world’s richest billionaires to send today’s lunch money (pocket change) to Haiti. Excluding the Middle East’s oil-rich sheiks, whose individual wealth remains a mystery, nine of the top ten are American citizens. The top ten are as follows (in billions): #1 Bill Gates (Microsoft: $52.8); #2 Warren Buffet (Berkshire-Hathaway: $35.0); #3 Karl & Theo Albrecht (Germany-retail: $26.8); #4 Paul Allen (Microsoft: $25.2); #5 Larry Ellison (Oracle: $23.5); and #s 6-10 are five of Sam Walton heirs (Wal-Mart: $102.9). That’s right the nine Americans alone have a combined wealth of $239.4 billion. If they gave one-tenth of 1% of their accumulated that would be a mere $239 million…or nearly 2.5 times America’s initial cash commitment.

So here’s a message to the Democratically-controlled Congress and President Obama: STOP THE MADNESS…stop spending money we don’t have. You have already, or soon will have, completely destroyed our free market economy. Mark my words, America as we knew it…the greatest nation and most generous on Earth…cannot continue down this path much longer.

My thoughts and prayers are with every person who has been affected by the tragic 2010 Haitian earthquake.

For heaven’s sake Mr. President and Congress, we cannot keep printing and spending money we do not have. And you can begin with an immediate end to your corrupt efforts to foist your disastrous national health care plan upon an unwilling nation.

Maybe, just maybe, the beginning of the end to your madness will occur tomorrow when common sense returns to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as the citizens send a fiscally responsible Republican Senate candidate to Washington, D.C. One can only hope.

AMERICA! The 2010 General Election will be held on November 2, 2010. Mark your calendar.

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